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The Master of the County was changing?

Julius was still relatively young to abdicate the title. He wasn’t feeling unwell anywhere, and there were many strange aspects to hastily passing on the succession.

“What are you talking about?”

“I guess you still don’t know.”


Suddenly, Elysia saw Rowena looking at her with a smile. In the rapidly changing situation, she felt anxious.

“Count Caitlin… is something wrong with him?”

“No, Father is not unwell.”

In the midst of this, it was impressive how Rowena, who called the Count father, had a smile. Julius never considered Rowena his daughter. Of course, it was the same with Elysia. To the Count, she was just a useless thing.

“Even if you know all the facts, can you protect Brother?”

“Rowena, explain what you mean right away.”

She should have listened to Edward that day. Turning away because of the sense of betrayal was not the right thing to do.

“I can’t tell you. If I do, I might be in danger as well.”

Elysia couldn’t understand what Rowena was talking about. Who was endangering Rowena, and why the Count was changing…

She was suspicious of what was happening with County Caitlin.

“Remember this.”

Even in such a situation, Rowena’s shameless attitude was so audacious that Elysia found it admirable.

“You’ve blown my last chance. As you said, I may not be able to leave the County now. I might have to give up the life of living as a nobility.”

With those words, Rowena disappeared. There was no chance to hold onto her.

No, it was right not to be able to hold onto her. After all, it was Elysia herself who had made her like that. In this way, Rowena gave the burden of guilt to the end. It was so absurd that Elysia couldn’t even laugh.

Until the end, she was still very Rowena-like.

“What do you want me to do…”

Today, she had pushed Rowena down to survive. It wasn’t particularly emotional, she had just stated the facts. Despite thinking that Rowena was the same as the nobles she despised, she felt it was okay. After all, Rowena had tormented her.

Still convincing herself that it was okay, Elysia pushed her off the cliff.


Standing there silently, only chewing on her lips, she heard a familiar voice.

It was Damon.

She wanted to see him so much that she almost resented why he appeared only now.


“Did you wait long?”

“No… I haven’t been out for long.”

As he gazed at her with such a tender gaze, a corner of her heart shivered.

Even though he looked at her with such warm eyes, someday, that gaze would change. And he would strangle her. Even if she tried hard, she felt the unstoppable flow of the original story approaching. Damon was an essential presence for the story to progress, and his evil was absolutely necessary.

“Shall we go back now? It seems uncomfortable to stay any longer.

“Me, too. Let’s go back quickly. Back home.”

She didn’t know when she started thinking of the Duchy as home. She was surprised when she had grown so attached despite knowing that she had to leave anyway.

“If you don’t want to come anymore, it’s okay.”

“This time, it couldn’t be helped. I promised to come.”

“You don’t have to keep the promise.”

She realized that Damon was right; she didn’t have to keep her promise. However, it was someone she would have to confront someday.

The Empress would never give up.

“What happened at the tea party?”


“You look upset.”

Elysia closed her eyes silently as his affectionate hand gently caressed her cheek.

Someday, even this warm hand would approach her neck. It would make the entire empire vibrate with the scent of blood. Now, she had to admit it. She was living outside the story, and no matter how much she struggled, the original plot would unfold.

“No, nothing happened at the party.”

She could have explained everything to him, but Elysia chose to remain silent. Even if it became known, there was nothing good about it. She might unnecessarily provoke Damon’s emotions. Someday, it would be revealed that she was an illegitimate child. It was better to let it be known like this.

At least, it wouldn’t harm her.

“I’m just a bit concerned about the County. I saw Rowena at the party today.”

“Are you talking about Lady Caitlyn?”

Elysia nodded as casually as possible. She still didn’t fully understand what had happened, and she couldn’t predict how the situation would change if he intervened. It might be like an adult intervening in a child’s fight.

“I guess it was just because I saw Rowena after a long time.”

She didn’t think that Estelle should get involved in this matter. After all, Estelle had no connection to the County. Whatever was going to happen, no one should be dragged into it.

Elysia’s instincts were warning her.

“Please let me know if anything happens.”

“Don’t worry. It’s nothing.”

Fortunately, he knew that the relationship between her and Rowena wasn’t good. Seeing Rowena alone would probably not be a pleasant experience for her.

“I felt it at the Empress’s tea party today. I should prepare well, too.”

She hadn’t mentioned yet that the Empress had asked for an invitation. For now, it was a party exclusively for women, so there was no reason for Damon to attend. He might reveal his face, but that was it.

“Don’t feel too pressured. You don’t have to try too hard.”


“I’d rather you pay attention to me than worry about that, Elysia.”

Did this guy really know what he was saying? His flirting was no joke. With his already handsome face, just his breathing seemed to stop her heart, and there was no room left in her chest. She couldn’t try not to fall for him anymore.

She had already fallen.


* * *


“Madam! How should we decorate this?”

There was still no contact from Edward.

It was the first time they had lost contact like this. Until now, even when he was in the Logan Empire, they always exchanged letters. She had never been out of contact with Edward for so long.

“How about decorating it there?”

“Yes, understood.”

Elysia sent an invitation to the Empress first. She wondered who the Empress would send down. Since she couldn’t personally attend, she would probably send the most loyal person.

“By any chance… Did you receive any contact from Brother?”

“I’m sorry. There’s nothing yet.”

“No, it’s okay.”

Despite the fact that she thought Damon might intercept the communication, that wasn’t the case. Edward truly wasn’t contacting her. It was the first time that communication with Edward had been lost for so long, making it even more shocking.

“Let’s focus on the party today.”

Fortunately, Damon seemed to know nothing about the County. Then, why wasn’t Edward contacting her? What did he want to say that day?

She couldn’t just turn away from reality.

Elysia sighed silently.

“Your Grace.”

“Ah, Estelle. You came early. Thank you.”

The Empress’s tea party, attended by about twenty people, wasn’t large, but Elysia decided to host an even smaller gathering, inviting only about ten people. This already increased due to the invitation sent to Lady Armand and the Empress.

“I came early to help, as we agreed.”

“We’re almost done. Thank you for always being considerate.”

There were no rumors circulating in high society about the County at the moment. Usually, when there’s a succession, rumors spread first, but there was no sign of that happening. Still, it felt uneasy to just let Rowena’s words pass.

“The preparations are almost finished. I probably didn’t need to come to help.”

“Thanks to Estelle’s excellent guidance.”

“For the first party you’re hosting, it’s common for mistakes to happen. I didn’t expect Your Grace to be this good at it.”

Estelle’s face showed admiration as she looked around.

Angelina often held parties as the Countess. With plenty of money, she made them more splendid and grand than anyone else. Each time, Elysia had to help with the preparations along with the maids. That experience turned out to be very helpful.

Once the party started, everything seemed familiar to her.

“Thank you.”

However, Elysia chose not to mention her past experiences.

“The invitation sent to the Empress… who do you think will come?”

“Well, probably one of the ladies-in-waiting.”

There was something more important about which ladies-in-waiting would receive the Empress’s invitation.

In fact, Elysia could have asked Estelle to look around the County even now. However, doing so would likely reach Damon’s ears. She had to approach someone with no connection… someone he would never expect.

“The part Your Grace seems concerned about… I think it will be fine.”

“What am I concerned about?”

“What happened at the tea party that day.”

Ah, she might be talking about her being known as an illegitimate child. Initially, she hid it, fearing that the reveal might harm Damon.

“Estelle did her best. I appreciate it.”

“It’s because Your Grace handled it well.”

Now, it was almost time for people to arrive. Elysia thought it was okay, but her palms were sweating.


“Nice to meet you, Grand Duchess.”

As the ladies got out of their carriages one by one, their faces resembled hers on the day she first saw the Grand Duke’s castle. For most, it was the first time seeing the Grand Duke’s castle, that was hidden within massive walls.

It was the first time in half a century that outsiders were allowed to come in.

“Welcome, everyone. The Grand Duke’s castle may feel a bit closed off… Was it uncomfortable?”

Damon was Damon.

The examination was thorough, even for the noble ladies who couldn’t kill anyone. While she found it troublesome, part of her was relieved.

“No, not at all. Similar checks are performed everywhere.

As Lady Armando’ stepped forward, leading the atmosphere, Elysia’s expression momentarily stiffened, but she quickly regained composure.

Someone she didn’t want to encounter for different reasons.

The true lead of this story, Sierra Armando.