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Emotions were quite amusing. What might have been heavily ridiculed and thought of as just irritating under normal circumstances now sounded like words that he genuinely wanted to hear to understand the situation.

“…You’re willing to listen?”

“So, you want me to believe the nonsense that the cause of the rift is because of you?”

“May I also listen?”

As Axen Arc took a seat beside them, he expressed a similar sentiment.

For a devilkin like Axen Arc, it was understandable, yet Sol Noctis was truly unexpected. For the fairies, the words of the Parent Tree were like those of a god. It was normal to believe without questioning.

However, Sol Noctis, after saying such harsh words, surprisingly didn’t complain further and sat down next to Chrys.

That was the moment.

Ugh. Wait. Just a moment.”

With a slight headache, dizziness came.

This reaction… She knew it all too well. She had experienced it countless times when she overexerted herself a little when she was young.

“What’s going on? Huh?”


Ugh. I feel like it’s coming up.”

The dizziness kept coming.

Seeing Chrys, who covered her mouth and groaned, the two men stood helplessly, unsure of what to do.

“It’s coming up?”

“So, that’s it. I see.”

The two men, who had made quite a misunderstanding, sweated profusely, not knowing what to do.

“Chrys, should I… go get some wild strawberries right now?”

“Chrys, should I pat your back or something?”

“That… I know it. So… It seems that steeping lemon peels and eating them might help a bit.”

“It would be okay if you feel the cool breeze. Let me cast a small spell right now…”

Tsk… she shouldn’t get cold.”

“The immediate thing we can do is…”

It was the typical reaction of men who were experiencing their partner’s pregnancy for the first time and had no idea what to do.

However, Chrys knew her body condition better than anyone else. After manifesting in dragon form, using magic, and flying a long distance again, which would have been impossible with her usual physical condition, the tension released and accumulated fatigue seemed to hit her all at once.

And what inevitably followed after this…

“I, I feel like I’m going to faint…”

The surrounding scenery spun around.

Sol Noctis, who had once taken care of her as a child and seemed to remember it, supported the collapsing Chrys with a skillful posture. Before closing her eyes, she saw Axen Arc’s expression.

It was strange.

Axen Arc…

Why was he smiling so bitterly?



Chrys inevitably dreamed again.

A dream of running through a giant white castle. The marble floor was cold. Every wind that touched her body felt like it would cut through her. Despite having a precarious body that seemed like it would collapse at any moment, she knew there was a place she must go.

However, she couldn’t run for long. A familiar but strained voice called out to her, or rather, forcibly grabbed and shook her.

—Do you have nothing to say to me? Chryselua, don’t you have anything to say to me?

—It’s no longer your business!”

—Chryselua, now this matter has gone beyond personal issues. Why didn’t you talk to me in the first place? I would have done whatever it took…

—It’s already ruined. What difference would it make if we talk about it?

—Knowing that everything went wrong because you didn’t say a word, can you just let it be?

Chrys roughly pushed him away.

—Yes, there is time to reveal everything. You, me, that guy too. All of us were stupid, full of pride, and too scared, just shutting our mouths and messing things up. Do you think we can undo that? It’s all wrong.

—Just as there’s no perfect relationship in this world, there’s also no relationship that can’t be fixed once it’s messed up. Don’t draw a line as if everything is over!

—A line? No, it’s just a problem that has nothing to do with you!

She could see that she was forcing herself to say it. They had already moved past the time when they could be indifferent to each other.

Still, to make him give up, there was no other option but to say these words.

—Speak clearly. Are you just saying that because you find me repulsive?

—What are you talking about? You’re a fairy. How could I have said anything when the Parent Tree has your leash from the beginning?


—Go back. Why did you follow me all the way here? Your goal has already been achieved.

—Chryselua, I…


—I, I… could’ve been on your side!

—I don’t understand what you’re saying, why you’re acting like this, what you want from me. I really can’t understand it!

—Even now, when you’re looking at me?

Sol Noctis’ appearance. His appearance? He injured his body, and his legs were limp. His hair had turned gray, and his long ears looked pathetic with uneven cuts. One eye lost its light, and the once beautiful face was marred by a long scar.

Recognizing the scar, Chrys dropped her head to the ground. She knew how that scar came to be.

That scar was precisely…

—Yes. Even when you’re looking like that, I don’t understand why you’re doing this to me.


She thought Sol Noctis would get angrier, but instead, he hugged her desperately as if holding onto a lifeline.

Only then did Chrys realize that she was crying.

Comforting her by stroking and patting her back, Sol Noctis gave her a final chance.

—Is that really… all you have to say?

What could she say in that situation?

Sol Noctis waited for her. What words should she use? What did he expect her to say? She didn’t know. She didn’t know anything.

—All right. I understand. All I can do is this.

As he let go of her and bid her a final farewell, he turned away from her and walked away. The words ‘Don’t go’ lingered in her mouth.

Chrys never uttered a word, and Sol Noctis never looked back even once.


* * *


Chrys opened her eyes at the faint sound of an argument.

“I should have been suspicious from the moment you suddenly offered to guide us to the Spirit Realm. What are you up to? A fairy like you wouldn’t do anything good for others, would you? Clever little fairy, what kind of trick are you pulling this time?”

“I could ask the same of you. What on earth are you doing, wandering around? It seems like you’re ready to turn the Spirit Realm into an enemy.”

“Was there ever a time when the Spirit Realm wasn’t an enemy?”

“That’s why I’m enduring it and brought you along! But if you cause trouble like this, what will happen? The arrow will be directed at Chryselua!”

“Chrys is in trouble because of you fairies! No, it’s because of you in the first place!”

It was clear who was arguing.

Chrys opened her eyes ever so slightly, only to find that they were already grappling each other’s collars. The fact that they, who always growled at each other whenever they met, had managed to endure until now was a miracle.

As if watching a show, Axen Arc was enjoying the sight without any intention of intervening. In the end, there was no one here to mediate between them except for her.

“You two, hold on.”

Ah… Chrys! Are you okay? Are you hurt anywhere else?”

Confirming that she was up, Naskan, who had casually tossed Sol Noctis aside like trash, jumped over to her side.

“I was so surprised to see you collapse after I beat those guys. What have they done? Huh?”

“I just collapsed after losing my temper. You know my personality.”

Not only was her personality not good, her body wasn’t capable of handling that personality.

“You’re crying.”


Chrys brushed under her eyes with the back of her hand. Really. It seemed to be because of the strange dream.

‘These dreams I’ve been having lately… Maybe I shouldn’t just ignore them.’

Naskan, who had been kneeling in front of her, stood up abruptly.

“I didn’t beat those bastards enough.”

“No! It’s not because of them. It’s because of me.”

“Because of you?”