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In the blink of an eye, the boy disappeared in an instant.

‘…Who was it?’

She gazed at that figure blankly before turning her head again at Zion’s call.

“You can wait in the carriage, Sasha. I’ll be back soon.”

“Yes, Young Lady.”

Karentina walked alongside Zion.

Among the old buildings, the temple stood proudly, showing off its noble appearance. A priest, as though recognizing the family crest, hurriedly came out.

“Are you from the Duchy of Lorraine?”


“Please come this way. We’ve received your letter.”

Following the one who appeared to be an apprentice priest, as we entered the interior of the temple, a strong scent of incense filled the air. The walls, built with sturdy stones, and the symmetric pillars that seemed measured with precision seemed solid and robust.

For a moment, my eyes were drawn to a decorative object of artistic value.

A priest, who seemed to proclaim, ‘I’m the highest here,’ raised his neck with a stiff neck and approached while pretending not to acknowledge anyone.


As Karentina took off her hood to greet him, one eyebrow of the priest arched up.

“I see that someone else is here today, not the butler.”

She smiled at the priest, who muttered quietly about someone else whom he wasn’t expecting to come.

“Hello. I’m Karentina Lorraine.”

“Ah, Lorraine… yes?! That, that, that crazy princess?!”

The priest, who had been looking at her up and down, sent her a questioning glance. As he suddenly snapped out of it, he quickly changed to a friendly expression and greeted her again.

“This is my first time meeting you, Young Lady Lorraine. I’m Bishop Viano, the representative of the gods and the overseer of this northern temple.”

“Nice to meet you too, Bishop Viano.”

“Please follow me to my quarters. I’ve prepared some refreshments.”

“Thank you for your consideration, but I want to see the ‘Tears of the Saint’ as soon as possible.”

Haha. A lady with a very straightforward personality. Please come this way.”

Following Bishop Viano, who wore a smile that suggested something was up, she took steps forward.

“It’s the place where the most precious relics in the temple are stored, so its splendor is extraordinary.”

As the Bishop described, the interior overflowed with divine beauty. The light pouring in from the semicircular ceiling was warm and colorful.

After they walked a bit further, a rectangular-shaped transparent glass case came into view.

A white jewel was displayed on the red brocade velvet fabric, symbolizing the temple as if it were a product for sale.

“This is the ‘Tears of the Saint,’ discovered in the ashes after the orphanage fire. It’s a gem bestowed by the gods for healing. Isn’t it brilliant and beautiful?”

As Bishop Viano wore a pleased smile as he spoke, Karentina stepped a bit closer to examine the jewel. Its small, round shape resembled pebbles.

‘…This isn’t a soul stone.’

It wasn’t a gemstone or a jewel but an actual stone.

[ Master. This is just a regular stone. ]

‘Is that how Zion sees it, too?’

Glancing at Zion, who was nodding at my question, I let out a small sigh.

‘We need to treat Stella’s illness…’

Unlike the troubled Karentina, Bishop Viano proudly stroked his chin with a proud expression on his face.

“Thanks to this mysterious gem, donations have increased significantly, and not only is the temple thriving, but the northern region’s reputation is soaring to the sky. Haha.”

His eyes gleamed with greed as if he were very satisfied with earning money with mere stones.

“Those who make a donation of thirty lats or more will have the opportunity to touch the jewelry, but we’ll do it for twenty lats, especially for the Young Lady.”

She was taken aback by the seemingly patronizing attitude and let out a hollow laugh.

“Thank you for the offer, but I’m done.”