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“Oscar, Damien. I need some help.”

“Just say the word, Master.”

Oscar let out a small sigh when he saw Damien answering with a voice so clear that he wondered if this was the same falcon that had been in his arms like a sick chicken. Regardless , when it came to the master, this guy liked her more than him.

“By the way, what’s wrong with Master’s brother?”

Rachel answered Oscar’s question as he got out of bed.

“I will move Luci to her room. You’ll have to help with that, but…”

As she tried to hold Lucian, who was bigger than him, in her arms like a child, she kept pulling his body that was drooping down towards the balcony.

“Are all the barriers broken?”

Oscar confidently answered her question.

“I can break more.”

The barrier was broken in the shape of a hole from where they entered. Even though they didn’t know who created the barrier, but this certainly wasn’t a normal skill. Still, if the master wanted it, he had to do it.

Rachel laughed for nothing as Oscar, who had made up his mind, looked at her with a twinkle in his eye. Until a little while ago, she felt like her head was melting with anger though she was cheered up to see these two reassuring people.


That was right.

Even if she was angry, it should be cold anger, not hot anger. If she got so angry that she lost her reason, she could screw up everything. She wanted to go directly to the maze forest she had seen in her dream. There must be a reason why that place kept appearing in my dreams.

Besides, didn’t Cassandra beg her to let her go?

If so, was there something about the ancestors there? Wouldn’t it be possible to find the white building that she saw in her dream if she went there?

The maze forest had been around for a long time, but as she was briefly introduced in the original story, it was easy to get lost because the place had strong magic waves. Since this had a fantasy setting, while she didn’t think deeply about it, there were enough suspicious points.

…Why were waves of magic only strange in that place, and why didn’t anyone touch it?

It was not explained just because the magic waves were strange and so was the location that occupied the center of the capital enough to occupy half of the Capital. Therefore, wouldn’t someone have tried to get rid of the maze forest?

Obviously, it was a very good piece of land, so wouldn’t anyone have paid attention?

Rachel took care of Lucian as she organized her thoughts. Wrapping him tightly in a thin blanket, she raised her head and Damien wiped the blood stains from her face with a trembling hand.

“…Master, are you hurt?”

Damien asked while checking the color of her magic. Of course, although the color of her magic shone the brightest among those he had seen so far, the bloodstains he could see with his eyes were unusual.

“I’m not hurt, Damien, so don’t worry.”

Damien turned his gaze to Lucian, who was still closing his eyes.

As the black magic power inside him was wriggling, the bizarrely tangled appearance proved that he was in danger. Seeing his Master’s calm appearance and the blood stains on her white cheeks, it seemed like he knew without explanation.

Rachel, with the help of Oscar and Damien, placed Lucian down on the couch and then went into the dressing room. She tossed out the jewelry piled up around her neck and arms in the dressing room, which seemed to have been moved entirely from her room like trash.

The mere thought of Cassandra wearing it was so repulsive that she never wanted to see it again.

Taking out her riding clothes, she glanced in the mirror and roughly rubbed the blood stains on her face with a handkerchief before hurriedly changing her clothes and tying her hair in a ponytail.

Taking out the robe she had hidden in the corner of the dressing room, she turned her steps away as she tried to leave. Rachel pulled out a box of rings that she had tucked away in the deepest corner of her jewelry drawer. It was a box containing the ring that she had received from Lucian, along with the proposal.

She couldn’t take out the ring because she couldn’t accept his heart.

Even after their hearts were connected, she hadn’t even thought about this and that.

Rachel, who had been busy chasing Lucian’s heart, carefully took out the ring, which she had been putting off. After appreciating the brilliant appearance for a while, she put it on the ring finger of her left hand. It was only after lightly putting her lips on the ring that fit her finger did she finally slipped on the robe and came out.

“Damien, Oscar. After breaking the barrier, we will move Lucian to the room. Also, pack your things as well.”

“We’re moving?”

Rachel answered Oscar’s question. In an almost bleak voice.

“No. I’m going to the maze forest. To do that, I need your help… so will you help me?”

Oscar and Damien stared at Rachel, who was emitting mad eyes unlike before, and they replied.

“If the Master commands me, I will risk my life.”

“Why would you ask that? Oh, right. Master, buy some melon-flavored candy before we go to the maze forest. It’s been a long time since I finished them all.”

After hearing the two’s answers, Rachel smiled lightly.

“Yes. If you want to eat it, I should buy it for you.”

Rachel, who answered quietly, took Lucian first. Damien picked him up and Oscar stood at the door. He took out more blue marbles than when he had just broken the barrier and twisted them lightly with his fingers.

“Hey, seaweed punk. Find the weakest part.”

Damien peered through the open door. Then he put his finger on the weakest shining corner.

“Hit here intensively.”


Oscar gathered the scattered marbles into a single marble and smashed it against the black wall.


The sound of marbles and barriers colliding echoed loudly.

Rachel watched and then pursed her lips as if to whistle as she watched her own breath flow like a white thread. She felt her own powers coming back. It was an ability she did not even know about, but when it awakened, it gradually swelled up like it was gaining weight.

Nonetheless, she wasn’t satisfied.

She wasn’t even able to break the barrier for a moment.

However, thanks to her help, Oscar broke the barrier. The four of them escaped through a gap that opened like a window breaking.

Although there was a gap, Rachel, who saw that the barrier was still maintained, was interested in what kind of magic they used and what kind of wizard used this kind of magic, yet it didn’t last long. While Lucian stopped bleeding, she was still concerned about his condition as he passed out.

As she hurriedly descended the stairs, onlookers gazed at her at once. She grabbed the maid closest to her and asked.

“Where is the former Duke?”

“The former Duke is not in the mansion.”

“Then, what about the Duchess?”

“Probably in the annex.”

“You go and get the Madam. I want you to call the doctor, too, but pass it on to someone other than you. Come quickly to Luci’s room.”

When she finished her words, Rachel headed to Lucian’s room.

Coming to the room, she put Lucian on the bed. Uncovering his body from the thin blanket and peering into his face, she soon shifted her gaze to Camilla, who came to the room. She must have come in such a hurry that her hair was messy.

Rachel told Oscar and Damien.

“You go back to your room, pack up, come out and wait. I’ll be down soon.”

“I understand, master.”

“Yes, Master.”

It was only after the two of them had left that Camilla spoke.

“What is this…”

Camilla’s heart skipped a beat when she saw Lucian lying in her bed. She knew that her son fell asleep later than anyone else and woke up sooner than anyone else after becoming the Duke… so there was no way that the son who was like that still didn’t wake up.


Rachel called softly with her sunken eyes.

“Rachel, what the hell is going on here and why are you wearing a robe?”

“I have a place to go for a while.”

“Where? No, you can’t leave the mansion now. It’s what he asked for.”

She shook her head forcefully, recalling what Pedro had said to her.

“Madam, the doctor will come soon so please ask him to check Luci’s condition well.”

“…Where did he get hurt?”

Camilla, who was slowly approaching, sat on the bed and looked at Lucian’s complexion. The thin fingers holding his face trembled.

“It seemed to be healed, but he didn’t wake up… so I called the doctor.”


Camilla, who had been examining his pale face without even touching it, looked at Rachel with fearful eyes.

“I called the doctor just in case, so you don’t have to worry too much. Instead, please tell him for me.”


“I’ll come back. It’ll only take a while.”

“Right now, the Duchy is almost ready to leave for the territory. I don’t know when this mansion will be vacated because Lucian will make that decision.”

“I will try to come back before then.”

“…Where on earth are you going?”

She answered Camilla question with stern eyes.

“I’m going to go somewhere in the Capital, so it won’t take long. It’s for me, and it’s also for Luci.”

At those words, Camilla stared at her as Rachel spoke in a different tone than usual.

“I’ll definitely come back, so please tell him to wait. And…”

She continued to fiddle with the ring on the ring finger of her left hand.

“…Tell him that I took the ring.”

Lucian would know what it meant by her taking the ring. Even though she wanted to wait and see him wake up, he would never let her go.

…Nevertheless, this time, she had to deal with it on her own.

Just like Lucian did in the original story, this time it was her turn to stand alone.