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Lucian led the knights to Barony Castila. Since it was a dark night, it was easy for the knights to move quickly.

He couldn’t accept why Rachel left him.

Even though he heard the reason directly from Camilla, he found it hard to believe it. After all, how could she leave him behind when she looked at him with such deep and affectionate eyes?

Rachel, who noticed his condition, looked like she was going to die with him.

At that time, he could feel her deep love.

Something was wrong with the situation.

Besides, since Camilla did not know about the possessor, she might have been lied to. It was clear that the copy had imitated her and had stolen her body and run away.

Because of that, he had to catch the easiest possessors first and find a place where they could hide. Even when Enzo tried to find out through the familiar he had attached, he still had no response.

The streets where the knights were running had all the street lights turned off, so it felt gloomy. The Duchy’s knight commander looked at the Duke’s back, which seemed strange from the moment he left.

It was his first time seeing the Duke in such a tangled and disorganized state. As someone who had seen Lucian since he was very young, he couldn’t help but think that the Duke’s current appearance had something to do with his inner self.

Even though he was abused by the previous Duke when he was young, he never showed it to the outside, but what on earth happened that made him summon the knights in such a mess at this time of night?

The knight commander thought about it and found the most reasonable reason.

The only person in the Duchy who could capture or overturn the Duke’s eye was Rachel. Despite the fact that she was his adopted sister, he had already noticed a long time ago that the Duke had never viewed her as a blood relative.

Just as expected.

The story he heard from the employees through word of mouth was as he expected, so he just quietly silenced the knights.

“Duke. If you are going to Barony Castilla, you must go this way.”

Lucian, who had been driving his horse frantically, suddenly turned his head at the knight commander’s words. He took his breath away when he saw the golden eyes glowing like beasts.

Even in the dark street, the bright yellow eyes gave him goosebumps.

“I see.”

Though hearing the voice alone, it seemed like it was no different from usual, but every time he saw the Duke’s unkempt attire or heard a strange sound that sounded like bones being chewed, the knight commander had to swallow his saliva out of nervousness.

They arrived at the quiet Barony. It was natural since it was late at night.

Lucian entered the lonely mansion without hesitation. However, one of the Barony’s knights who was guarding the main gate woke up in surprise. Still, he couldn’t see anything right now. He felt his blood run cold all the time just because Rachel wasn’t by his side.

He knocked on the Barony’s door without hesitation, looking even more exhausted than when his body was pierced, and his blood was pouring out.

“…Who are you?”

The old butler spoke and opened the door. Since the Barony’s fortune was greatly weakened, there were no permanent employees living in the mansion except for the old butler.

“Out of the way.”

Perhaps knocking on the door was his last courtesy, Lucian pushed his way into the mansion without even revealing his identity or purpose. The knight commander was taken aback by his appearance but hid his expression and told the old butler.

“It’s Duke Leon. It would be good to keep quiet.”

The word was ‘it would be good’ though it was nothing short of a threat.

Lucian frantically climbed the stairs. Since the room where the head of the family lived was there, there was no hesitation in his steps. As he opened several empty rooms, he finally entered the head of the family’s room.

Kylus, who had already opened his eyes, feeling the clutter, grabbed the sword he had placed by his bed and shouted.

“Who is it?”

At the same time, Lucian approached in an instant and drew his sword.

Kylus, who saw him approaching without a sound, could not help but look down at the sharp sword that had come under his chin. While he trained with Noah’s body, his skills were nowhere near Lucian’s, so he stopped breathing and only gulped.

It felt like he would be brushed by the sharp blade if he moved even a little.

“Who are you to do this?”

Noah politely asked the dark, invisible person. Because he asked with his eyes fixed on the sword, he did not notice the bright yellow eyes.

“Noah de Castilla.”


“No, if it was the original Noah, he would have arrogantly called me by my name.”

Kylus slowly raised his gaze towards the man, who pointed out in a gloomy voice. Then, eyes sharper than a blade were looking down at him.

The eyes were so murderous that just seeing it for a moment gave him chills.

“…What on earth are you talking about?”

Kylus, who felt the pain of the blade grazing his neck as he swallowed, let out an urgent breath and continued speaking.

“Even, even if you are the Duke, you have no authority to break into the mansion so recklessly at this hour.”

It was a strong appeal, but Lucian let out a sob-like laugh instead of answering.

“No authority?”

“Yes, it is.”

“That would be true if you were the real Noah de Castilla.”

“What are you talking about…”

Kylus felt strangely uneasy, even though he thought the Duke would never find out.

Lucian pushed his sword even closer, keeping his eyes on Noah, or rather, the unidentifiable thing, as if he was going to cut it out. The next moment, the sharp blade pressed the soft skin, and blood leaked out.

“Please! Please take this away!”

Kylus panicked.

This was the second time his life was threatened by someone after being possessed, but he was more afraid of Lucian than the Prince.

The reason was that his mindset had changed. When he was trapped in the carriage alone with the Prince, he was unable to completely take possession of his current body. So, although he had affection for the body, he strongly felt that half of it was a stranger.

But now, it was different.

When he was threatened with a sword, he had the thought that he could lose the body he had barely occupied by, even though his body was now completely his own. Now that he had barely adapted to this body and was living a human life, he did not want to become a ghost again and wander aimlessly.

Hated just thinking about it, he almost begged.

Lucian quietly watched him struggle. Clearly, nothing of the original Noah remained.

Previously, Noah was someone who boasted about his beauty and treasured it very much. So, no matter what happened, he showed the pride of a nobleman and never showed any signs of being disturbed. If he had been threatened, he would have complained in tears, but he would not have pleaded or begged in such an obscene way.

“Do you want to live?”

Lucian asked a question while still not putting his sword away. The low voice was still gloomy.

“Yes, yes! That’s right. Please…”

“The way for you to live is very simple.”

“What is that?”

Kylus questioned and looked around.

For some reason, it felt like the sword was getting closer. When Lucian flicked his sword, rolling his life like a ball in the palm of his hand, another stream of blood flowed out.

“…If you just tell me, I will.”

Kylus, who caught his mind from the tingling sensation, looked straight into the yellow eyes like a full moon with trembling eyes. Golden eyes, more like the eyes of an animal than those of a human, stared down at him without the slightest wavering.

“Reveal where the possessed people live. The list of possessors is in my hands, so don’t even think about deceiving me.”


After hearing the rough plan from Dustin, Kylus pursed his lips in silence.

He didn’t even know that the list of possessors existed, and of course, he had no idea that the Duke would have it. Dustin had obviously expected the Duke to go crazy sooner or later. He said that at that time, the Duchy would collapse on its own, and it would be easy for him to take over the Imperial Palace.

What on earth did he do, and how did he so confidently predict that the Duke would go crazy? He had never even seen a foresight.


Kylus groaned as he remembered the foresight he had seen earlier. He recalled the image of the Lady sobbing with blood on her hands.

Was she hurt?

If she was hurt, who did this?

If it was, as Dustin mentioned, it must have been done by a possessed person.

So, was he looking for the possessed person? To want revenge?

Didn’t think that Lucian would see that he was thinking for a moment, he belatedly tried to open his mouth. However, Lucian was faster. Kylus shouted, falling backwards to avoid the sword moving as if he was really going to slit his throat.

“It’s the information guild! The information guild is their hideout!”

As Lucian moved his sword without the slightest hesitation, Kylus’ heart pounded as if it was going to explode. If it weren’t for the reflexes that came from all the training, he would have been helplessly decapitated. It had been a very long time since he felt this kind of fear.

An old memory of rushing in to kill demon came to mind.

After finally figuring it out, Lucian sheathed his sword and stretched and curved his lips. He planned to gather the damn possessed people together and exterminate them all. There was no need for traces of the dead among where the living lived.

Instead of his fist, he struck Kylus in the stomach with the sheath of his sword.


He had no intention of keeping this guy alive in the first place.