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“Yes… do you have something to ask… uum…”

Before she knew it, Weed’s hand had reached down to Hana’s shoulder. Her shoulder tensed. The rustling of clothing could be felt, along with Weed’s teeth through it.

“Weed! Wait, I need to ask…”

Between Hana’s lips, a sweet fragrance wafted. A honey-like liquid slid over the tongue, then surged back fiercely.

She couldn’t form words any longer.

The sweet moisture ruffled the inside of her mouth. It was rough yet careful at the same time. The heat brushed gently over the tender flesh.

As their lips parted, a small sigh escaped between Hana’s lips before a hot breath tickled her cheek. The mere heat was enough to moisten the eyes. A trembling hand fumbled with her clothing, like unwrapping a tightly sealed package with careful and eager hands.

Weed’s hand then uncovered the skin, his lips descending to rub his heat upon it.


His voice resonated lowly over her heart. Before realizing the throbbing pain, his hot lips pressed against her soft flesh and slowly slid down.

His lips lingered over her n*pple.

As a cold silence settled over their bodies, Weed took it in his mouth.


At Hana’s sharp cry, sensations poured forth suddenly. Weed’s tongue encircled the n*pple as his hand reached between her legs. Long fingers sought the moistness, probing the entrance. Ironically, the very spot he sought kept pulsating restlessly for his fingers as if starving.

Hana writhed in an itch that was similar to hunger.


“Ah, Weed… wait, I have something to say…”

“Were you not in pain?”

His face flickered in her tear-blurred vision.

Blinking caused the tears to spill over the cheeks. As she barely cleared the vision, Hana’s eyes looked up at Weed. His gaze was fixed between Hana’s legs. His fingers, following his golden eyes, trailed the moisture that had oozed from Hana.

“I was in pain.”

The voice that was seemingly burning with heat yet devoid of any strength quietly filled the room. As the echo faded, Weed positioned himself between her legs.

His elaborate and complex clothing slipped off in an instant.

He hardly focused on undressing it off. His hands never stopped as he touched, licked, and sucked on her body. It didn’t take long for his solid and beautiful body to be revealed.

Weed forced his way into Hana’s arms.

Weed’s center, which was already at his limit, was felt between her thighs. Hana was at a loss for words. His expression looked as if he was about to cry while he was pushing on relentlessly. He wasn’t ignoring her words. He was simply too desperate to pay attention to them.

She wasn’t gone too long. It seemed like only three days in her perception, though in reality, it might have been longer. She had lost consciousness repeatedly.

What could have hurt? What does it mean to be desperately needed?

He was trying to release the guilt accumulated over long years of doing the ritual by keeping her alive. Or perhaps, being close to the origin of life, he instinctively didn’t want to lose his way of living. Either way, Weed was deeply suppressing it and was unable to easily let it out.

Hana raised a hand to caress Weed’s cheek and forehead, gently brushing back his disheveled jade hair. Weed, who had been aggressive, paused for a moment.

Then, slowly, he locked eyes with Hana.


“Yes, yes. Hana…”

“I’m right here.”


“It’s okay. I’m not in pain.”

Thanks to you, I’m not in pain. I wish you weren’t in pain, either.

He plunged into Hana as if searching for a place that should be filled with heat.

Ahh, uht, uung…”


Was it because it had been a long time since the last time? Hana’s body accepted him more tightly than before.

Weed didn’t wait for her body to willingly accept him. Instead, he pushed his seemingly endless heat into her. Hana twisted her waist in the overwhelming heat that seemed like it would pierce through her body.

“Hana, Hana…”

Even after pushing himself to the root inside her, he did not stop. His arms wrapped tightly around her body as if the union wasn’t enough.

Her soft breasts were squished against his hard chest.

The distance was unbearably close. Yet, Weed seemed to find it insufficient, putting his weight onto her. His blunt end prodded deep inside her.

Huh, Weed, I can’t breathe, aahh!

As Hana whimpered softly, the flesh that filled her inside swept across her inner walls as it retreated. The pleasure she had grown accustomed to over the time with Weed melted her again.


The heat that had swept away returned, pushing deep inside her. For Hana, who was trapped tightly between the bed and Weed, it was an overwhelming pressure. Still, he didn’t give her any space.

Like a vine coiling around a tree’s trunk, he entangled himself more tightly with her body.

“We, ung, Weed…!”

Hana called out to Weed in a desperate voice. It felt like she would be crushed and mixed with Weed at this rate.

A mix of fear and longing, indistinguishable from each other, poured out with her tears. He wrapped her arms around his neck and swiftly moved his waist again. The intense pressure felt like it was filling her entire body, and he gripped her wavering waist once more and then again.

“Yes, Hana. I am… I am, also, also here. Hana…”

Aht, ah, aht, ah-hk! Uht, too, too fa, fast… Ah!

Tears burst from Hana’s eyes due to the dizzyingly intense stimulation. It was agonizing. It was not painful but agonizing as the weight pressed down as if to constrict her body, and the pleasure surged intensely.

Everything was unbearable.

Tears streamed down her cheeks.

As if cherishing her tears, Weed’s tongue gently licked the corners of her eyes. He savored every drop as if even the moisture that dampened her eyelashes was sweet. He licked it all away without missing a single drop.

While gently melting her upper body with his careful movements, his member ceaselessly ravaged inside Hana.

Knowing exactly where she was sensitive, where she would melt away, he stirred her up as if feeling every part of her body. The heat and the friction he provided. It didn’t take long for them to pull her into the depths of pleasure.

Hup, ahng! Slow, slowly… Please, please, slowly… Weed, aht!

In the place that was incessantly leaking honey intertwined with Weed, a profound and deep exhilaration began to surge within her. Knowing what it was, Hana clung to him in fear. The pleasure was too hot, too intense, it was almost scary.

She desperately wanted to be ready for it.

However, Weed didn’t listen to her words. Instead of lifting her body, he put his weight on her and started thrusting into her depths with such force that the bed resounded.

Hot heat began to form inside Hana. The heavy pleasure relentlessly stimulated her and pushed her further.

“Please… please tell me.”

And just before she was pushed to the end, he grabbed her.