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A week had passed since she left Tighalst.

Fey O’Bellie wanted to collapse right this instant. Having passed two big cities and three small towns, she was now passing through Gwen Forest, the last checkpoint.

But the journey was truly arduous. The small mountain path she had crossed before entering the forest was rougher than she expected, and that was the first hurdle. The second hurdle was that she hadn’t gotten off the horse for more than four days.

Vega didn’t let their horses rest, saying that time was pressing. Vega kept whipping the reins except times when the horses briefly closed their eyes or ate. As if that wasn’t enough, he didn’t even think of stopping after ten days had passed.

Standing in the middle of nowhere and gauging the distance for a moment, he uttered, “I apologize,” and then mumbled something like a magic spell, pressing his forehead against the horse’s muzzle.

Since then, she was always on a horse’s back. They had been running without rest, literally.

It was only after three days that Fey realized that the spell Vega had cast then was a spell that continuously removed the horse’s fatigue.

‘If you’re going to do that, at least remove my fatigue as well.’

Fey’s complaint was meaningless, since it wasn’t magic meant to be used on ordinary people, but she couldn’t help it. This was the first time she had ridden a horse for so long. Naturally, her body wouldn’t be in good shape.

When Vega pointed to the horse’s saddle and said, “You’ll have to sleep here for the time being,” Fey was in great spirits, because it would be faster that way.

However, her bottom, her waist, neck, and legs. It wasn’t just that her whole body was aching, she couldn’t even close her eyes properly because her body kept swaying up and down.

After exactly three days, tears started flowing from her parched eyes.

‘Ah. I should have taken the next train.’

She would have chosen the train departing three weeks later if she had known it would be such a demanding and difficult journey…

‘No. I would have still chosen this. But it’s really hard. I want to go back to the mansion.’

When they passed through the bushes of Gwen Forest, there would occasionally be an open space with rocks scattered about.

Fey would pray inwardly every time that happened, ‘Please, stop just today…’

Fey hadn’t stayed at an inn even once during the week she had been traveling with Vega. Even though they had the budget, Vega had stubbornly chosen to continue, under the rule that ‘they must save even a little bit of time.’

Even when they passed the two big cities, he had stubbornly continued, making Fey wonder if he really needed to do that. But now that they had come this far, she was desperate to at least stop for a day.

It was a thousand times better to lie down on the ground than to sleep on a horse’s back.

Fey’s earnest wish was answered the evening of the second day since entering Gwen Forest.

“We’ll stay here today.”

Vega slowed the horse’s pace as he looked at the darkening sky through the densely growing branches.

Fey’s strength drained away at the sound of his voice, which came down like a single ray of light. Vega quickly held the crystal coffin that Fey had been holding in her arms as it was about to fall.

“You’ve worked hard.”

Vega lowered his head and guided Fey’s exhausted body down from the horse, as she let out a small breath.

“Thank you… Ugh!”

It had been four days since she had properly put her feet on the ground. For a moment, the texture of the dirt on her boots felt unfamiliar, and then a pain like an electric shock washed over her, as if her whole body would fall apart.

“Be careful. You must be very tired after being on the horse for so long.”

In the end, Fey couldn’t hold herself up properly and ended up walking with Vega supporting her.

“Please wait a moment. I’ll gather some firewood.”

Vega leaned Fey against the base of a tree and gathered dry branches to build a fire. Then he took the horse to the spring he had seen earlier to fill the water container, searched the area for edible berries, and only then returned to the open space.

“Eat something.”

Vega held out a handkerchief wrapped around berries to Fey, who was warming herself by the fire.

Fey had no strength to move even a single finger and stared blankly at the reddish fruit before turning her gaze to Vega’s face.

“Are you alright, Sir Vega?”

She was asking about his physical condition. Even she, who had gotten some sleep, was in this state, so how much harder must it have been for Vega, who hadn’t slept for four days?

However, Vega responded indifferently, spreading a blanket beside her with a face that looked much better than Fay’s.

“I am fine. I have had quite a lot of experience with this.”

It didn’t sound like a bluff. Fay stared impassively at Vega’s golden hair, tied into a single braid, before smiling weakly.

“You are amazing, as expected.” She couldn’t stop the laughter that escaped her, even though there was nothing funny. “There really is someone who can remain composed even after not sleeping for days and nights. Is it because you’re the commander of the Holy Knights? Haha. You’re really amazing.”

Her uncontrollable, twitching lips and soulless voice indicated that she was half-asleep. Fortunately, Vega noticed that as well. He also noticed that her hazy gaze was filled with pure admiration.

“Thank you, Sir.”

When was the last time Fey O’Bellie had said a sincere thank you?

Vega thought about that as he guided Fey to the bed he had made with a pile of leaves as a mattress. It was a crude bed made by piling up leaves and covering them with a blanket, but Fey was deeply moved by the mere fact that she had a place to lie down.

As Fey collapsed on it, Vega carefully covered her with the remaining blanket. A warm and cozy sensation enveloped Fey, and only then did her mind start to return to reality bit by bit. Neither of them mentioned the fact that they hadn’t washed properly in over ten days.

“We will soon exit the forest and arrive at Ronan Bridge. Once we cross the bridge, we will be in Gashal, so please hold on a little longer, Lady Fey.”

Fey looked up at Vega’s face wearily. The man’s face, lit by the campfire, looked like a portrait drawn with very strong lines.

Fey smiled broadly as she superimposed the Vega that the ‘past Fay’ had seen and the Vega she had seen in the game onto his current appearance. It really was best to see with her own two eyes.

“I’m alright. Thank you, Sir.”

She felt like a parrot, repeating the word ‘thank you’ like a broken record. However, no matter how many times she said it, it wasn’t enough. Of course, there were times when she wanted to complain during their journey.

However, considering that Vega had suddenly extended a helping hand for this journey, it was only natural to keep her complaints to herself. From his perspective, he had merely accepted a ‘deal’ that would benefit him more, but for Fey, that ‘deal’ was a lifeline.

Naturally, any arrogant complaints melted away like snow when she thought about it. Vega stayed by Fey’s side for a while before moving to the tree opposite her and leaning against it.

He sighed, but immediately pulled himself together. Beyond the flickering flames, he could see Fey O’Bellie’s slender body. Vega thought that she looked like a corpse, lying limp with her eyes closed.

In fact, Vega was a little surprised that she had endured this forced march. The distance from Tighalst to the Gashal Kingdom couldn’t be covered in three weeks. There were two large cities, three small villages, a low mountain range, and a large forest to cross, so it took about a month, even at a rough estimate.

Vega had also been traveling for a little over a month.

‘Knowing that it would be a journey like this, why didn’t she want to stop?’ Vega thought back to when he had accepted Fey’s request without hesitation at Luné’s grave, and he felt a little like he understood why, when he saw her pale, haggard face.

He might have secretly hoped that Fey O’Bellie would fail. No, he did think so. Looking back, for Vega Thanatos, Fey O’Bellie had always given Luné a hard time.

However, not once had Luné disrespected her. However, he had to admit that he had subconsciously thought of her as an ‘obstacle.’ Vega Thanatos disliked Fey O’Bellie.

In the end, however, Fey survived. If so, Vega had to safely escort her to Gashal with a slight sense of defeat. That was the promise and the deal from the beginning.

He suddenly heard a voice. “Sir? Are you sleeping?”

The focus that had disappeared from Vega’s pupils returned. Then, Fey’s face, looking at him with her eyes half-opened, came into his view.

“You may speak.” Vega spoke to her, who hesitated after speaking first.

Then, Fey raised her head slightly and let out a faint laugh.

“You must have been to other countries, right?”

Why was she suddenly asking this?

Vega nodded, although he was puzzled.

“It must be a blessing from God that I was able to visit many countries as an escort for the Saintess.”

“I see…”

Whether it was because she was tired or sleepy, or both, Fey looked at Vega with hazy and dreamy eyes.

“Which country was the best?”


“Which country seemed the best to you?” Fey simply wanted to seek advice.

If Vega had been to many countries, he would know which country was the best to live in. Contrary to expectations, Vega was slightly surprised by Fey’s question.

‘Which country is the best?’

He had never thought about that in detail. To him, any country other than Gashal was just another piece of land. Of course, each country had its own unique culture and characteristics, and was indescribably beautiful, but he had never thought of any country as particularly special. “Each country has its own characteristics and advantages. I don’t think I can dare to evaluate them.”

“Oh, come on.” Fey burst out laughing and waved her hand. It was a somewhat carefree smile for a young lady from a noble family.

“Hmm. Brimfe is a bit like that, isn’t it?”

“…Why do you think so? Is it because of the plague?”

What was her reason for going into exile?

Vega didn’t say the rest, but Fey broke the silence with a bright smile after a moment of silence.

“Yes, that’s right.”