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“The East? Not the North, but the East?”
“Yes, Your Grace. His Grace is visiting the East.”

Adeline, who was checking her luggage to return to the north, was startled and asked Melissa.
It was natural to be surprised to hear that he wasn’t staying in the capital any longer, but that he was heading to the unplanned eastern region.

“So suddenly? Through the portal? Or in a carriage?”
“He intends to go in a carriage.”

Just as Adeline was pouring out questions, Kael came into the room. Melissa immediately withdrew, and Kael drew closer to Adeline.

“Are you suddenly going to the East?”
“His Majesty announced today that he will not punish the Felix family. A little while ago.”

Adeline’s eyes widened as soon as she heard Kael’s words. Adeline knew well what the emperor’s declaration not to punish the Felix family meant.
It was a brief statement, but she was able to understand at once why Kael was going to the east.

“You’re going to show your determination.”

Kael nodded.
The system of the empire was to be loyal to the emperor around the central capital, but the power and autonomy of each province divided into the east, west, north, and south were also considerable.
Among them, the north was the strongest, followed by the east. Not only the power of the estate itself, but also the power of the ruling master was considerable, so the power of the two provinces was expanding more and more.
Neither Kael nor Enoch cared much about their bond with the other provinces. Rather, it was more dangerous to think about solidarity. The stronger the power, the stronger the restraint. It would be a big problem if you were greedy for nothing and were driven to treason, so you needed the wisdom to protect yourself as much as you could.

But things were different now. The emperor, who hadn’t even built a foundation for himself yet, was rampaging around, not knowing his place, and launching a series of preemptive attacks.
There was no reason to put up with it.
Kael was willing to show how the north and east were connected, and what threat they would pose to the capital if they formed a strong bond.

“With Brother Enoch…”
“I’m on my way to meet him. When I visited, Marquis Tien had just heard His Majesty’s announcement.”

It was just as Enoch was about to enter the portal to the east. Enoch was listening to the report with an angry face, and as soon as he saw Kael, he first asked if he had come to tell him that he was going to come to the east.

“Marquis Tien thought the same as me. So I decided to head east right away.”

Listening to the story, Adeline quietly nodded.
After arguing with Enoch, who was hiding the truth from her, things remained awkward between them. She picked up a pen and paper several times to contact him, but each time she failed.

“He asked me if you’re still very angry.”

Kael read her concern at once from Adeline’s expression. It was clear who she was thinking about and what she was worried about.

“So I told him that he will have to work hard.”

Adeline burst into laughter at his playful words. Kael so easily erased Adeline’s worries.

“You’re not taking the portal on purpose, right?”
“Yes. It will be even more of a topic of conversation if I move in a tumultuous manner.”

Adeline nodded. What Kael wanted was broad publicity. The welcoming sight of a northern carriage crossing the eastern border and entering the Marquis’ castle would make more people want to go and see.

“But I’m worried about you. It’s alright for you to take the portal first.”
“No. It’s not like I can’t ride a carriage. I’m fine.”
“You’re not healed yet, are you?”
“I’m really fine. And I also want to see the way from the capital to the east after a long time.”

Kael was still looking at Adeline with concern, but Adeline was determined. She reassured Kael that she was fine again and again.

“But you should always tell me whenever you’re having a hard time. Don’t endure it.”
“Don’t worry. I won’t.”

Eventually, Kael took a step back, and Adeline smiled contentedly.

“You said you only went to the East when you were very young, right? That’s why you don’t remember.”

Kael nodded.

“It’s the first time since I inherited the grand duke’s title. It’s the first time I’m visiting not only the East, but also the other provinces.”
“There are some things I did for fear of being misunderstood, and things in the North were just as busy.”

He had to spend half the year just looking at the northern borders. Whenever he had a chance, he would stop the other tribes from invading, and try to make the barren land even just a little fertile, and a year would pass at lightning speed.

“Then you don’t even remember the sea? The eastern sea.”
“Unfortunately, I don’t have any memories left. I went there when I was so young. Actually, it’s no different from going there for the first time.”

Adeline’s eyes sparkled at the thought that it would be like seeing everything for the first time.

“When you go this time and see the sea, you will fall in love with the East. I’m sure that will happen.”

Adeline looked at Kael with conviction. The eastern sea had never not been beautiful, not even for a second. It boasted a different beauty according to season, time, and weather.
Adeline’s heart swelled as she thought that Kael would soon be able to face the sea. It made her smile for no reason to think that he would see the place she loved so much.

“Have you seen the sea at all?”
“I’ve seen it in the West, before inheriting my title. Only once. It’s been more than ten years, though.”
“The eastern sea is not comparable to that. The color of the water is different? Ah, I don’t mean to belittle the West. Seriously.”

She quickly added, but Kael had already burst into laughter.

“Seeing that you’re so excited, it makes me wonder. I can also look forward to it.”
“Excited? Me?”

Adeline looked at Kael with wide-open eyes. She didn’t think she was excited at all, but when Kael pointed it out, she was embarrassed.

“Are you going to deny it?”
“Ah… I’m not particularly excited…”

The words of denial became blurred, and the gaze that was facing Kael lost its direction and wandered. She couldn’t help but feel embarrassed. She felt self-conscious when he said that she was excited, and when she looked back at her appearance a little while ago, Adeline was indeed very excited.

“Is it winter in the East right now?”

Seeing the blush on Adeline’s face, Kael smirked and changed the topic. He wanted to see more of her embarrassed appearance, but Adeline would just shut her mouth and run away somewhere.

“Yes. It’s just about to enter winter.”
“It can’t get colder than the winter in the North. How harsh is it? The winter there?”
“It’s quite cold because the sea breeze also gets colder, but it’s really nothing compared to the winter in the North. It might be hot for you.”

She always thought it was harsh for the eastern people, and Adeline remembered how she was always cold. But now, after staying in the north, it was embarrassing to call it winter when compared to how it was there.
Adeline stared at Kael in front of her. Recalling the weather, she unconsciously imagined Kael standing in the east.
She imagined Kael, standing indifferently without wearing a coat, asking if this was cold weather while everyone else trembled.

“Why are you laughing?”

She laughed as soon as she imagined it. When Adeline laughed a little, Kael asked why with a bewildered expression.

“Just because. I imagined something funny.”

Adeline laughed without telling him why. Sensing that it was something related to him, Kael continued to ask why she was laughing, but Adeline shook her head, saying that it was nothing special.

“Ah, how long is our stay? It’s been quite a long time since we left the North, so I don’t think we’ll be able to stay for long.”
“You’re right. It’s hard to have a relaxed stay, so a week would be the best.”

Usually, when the nobles visited other provinces, they stayed for more than ten days. However, Kael and Adeline couldn’t afford to do so.

“You can stay longer. Rest in the East as much as you want. It’s alright.”
“No. I’m going to the North with you. Unconditionally.”
“We still have time until the Repositio opens. I told you; we have to wait another two months. If that makes you impatient…”
“It’s not because of Repositio.”

Adeline adamantly denied Kael’s words.

“I’m also the master of the North. It is a neglect of duties for the master to leave the territory for a long time.”

Kael’s eyes trembled sharply at the words she said with a grin.
Whenever Adeline showed her pure affection for the North as she did now, Kael’s heart always skipped a beat.
When he saw the woman who grew up in the land of the sun loving the land of ice, the greed he tried to hold back somehow kept escaping.

“We’re leaving first thing tomorrow, right? I’m also nervous because it’s been a while.”

Kael stared blankly at Adeline, who couldn’t erase her smile.
The more he looked at the woman in front of him, the more detestable he found the curse on his body.
If it wasn’t for the curse, there would be no reason to push Adeline away. He could show his swollen heart that was about to burst at any moment, embrace her as much as he wanted, kiss her as much as he wanted, and whisper words of love as much as he wanted.

‘How wonderful it would be if I could do that. If I could just look at you the way I am right now, without any worries. How good would that be?’

Kael calmed down his bitter feelings and blamed his unfortunate fate over and over again.
He just wanted to love her without hesitation. That lovely woman in front of him.