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“Ma, ster!”

Hearing Damien’s voice so faint that it conveyed the pain, Rachel felt like her heart was going to drop.

Didn’t Lucian faint while speaking in that voice?

“Oh no… It must have hurt a lot?”

“It is. Why don’t you let go of this?”

“I’ll cut off your ankle cleanly. You have no need to worry about anything else because if you wear a dress, it won’t be noticed. Oh, I’ll take good care of your ankles. I think it would be enchanting to decorate it with my eyeballs.”

“You’re really…”

Rachel didn’t want to hear anymore. Her ears felt like they were rotting.

Recalling the powers she had used in her dreams, she managed to free one of her arms from the tight grip. Then, she immediately grabbed him by the hair.

“Oh, I’m nervous. Every time you do this, my heart starts pounding and I feel like I’m going crazy. What on earth have you done to me? Just looking at you gives me strength in my lower body. Do you know that?”

“What, this b*stard!”

Elliot spoke with an ecstatic face as if he didn’t feel the slightest pain, even though she was holding his hair tightly.

“It has never stood up to anyone before. But I see you making spicy words and running away…”

Rachel let out a deep breath as she recalled the memories.

“My heart beats like crazy when I see you, who are just a little kid. Listen. Didn’t my heart really beat like it was going to jump out? My eyeballs hurt, so I’m going to look around.”

Even as Elliot looked at her, his blurry gaze scanned the empty space for a long time as if he was tracing the distant past.

“I thought I should look at it again, so I secretly went to see you, but you weren’t there. That d*mn duke stole you away, and he chased after me so persistently.”

He seemed to be irritated just thinking about it, so he furrowed his brows and did not stop talking.

Rachel took a deep breath, thinking that was better.

“So, I found out later that you went to the southern villa. I went there, you didn’t know, right? You were so cute when swimming in the sea…”

…No, so this crazy guy followed her all the way to the South?

Ah, but your shapeshifter was such a nuisance. Their senses were so good that if I got a little closer, they could sense it right away. Of course, they probably didn’t know it was me, though they just have good reflexes anyway.”

Rachel exhaled loudly once again and inhaled right away. Although it was just a little, she could see something flowing from between his lips.

She sucked in his breath without him noticing.

“At that time, I was missing one eye, so it was hard for me to show my face to you. Everyone has the same feeling of wanting to look good to the girl they’re in love with.”

Elliot, who was chatting to himself while immersed in the sentiments, let out a small laugh before he grabbed her chin strongly.

“But what have you been doing from earlier? When people talk, you have to listen to them. Wasn’t that the culture of nobles?”

“…Why don’t you let go of this?”

Despite the fact that her cheeks were pressed so hard that it was difficult for her to speak, she saw with her own eyes that she and his breath were connected.

This was because her magic glowed even in the dark.

“It’s suspicious. What is it? A foreign energy.”

Elliot felt the spirit of darkness stirring slightly. Even though the spirit had never really spoken to him, it had occasionally expressed its opinion in this way.

The spirit was telling him about something, and he felt it had something to do with Rachel. In addition, even though her subordinates had reached that point, she seemed to be waiting for something.

It was very suspicious.

“Who do you believe in? The fox beast or the shapeshifter I’ve never seen over there? Or are you waiting for the current Duke? He won’t even know you’re here?”

Rachel’s eyes widened when Lucian was mentioned in his mouth. As he looked closely, the royal blue eyes were as dark as the night sky. Elliot moved closer to her as if to press his lips against hers.

“What? What is it that makes me feel so uncomfortable? I should just cut off your feet.”

The feelings he had accumulated over the years were telling him. He needed to get his hands on her. It wouldn’t be too late to let this sentiment out with her perfectly by his side. The spirit of darkness bound her ankles at its master’s command.

Rachel shivered at the cold, sticky feel.

At that time, as Oscar came running, Paul was stopping the bleeding in Damien’s ankle.

“Get away from my master!”

Oscar was unable to attack directly, so he created an explosion of blue orbs around Rachel and Elliot. Elliot tried to break Rachel’s ankle at the same time as a huge dirt storm began. That way, she wouldn’t be able to run away anymore.

Damien, who understood this through the magic’s movement, shouted as if he had forgotten his own condition.

It was a cry that was almost like a scream.


Rachel gasped as she saw the magic that had taken over her. She was still trying to get out of the grip on her face.

The more she did this, the heavier her breathing became, and the strings of magic became thicker. She began to unknowingly absorb the powers, just as she had done to Cassandra and the large man in her dream.

Rachel saw a pattern drawn in her mind. While it was strange, she felt a certain awe, which made her feel strange.

The next moment, she felt a force tighten around her ankles. She felt a strong squeezing force, as if it was trying to crush her rather than lightly squeezing her, and she pushed the power she had seen into her ankles.

Soon, she was separated from Elliot’s spirit.

Unlike the dark and gloomy spirit, the transparent spirit that appeared with a sparkling light wrapped around her ankles like protecting them.

“… What’s this?

Elliot felt the power of his spirit distort. He noticed that his strength had waned as though the vast power he had felt was half gone.

On the other hand, Rachel, who witnessed the purple eyes shaking wildly in front of her, tugged on the silver hair that he was still holding.

Elliot couldn’t take his eyes off the small face that was coming in. His heart fluttered at the sight of them getting close to each other as if they were about to kiss. He had been chasing her, thinking he just had to have her, and he noticed that this was the first time.
She came to him first.

How should he put this feeling into words?

It was something he had never experienced before, so he couldn’t say anything.

When he didn’t know what words to say, he saw her full lips move. His breath was choked as he couldn’t take his eyes off it. He felt as if someone was pressing hard on his neck, and he let go of the thin arm that he was holding tightly.

Ha, this is it.”

Rachel muttered softly as she walked away from him.

“N, no…”

He wanted to move his hands, but it didn’t go his way. The sensations in his body were strange. The spirit of darkness that had always comprised him stirred and tried to escape somewhere.

“D*mn you. How dare you put Damien’s feet in such a state. Just stay like that.”

Rachel frowned in displeasure before turning around. Bright balls of light, or rather shining water droplets, followed around her. As she hurried over to Damien and sat down, she gagged when she saw the state of his feet.

How had it gotten to this point, and he didn’t even scream? It was beyond her. What was he really thinking?

Angered, Rachel decided to treat him first before reprimanding him. She climbed on top of Damien and held his face.


Damien, whose blood was running cold, gazed at her face with blurred eyes.

His master came back and smiled faintly with a relieved face. As he grabbed her wrist with a weak gesture, a hot breath came towards him. Rachel breathed heavily into him as their lips barely touched each other.

She prayed with her eyes closed.

Please cure Damien’s feet without any traces and without any other pain.

Although it seemed hopeless, she had a strong feeling that it might be possible.

Paul, sitting down on his knees, took in the amazing scene with his eyes. He remembered the saint from a long time ago. Just like then, a sparkling radiance surrounded her. The colors that fluctuated as though they wanted to play under her hands were the light of God, announcing her saintliness.

It was a precious light containing God’s blessing that allowed God’s daughter to be recognized even from afar.

Ah, saint…”

Paul bowed his head deeply and offered his prayers for her and God. Oscar, who was watching Elliot from afar, also witnessed the entire scene and also saw Rachel press her lips close to Damien as if she was about to kiss him.


Oscar, who was somehow envious, glared at Elliot, who had frozen as if he was pinned to a tree. He couldn’t go over there because of this guy.

Even though he slowly moved closer and promised himself that if Damien attacked him, he would respond, Damien didn’t budge.

Damien felt like his mind was going to fly just from the hot breath that came and went as their lips separated. The feeling of the bond deepening with his owner was truly the best. He gripped Rachel’s shoulders tightly, his hands shaking from ecstasy.

Soon after, the ceaseless breathing stopped. Damien looked up at his master as he gasped in disappointment.

Rachel fumbled her hand as she checked his condition.


After checking that his feet were as fine as before, she sat down with a sigh. His bare feet, without her shoes on, felt as soft as if they had just been born.

Rachel, fully aware of her own power, commanded the water droplets that floated around her.

“Arrest that stupid prince.”

At that, the water droplets shook violently and flowed quickly.