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Laria’s prediction that there was something, turned out to be true. It was also accurate that Evan didn’t stay in the mansion because he was sick. After he did further investigation and finally came into a conclusion, he spoke in a terrifying tone to Olivia, who was guarding the Duke’s residence.

“Laria seems to have gone to the eastern continent.”

“Eastern continent?”

Olivia asked back at Evan’s words with widened eyes. The eastern continent was a foreign place to everyone.

“Really? She went to the eastern continent?”

“Yes. Maybe.”

The words Fred shouted at the end was for her to go to the eastern continent, the rumor that Kyle had left for the eastern continent, and the eastern continent diamond necklace sold at Bedis Port… The necklace must have been sold by Laria because there are only a few diamond necklaces from the eastern continent, and the whereabouts of all of them have been identified, it was not difficult to trace the source.

‘Laria likes comfortable and familiar things, so I thought she wouldn’t go to the eastern continent…’

The eastern continent was a strange and unknown land because exchanges with the land had been cut off for a long time.

‘But what if that b*stard, Kyle, went to the Eastern Continent first and laid a foundation for her?’

The Laria he knew was never the one to suffer in an unknown land. Therefore, it was plausible to hypothesize that Kyle went ahead and laid the foundation, while Laria would be living in hiding in the Empire.

“…She really ran.”

Olivia, who was guarding the Duke’s residence, frowned seriously.

“Well… Then let’s wish her a happy life with her lover in the eastern continent…”

“So, I will go to the Eastern Continent.”


She asked again with a red face.

“Evan, Laria had done us enough and left.”

“I know that.”

“With your common sense… Shouldn’t you accept that she wants to be happy in a new place with her lover, away from this damned house that was trying to use her?”

Olivia caught a glimpse of Evan’s creepy expression and added quickly.

“In the eastern continent, there will be nothing that will bother her forever…”

“Please don’t wish your goddaughter happiness using me as an excuse.”

“…You caught me.”

“Father went to Podilin. Bring him in quickly.”

“Are you really going?”

“Yes, I’m going.”

It was crazy that the only heir of Icard would throw everything and leave for the eastern continent.

“Instead, it would be better to keep the fact that I am going to the eastern continent a secret. Say that I am sick and confining myself.”

And since Evan was crazy, of course he would.


Olivia sighed and said.

“How can I tell others that you are chasing your wife, who ran away with another man, all the way to the eastern continent?”

“Laria’s brother is in the Empire. You shouldn’t give out any news. We have to catch her while she was letting her guard down.”


He didn’t care about other people’s eyes on him as his mind was only full on how to catch Laria.

So, while Evan immediately left for the eastern continent, Olivia had no choice but to quickly summon back Kallaudin. Kallaudin, who tried to drag out Laria under the guise of his death, had no choice but to come up to the Capital helplessly. Since his son left for the eastern continent, he couldn’t go into hiding by faking his death.

“Eastern continent…”

Kallaudin sighed and muttered, now back at the Duke’s residence.

Finding people in the eastern continent was much more difficult than finding people in the Empire. However, there was a lack of limbs there, everything was unfamiliar. Even Evan was a foreigner there. The name Icard won’t have much effect.

“It won’t be easy…”

He was prepared to not see his son’s face for years.







But it wasn’t for years. As soon as Evan arrived on the eastern continent, he hid his identity as a high-ranking noble and established the Dark Information Guild. And in just one year, he became a competent information merchant who controlled all kinds of information on the eastern continent.

‘At this point, his status was holding back his aptitude.’

Nathan thought to himself as he looked at Evan, who had become more terrifying in a year.

‘If he didn’t have an obligation to inherit the Duchy… this seems to fit him perfectly’

Evan had just found the last stranger in the small rural village at the far end of the eastern continent.

“You, you…!”

A man disguised as a fisherman in the fishing village knelt down in front of Evan. He was a man with blue hair, black eyes, and a rather fine appearance.

“Who sent you? How is it…”

“Where is Laria?”

“…Lari, what?”

“I don’t like wasting my time very much.”

Although he didn’t use any swear words or violence, with just one dirty look, he suppressed the man’s spirit.

“That, that, I—!”

“Let go of Haydn!”

Just then, a blonde-haired woman ran out of a small house.

“I seduced him! I was the one who seduced him, so please…”

“…You were the Princess of the Kingdom of Orlina.”

Seeing the woman, Evan sighed and muttered before turning around without changing his expression.

“I heard that you left your fiance a month ago and ran away with an escort knight.”

Ran away!

As the princess hugged the man tightly, tears welled up and she cried out.

“It’s the inevitable end to love! What do you know!”

Evan just left the small town, not finding the need to talk more.

He had been doing this nonstop for the whole year. He was constantly digging up information, and when he heard a tip that a stranger was hiding somewhere, he frantically pursued it. In particular, when it was about blue hair and black eyes, he immediately rode a horse and confirmed it on his own.

“Let’s go back.”


“It doesn’t seem like she’s not on the eastern continent.”

Someone else would have said, ‘Ah, the Eastern Continent isn’t just a single village, so why do you come to the conclusion that she was not here after a year?’ Nonetheless, Nathan had no choice but to agree. Evan had really searched all over the eastern continent, like catching mice.

“Perhaps the diamond necklace was a ruse.”

The greatest information guild in the Eastern Continent was closed after one year of operation.

“Then, where are you going?”

Nathan asked helplessly, thinking that now he would be searching through all the kingdoms.

“The Kingdom of Orlina or the Kingdom of Airisty seems to be the closest in terms of distance…”

“Return to the Empire.”

“…The empire?”

“I realized it while watching the man and woman who escaped.”

“What, what?”

“Laria can never live like that.”


“She is not the type to trust and blindly follow a man in the first place. It is obvious that she has been preparing for a long time on her own.”

It was more likely that she saw Kallaudin’s intentions and set up a secret abode while meeting the man named Kyle and summoned him.

“Then, the information guild will be set up again in the Empire…”


Evan added firmly.

“I can tell after running it that there’s no way Laria could have done it all on her own in secret. She also received help from the information guild.”

While he thought she would have gotten some help, information was essential to make thorough preparation for a long time.

“Go and search the information guild first.”

On the ship going back to the Empire, he was looking at the sea the whole time. During the year, he saw countless couples who had eloped. Even while they were running away from someone and hiding, they were looking at each other as if they couldn’t be without each other.

If Laria and Kyle looked at each other with such expressions in front of his eyes…

Having those similar nightmares made him unable to sleep well. Clearly, it was a situation he would have to face someday. He thought about what to say thousands of times, tens of thousands of times, but his head always went blank.

Like Olivia said, was it best to just let her be happy? Duchy Icard had nothing to say, even with ten mouths. Nevertheless, the fact that he was so eager to find her…

He still hadn’t confirmed if her body was really okay, and there were too many things he couldn’t say.

Laria didn’t even listen to him properly, and after seeing Fred’s face, she became hesitant and immediately ran away.


[ Are you feeling better now? Will you forgive me if everyone in Icard cries and begs? I’m sorry, I’m sorry I didn’t know. First of all, I am absolutely sorry. ]


Originally, he was going to say that, and he was going to beg her for love somehow. With or without another man, even a chance…


[ I love you, Laria. I really can’t live without you.

Can’t I die? What have I done worse than that guy? I’ll do anything more. No, if you don’t like me, just think of me as a doll. I won’t do anything, so can’t you just think of me as a doll for the rest of your life and keep it by your side? ]


However, each time he encountered the lovers who ran away, his heart became blacker. In addition, his imagination became even wilder. He would point his sword at Kyle’s throat, who would be right in front of his eyes.

And he would say to her, who would be trembling.


[ Because I’m a fool, I feel like I’ve been trembling just under the touch of your fingertips. I will destroy this man’s entire body that my wife’s fingertips touched. ]


As much as the time he spent searching for her, his inside was eroded into darkness and his imagination became more and more violent.


[ Even if you don’t like me, lie. You’re good at lying. Say you love Evan Icard, that you like him, that he is your only husband and hold on to me. Even if you can’t handle it, endure it … because I haven’t been able to endure it for a long time. ]


Nathan watched him from the side in real-time, anticipating more and more catastrophe.

Evan, who returned to the empire after a year, started robbing all the information guilds in the Capital using his skills in operating an information guild.