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I only noticed Reedmore’s damp clothes after he sneezed. I stopped and summoned the elemental.



Upon responding to my call, the elemental immediately pressed against my face and nuzzled my head.

“I missed you, Khalia. I missed you so much. I was so, so worried.”

“Thank you. I’m okay now.”

Even with its entire body stretched out, the elemental could only reach one side of my cheek. The elemental tried its best to stay connected with me.

Finding it adorable, I gently stroked its back and asked, ‘Can you do me a favor?’

[What can I do for you?]

I made a gesture toward Reedmore, who was looking at us strangely, not understanding the conversation between me and the elemental.

Undine read my thoughts and flicked its finger.


The once clinging fabric now dried, and the dirt fell off.

“Uh… Thank you.”

Reedmore greeted Undine with a puzzled expression.

After sending the elemental away, we walked toward the dormitory again.

It seemed like both of us had poured out our emotions and clarified our relationship. We walked in silence, each contemplating today’s events

As we passed the spot where I had poured water on him, Reedmore suddenly spoke up.

“After classes tomorrow, let’s go home together. We need to discuss with my father about what to do next.”

I stopped in my tracks. He had a determined look on his face.

“We’ll put an end to that monstrous family.”

It was also after organizing my thoughts that I spoke, taking a deep breath.

“I’m… okay.”

“What? Why?”

It seemed like this conversation might be lengthy. I sat down on a nearby bench.

He pointed to the side, came over with a disgruntled expression, and sat down.

We turned half of our bodies toward each other and started talking slowly.

“This is my business. You don’t have to worry about it. I’ll take care of it myself, so you don’t need to pay any attention.”

“Why is it your business alone?”

He spoke with a stern face.

“Since you’ve become the ward of our family, your business isn’t just yours; it’s also our family’s affair.”

I was about to say something more but ended up keeping my mouth shut.

“Moreover, you’re my friend now. Don’t tell me to quietly watch what my friend goes through, that’s nonsense, Khalia.”

Reedmore declared firmly while shaking his head.

“Helena Barden is insane. Don’t pay attention to what that woman says. It’s just her showing off.”

At that moment, the streetlight turned on. The magical light automatically illuminated his face in a warm crimson glow.

His expression and voice became even more sincere under the warm light.

“Khalia, it doesn’t make sense to just let this go. Don’t worry, trust Desmiere.”


I pushed aside the uneasy feeling in the corner of my heart.

“What if it turns out to be really treason or something like that?”

“That won’t happen.”

He held a determination that seemed to absorb everything, including my own objections, and lifted his head.

“That woman is just making empty claims.”

I didn’t stop there; I continued to resist.

“People won’t believe it.”

“Why not, when there are clear witnesses?”

He appeared unable to understand me, and his frustration was apparent because he couldn’t comprehend what seemed evident to me.

But I had something that felt firm to me as well.

“Changing one’s thoughts from before is a difficult thing. People don’t want to admit they were wrong.”


Reedmore sighed with a pitiful tone, exerting strength to persuade.

“You don’t have to worry about that. If people have insight, everyone will change their minds.”

“Above all else,”

Clearing my throat a few times, I steadied my voice.

“Revenge is something I want to do with my own strength.”

Reedmore’s eyes widened. He declared once again, “I will handle it with my own hands.”

His crimson pupils seemed to swirl with emotions that were hard to discern.

“That’s the only way it would be meaningful. Using the power of a Duke to bring them down is too… simple.”

Helena Barden.

Baron Garis Barden.

Lady Parry Barden.

Wouldn’t it be gratifying for me, who was treated as nothing more than a pig, to personally make them kneel on the ground and beg for their worthless lives, not once but twice?

The warmth that had filled my heart from the events with Reedmore now turned into a cold satisfaction. A faint smirk crossed my lips.

I stared directly at Reedmore. Our eyes met squarely.

“Will you let me do as I please?”

A moment, slightly longer than an instant, passed. Something fleeting appeared to pass through his eyes.

“…Of course. I said I would make anything happen.”

I grinned. The answer was clear from the moment he said those words.

“Thank you.”

“Let’s go back. It’s getting colder.”

He was about to say that but paused for a moment, taking a couple of deep breaths in succession.

“Ah, achoo!”

A sneeze followed him. I stood up as well.

“You might catch a cold.”

“Well, who do you think I’d blame for that?”

Reedmore looked at me with an expression that seemed to say, ‘You don’t think I’d blame you, do you?’

“Well, for your actions fitting for a christening…”


He grumbled but didn’t offer any retort. I chuckled inwardly at his reaction.

Reedmore escorted me to the entrance of the girls’ dormitory and left. As he walked backward, he waved his hands emphatically several times.

* * *

The next day, after finishing classes, Reedmore was waiting for me in front of the classroom door.

Leaning against the door with crossed arms, he straightened up when he saw me.

“Let’s go.”

Nodding, we headed toward the main gate together.

With every step, I could feel the piercing gazes fixed on us.

Reedmore frowned.

“So many people don’t even realize that staring at others is poor manners. It’s shameful for the Empire.”

As he loudly exclaimed, the gazes that were staring at us quickly averted.

Even though he said it was okay, he continued to be overly protective until we reached the carriage, as if he were guarding a master or protecting a younger sibling.

Once we finally got on the carriage, he grumbled several times.

“It’s unbearable to receive such stares. Those fools who don’t have any thoughts, like stupid and pathetic trash….”

“Ignore them.”

“I’m just angry. That I was once among that trash giving those stares.”

He turned away from me, looking out the window with a stern face. Without bothering to engage in unnecessary conversation, he silently headed to the mansion.


When we arrived at the mansion, Ayla came out to greet us.

“Why have you come…?”

She was addressing Reedmore, but when she saw me descending with him holding my hand, her eyes widened.

“Ayla, where is my father?”

“My lord, His Grace is in the study.”

Hastily answering Reedmore’s question, she asked what had happened as he walked past. I signaled that I would explain later.

Upon entering the mansion, I stood in front of Reedmore and said,

“I’ll have a private conversation with His Grace.”

“Is there nothing I can assist with?”


I took off the necklace and handed it to him. Reedmore nodded approvingly.

“I called the jeweler yesterday. I’ll entrust it now.”

“Thank you.”

As I was about to knock, he called out to me.


When I turned around, he had a determined expression.

“Stay strong.”

After a smile and a nod, I knocked.

“Come in.”

The response, as if he had been waiting, came immediately. I took a brief breath and opened the door.

The room exuded an elegant atmosphere. It felt overall similar to the Duke’s style.

After closing the door, I took a seat in the comfortable chair at the center. The Duke had been previously reading documents and remained seated behind his desk, looking at me.

“What happened to Ashley?”

He brought up the topic first.

“I confined her in the underground prison.”

“I see.”

He nodded. A slight twitch appeared on the Duke’s eyebrows.

“… Don’t you have any more questions?”

“How many people know about this matter?”

“Me, Obert, Reedmore. And a few trustworthy subordinates. That’s all.”

“I’ve already told Reedmore, but I want to keep this matter under wraps.”


He reached out with his long fingers, rubbing his temples before covering his eyes. He appeared to be organizing his thoughts, maintaining a silent composure.

I waited in the silence that filled the room. The Duke spoke slowly.

“I’ve heard the reason why you want to do this. But let me ask again. Do you really want to bury all these secrets? In Desmiere, there is a power that can bring a hundred times more gruesome pain and tragedy than any you’ve experienced so far.”

“But there must be a way in Desmiere to handle it without causing too much burden.”

He removed his hand, looking straight at me. Not much time had passed since I first saw him. He appeared slightly older than before.

After scrutinizing me with dissatisfaction for a few seconds, the Duke spoke in a rough tone.

“I also heard from Barden, that arrogant little one from Barden, who didn’t know the subject and made a fool of himself. If you’re concerned about such empty threats, stop it. It’s useless.”