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As soon as we returned safely to the Duke’s residence, Lady Olivia looked quite surprised.

Hmm, I thought you might be demoted. Wasn’t all the rumors that were going around true?”

“Laria dealt with it well with appropriate deceit and false accusations.”

“Oh, my God.”

Lady Olivia hugged me tightly.

“Our lucky charm is a talent tailored to Icard.”

Then, that evening, she left immediately for Livien. After all, it was not possible for her to stay where there were good people for long.

“It’s a bit strange.”

Evan frowned as he watched Lady Olivia’s carriage heading to Livien.

“What’s wrong? She always returns to Livien when her work is over.”

“There is something… it felt like she was paying attention to me a little more than usual.”

“…She had plotted a crime against you. Maybe that’s why?”

“Great-aunt is not the kind of person who would feel sorry for something like that. Something is unsettling and very uncomfortable.”

However, no matter how uncomfortable Evan was, there was nothing he could dig.

After several days, my room in the Duke’s residence was finally finished. It served as my office, adorned with an exquisitely crafted desk made of the finest wood, a bookshelf occupying one wall, and an array of opulent decorations.

Having received all of Lady Matilda’s work in the past, I no longer only freeload. My tasks involved working within the Duke’s residence and managing social circles in the capital, keeping me occupied throughout the day.

Still, my office lacked a bed and a bathroom.

It was because there was Evan’s instruction that he couldn’t help it if it was daytime but could never yield at night.

Of course, he wasn’t only looking for me at night.

“Information just came in, Laria.”

He opened my door and came in during the day.

“Huh? What information?”

“First, I’ll start by saying I love you. I love you, Laria.”

Even though he saw me every day, once he saw me, he would always say, ‘I love you’ before starting the conversation.

“Princess Elanie caught Medor’s tail. They said the punishment would be a reprimand and confiscation of part of the territory.”

“Oh, really?”

I had been directly diagnosed by the imperial doctor and was even told that I was completely healthy. In this way, Duke Orlando’s assertion that ‘the doctor was trying to slowly kill the Lady on the orders of Duke Icard’ turned out to be completely false.

“Anyway, it was difficult to be demoted. Though it is likely that an additional banishment order will be issued as a result.”

Evan stood with my desk between us, bowed his head, and kissed me lightly on the lips.

“I love you, Laria.”

Of course, even during the conversation, his show of affection without context did not stop. When I pulled my head back, he gently pulled the back of my head and pressed me back to him.

“No, it’s against the law if you take your lips off already.”

“What, what law?”

“I don’t know.”

After the insincere reply, a deep kiss continued. To be honest, we weren’t even in our first or second year of marriage, so this was really nothing but his own spinelessness.

“I can’t think of anything right now.”

Nonetheless, I also thought that I was still a newlywed when I saw how nice his spinelessness. Eventually, after a while, we were able to have normal conversations again.

“There are a lot of letters piled up again.”

“Yes. Social circle management is a bit like that, well… you can read it if you want to.”

Rumors of my cure quickly spread throughout the capital.

In the meantime, there was even a saying that the reason I went to recuperation when I was sick a lot was because I was victimized by a scammer.

Of course, Serena, befitting the deputy guild leader of Dark Information, was free to go around regardless of her history as a scammer. She had a lot of history in many ways, even before she became a doctor.

Well, it didn’t seem like she had done it once or twice in the first place. Anyway, various letters were pouring in every day when it was confirmed that I was staying in the Capital.

“Then, I’ll just take a look.”

Evan whispered in a languid voice, hugged me, and sat down on my chair. That was how I got to write replies to various letters while sitting on Evan’s lap.

“I won’t disturb you.”

Of course, as soon as I picked up the first letter, I was betrayed by his words. I didn’t even believe it at first. It was because although he wasn’t very interested in the contents of my letter, he was busy kissing my neck or my ear.

“This makes it hard to concentrate.”

As I spoke with a frown, a giggling whisper followed.

“Don’t concentrate. Just write roughly.”


“If there is a problem, I will deal with it for you. Either money or violence.”

It was a remark that made the work difficult for his wife, who was working hard in the office to avoid spending money and violence in complete vain.

“Tone it down…”

He embraced me tighter as I twisted and breathed heavily.

“It’s cute how you write with your fingers wriggling.”

There was still heat in his voice that clung to my ears.

“It’s also cute that your hair falls down when you lower your head.”

If something insignificant were cute, it would be really serious…

“It’s so cute how your chest rises and falls every time you breathe.”

Seeing that Evan, who overused ‘cute,’ was cute, I must have been seriously ill as well. The next moment, I managed to clear my shaky concentration and picked up a letter.

It was from Sven.


[ Lady Laria, I’ve done everything as you said. ]


“Oh, did it end up like that?”

“Yes. That’s rather neat, I suppose.”

I ordered Sven to hand over Kyle-Hanua to Seymour for a bargain.

Hanua, which was divided in half, also seemed to be better managed by one person. Besides, Hanua was still a place where iron ore was well produced, so it was going to be a stronghold for Seymour in the future.

“Kyle decided not to come back from the East Continent. The name Kyle Ravonis should be forgotten like this.”

“Yes. I also want to forget forever.”

“…It’s not a person anyway, so why?”

“Still, it’s a name that once drove me crazy.”


Of course, since Hanua was originally Seymour’s land in the past, it could be said that it was a bit shameless to return it only now. But well… that was the best of my shame. To be honest, he should have felt fortunate to have confessed to a married woman of Icard and still survive.

“There will be no need to go to the Southwest anymore. I don’t have very good memories.”

As Evan sighed and muttered, I replied apologetically.

“Well. The view over the Olta Forest was really nice. I like the Capital, but they are far from pretty nature.”

“Do you want to see beautiful nature? Then, let’s go on a trip. Shall we go to the beach? I heard that Fornage Beach is so pretty.”

“Really? I’ll find out about it.”

“No, I’ll just find out everything according to your taste. You don’t have to mind.”

When I picked up the golden envelope, Evan, who was happily hugging me, stiffened.

“…It is from the Imperial Family.”

“Yes. The Princess.”

Just looking at the envelope, his eyes narrowed in alertness when he realized that it was a letter from Elanie.


[ Aren’t you curious about the results of the last public debate? How about coming to the palace? ]


“I will tell you everything.”

Evan said coldly.

“You don’t have to listen to it yourself.”


[ And there’s some new information that even Young Duke Icard wouldn’t have guessed! ]


“Is there anything special about new information? It won’t be big…”

He grumbled.

“I heard fishing is her hobby. It’s probably a catch.”


[ You can really look forward to it. It’s such a great thing that you’ll be surprised. ]


I chuckled as I wrote a reply confirming the date and time of the visit.

“Evan, I think the Princess is one step ahead. Still, why do you hate the princess so much?”

“She said you were divorcing me. I’ll never forget her for saying that horrible thing.”

“That was a misunderstanding, and I think she will be a much better leader than the current Emperor.”

“Public and private are two different things.”

“You, too… you lied to the princess in your previous life as well, so you can’t be sharp only with her…”

“That is not who I am today.”

“…I really liked you back then. Anyway, for loving me so muc—”


Evan used his teeth and scratched my shoulder lightly.

“I love you more than that b*stard does. I can destroy at least one world. The problem is that the world is too good to be destroyed.”

“…I’m sure my husband isn’t the madman who calls his past self ‘that b*stard’ and gets jealous?”

“That b*stard set it up so well that I, a madman, can’t do anything for you here.”


It was fortunate that he had a thorough self-understanding. In the end, I just turned my head away without saying anything and put my lips on his cheek lightly.

“Laria. Do I look like someone who wants to hurriedly end a conversation just because you kiss me so insincerely?”

He raised his eyebrows, and his red eyes flashed before he added lowly.

“…You see through people well.”

Of course, who am I?