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After imagining Evan returning to the Empire, Neo let out a huge yawn. It was because, after that, it was obvious that nothing much had changed.

Even if he somehow managed to capture Sven and went to Laria’s residence, he wouldn’t have said a single mean word that he had prepared for… because as soon as he saw Laria’s face, he would have wept, knelt down on his knees, and begged just as he had done at Baron Ravonis’ residence.

In the end, even if Evan wandered much and he turned black, he would be an underdog in front of Laria.


Come to think of it, Neo wanted to see Laria and Evan. While living with Sven was comfortable, sometimes, he wanted to go see cute things. After all, he had worked so hard on writing the novel, so he even developed attachments to the characters.


Neo thought, narrowing his eyes.

‘I think Evan was baptized because I saw that his energy was weakening… I don’t know if I can talk.’

It seemed that he would have to go and see for himself. Neo narrowed his eyes and got up slowly at the thought. He should go to Duke Icard’s residence since Evan and Laria have also undergone major changes in their lives…

As soon as Neo made up his mind, in the blink of an eye, he arrived at the garden of Duke Icard’s residence. Even though he planned to take a leisurely stroll through the garden to surprise Laria and Evan later…

“What is this stupid-looking cat?”

Neo had no choice but to raise his tail. It was because an older woman with her gray hair in a bun and a large shiny headpiece was looking down at him.

“Help me. This warlock turned me into a parrot.”

…There was even a parrot sitting on her shoulder.

Neo noticed at once that he couldn’t feel any black magic energy from her, yet what was very strange… he had a hunch that she was of his kind! The familiar aura of wickedness and recklessness was viscerally felt in her.

Hmph, you recognize pretty things because you look dumb. You will pierce my face with your ardent eyes, you.”

With demonic insight, Neo figured out that this woman’s name was Olivia Livienne and that she was Kallaudin’s aunt.

“I guess not. I get angry when I see things that are lacking.”

As Olivia lifted Neo up and hugged him, he cried wildly and tried to scratch her.

“I’ll punish you with food.”


“By the way, I have a lot of money, so you probably have no choice but to eat the finest food.”


At those words, Neo calmly fell into Olivia’s arms. It was because Evan and Laria went out for a walk anyway and weren’t at the Duke’s residence right now.







After Story 2 — Olivia, Neo and the Baby

After Laria and Evan left Kallaudin and Olivia on a long trip, soon after returning from the trip, they found out that she was pregnant. At that time, Evan and Kallaudin summoned all the famous doctors in the Empire.

“So she’s really healthy, right? There’s nothing to worry about, right?”

All the doctors who were called in gave the same opinion that both Laria and the baby were healthy.

“Both mother and baby are fine.”

And all the doctors who seemed to be famous looked at Evan and blurted out their words.

“On the contrary, the problem is likely at this side…”

It was because Evan had an ugly look with his large body, and a blunt expression, with only tears running down his face as he held Laria’s hand tightly throughout the examination.

“What to do… Laria.”

“What, why?”

“I’m very, very happy that you have my chi. I’m’m so happy I’m about to die, but… I’m so worried about you.”

“What are you worried about? The experts say I am very healthy, and everything is good.”

“Still… I heard that your body changes and giving birth to a baby is very painful… Above all, if you—”

After that, the entire Duke’s residence began to revolve around Laria.

First of all, Lisa ordered maternity clothes for each month made of all kinds of high-quality materials, while Morand mentioned that they should have the most suitable person and had already started interviewing the nanny.

In addition, Kallaudin immediately took away all of Laria and Evan’s affairs.

“Laria, don’t overdo it and keep resting. And Evan, you must continue to wait next to Laria.”

And so, Kallaudin’s office was still lit late into the night again.

In the meanwhile, as soon as Olivia heard of Laria’s pregnancy, she sent all kinds of baby gifts. It was unknown if it was a boy or a girl, but in the letter, she said that she had bought and sent all the pretty and wonderful things.


[ I know half of it will be difficult to deal with though I bought it because I wanted to buy it. I have been living in my own way anyway? Take your time going through it. You shouldn’t see me often during pregnancy. It’s not good for prenatal education. ]


She really didn’t come to the capital until Laria was full-term. However, as Laria’s due date approached, Olivia was eventually brought up to the Duke’s residence.

Originally, she tried not to come as much as possible during the pregnancy, fearing that it would affect the child’s personality, but Laria had no female family close to her mother’s side. In any case, it was obvious that the two father and son would be of no help as they would panic if an emergency occurred during childbirth.

Therefore, as an adult woman in the house with childbirth experience, she had to take care of Laria. So Olivia, who was staying at the Duke’s residence, ran into a fierce-looking black cat.


After bringing the cat with her, she was troubled.

“What should I name it…”

The cat was eating a special high-quality snack with a peaceful face.

“I want people to be taken aback when I call its name.”

Just like when she named the parrot Lucifer and taught it to speak.

‘Since there’s the devil’s name, I wish there was a name for an angel…’

In her heart, she gave him the name Gabriel and said, ‘I’m the incarnation of an angel who came to purify you. Come, kneel before me.’ However, of course, the cat couldn’t speak.


“I can’t help it.”

Olivia sighed and stroked the cat’s fur.

“I don’t like it, but I’m going to call you Doggy.”


“If I call a cat ‘Doggy,’ everyone will doubt their eyes, right?”


“Everyone will look at you one more time with the mindset of ‘Is that a dog, not a cat?’”


Even though Neo cried bitterly, Olivia smiled happily and clapped her hands.

“You seem to like it, Doggy.”

Then, she immediately called one of the maids to check her naming sense.

“Mary, go buy some toys for our Doggy.”

“The… Doggy?”

Poor Mary glanced at the cat Olivia was petting with a confused face.

“Buy all of them on your own. If our Doggy doesn’t like anything, be prepared.”

It was a line Neo liked so much that he instinctively put on an arrogant face and banged his paw on the table.

“I’m sorry…!”

Mary shouted, bending her back.

“Please tell me if I should buy cat toys or dog toys!”

At those words, Olivia burst into laughter with a proud heart.

As he glanced at her, Neo’s eyes twinkled with interest. At first, she thought this human was crazy when she named him ‘Doggy,’ but when he saw the maid tremble, he found it very amusing.

‘…Oh, she’s not normal either.’

While Sven was a good slave, he couldn’t provide such a pleasant spectacle. And although Laria and Evan were cute, somehow they felt like independent children, so the aftertaste was slightly bitter.

‘As expected, the old saying says that you can’t do childish things as you please…’

Anyway, their lives didn’t go the story that Neo expected, and ended with a happy ending. On the other hand, not knowing what Neo was thinking, Olivia spoke excitedly for the first time in a long time.

“You look pretty dumb, but judging from how you hit the table earlier, you must be pretty clever. Let’s try one more time to see if you can be a good partner with me.”

She hugged Neo and got up triumphantly. Now, she wanted to bully someone higher than the maid.