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Special Side Story 1. Their Treasure

Arienne spoke faster than her peers.

“Pweae read me a boow.”

And she absolutely loved it when we read picture books to her. Evan would sit Arienne on his lap and read to her for hours.

Fred, upon hearing that Arienne loved picture books and that Evan was reading them diligently, gave a bunch of picture books. The problem was that each of those picture books had difficult words written in them…

He was truly dedicated to tormenting Evan in small ways.

Being pregnant with our second child, Evan read to Arienne a lot of books with titles like [ A Sibling Is Coming ].

“Once Gift arrives, Arienne has to get along well.”

“Thhen, thhe name ish Gifff Iard?”


Evan answered as he gently stroked Arienne’s head.

“Gift is a fetal name, a name used only when the baby is in the stomach. We’ll give them a new name when they’re born.”

“Thhen, why ish Gift gift?”

As Evan and I exchanged perplexed glances, I couldn’t really say that the baby was conceived as part of my kidnapping plan for his birthday gift.

Um, it’s because we’re happy with the baby, like receiving a gift.”

Luckily, that explanation sufficed.

However, Arienne asked the next question right away.

“Thhen, whash my name?”

I sighed once, exchanged glances with Evan, and answered honestly.

“Um… Treasure.”


The fact that Arienne’s fetal name was Treasure was something only we knew.

“Why trashur?”

Evan and I exchanged glances once again, and then we just burst into laughter. We couldn’t possibly tell that it was a child conceived through deceiving Father and Olivia about the trip we took to get away from them.

Getting around it wasn’t too difficult either.

“Well, like finding a treasure, you were our precious baby. But, Arienne.”


“Let’s not tell Grandfather and Great Aunt about it.”

“Why no?”

If Arienne’s fetal name as ‘Treasure’ became known, they would ask about the reason, and explaining that would lead to explanations about the secret trip we took and what happened there…

So, this was the story of when we were twenty-two and twenty-one when everything was resolved, and we took our first trip together.


* * *


I got proposed to by Evan on Aranachid Beach, having managed to evade all of our family members.

Originally, we were planning to have our wedding the next morning after the proposal. However, I ended up waking up late the next morning after suffering the night. Then, the chaos of Evan trying to prepare breakfast prolonged the time, and thus, the wedding was postponed to the following day.

“Let’s do it tomorrow. The sun is already high up. There won’t be any empty beaches anymore.”


One advantage of having an intimate wedding ceremony between only the two of us was that we could easily postpone it.

As I ate the pound cake Evan had baked himself, I thought to myself, ‘I should just leave this to the professionals.’ Although he put in a lot of effort, I’ve always been someone who valued the result more than the process…


Evan looked at me proudly as I ate the food he made.

“Shall we have a relaxed date today?”

“A date?”

“Yes. Since no one here knows us, we don’t have to act like Young Duke Icard.”

I readily nodded my head, recalling how pleasant it had been to walk hand in hand with Evan like young lovers the previous evening.

Until now, no matter where we went, we were called ‘Young Duke,’ and I had always been accompanied by Evan as a matter of course. So I had never really thought of going on a date in the Capital…

“Great. That’s good. Plus, it’s festival season, and there’s so much to see.”

I spoke enthusiastically.

“While we’re at it, if anyone asks what our relationship is, let’s just say we’re lovers. Come to think of it, I’ve never had a lover before!”


“Why the face?”

“…My wife has a lover. Why do I feel bad when my wife has a lover, knowing that lover is me?”

We don’t usually use the term’ lover’ between spouses, so I could guess what he meant.

“Right, feel free to be jealous.”

I tapped Evan’s shoulder.

“Be jealous as much as you want in this life and the next. It’s not like it’s hurting anyone, so what’s the harm?”

Anyway, the two of us joined our heads together and discussed our plans for the day. We mainly focused on things to eat, see, and experience at the Aranachid Meteor Shower Festival.

“At five this afternoon, they’re apparently unveiling Aranachid’s treasure in the square for the first time in a hundred years.”

“It’s probably nothing special. Don’t get your hopes up for nothing and end up disappointed.”

Evan spoke kindly.

“If it’s truly an exceptional gem, it wouldn’t be this famous.”

It was likely that the hundred-year-old treasure we found out about only after coming here was just an event bait for tourists.

“Still, let’s make sure to go see it.”

Even when everyone knew it all, there was always the possibility of getting hooked if there was a keyword that was just your taste.

And that was precisely me.

“I’ve always liked treasures, limited editions, that sort of thing.”

“Should I buy it?”

“We’ll see. If I really want it badly.”

We also promised to see the outdoor opera stage on the hill tonight. Evan couldn’t hide his excitement when he instructed Lisa, ‘Book two VIP seats.’

“I always wanted to reserve just two. Not four.”

Even though it might have been a disappointing statement if Father or Olivia heard it, since Father and Olivia had often disappointed Evan, it seemed okay.

“Let’s get ready and go quickly. It’s going to be fun.”

“Yes, Laria. I love you.”

Evan kissed my excited cheek and whispered,

“Let’s live happily together from now on like this.”

“Yes, Evan. I love you too.”

It was definitely nice to travel with just the two of us.

“I’ve been so busy being distant all this time that I couldn’t do what I wanted. Let’s not live like that anymore.”

I also leaned my cheek on his shoulder with a pleasant feeling.

“Let’s live a really sweet and happy life. No fighting.”

“There’s no reason to fight. I might not know if you’re mad at me for no reason.”

“That won’t happen. What would I have to be mad at you for? I promise I won’t get mad at you, ever.”

The conversations were so sweet and adorable that anyone who heard them would find it truly absurd. Now that all the secrets between us were revealed, I felt that there was nothing left but to spend our time in sweet harmony, just as Evan had said.

He was indeed someone who could never get angry at me.

“Then, let’s get ready quickly.”

I put on a simple and comfortable dress, feeling completely thrilled and tied my hair up high. I looked more like a well-off young lady than a high-ranking noblewoman. Evan, too, reappeared in casual clothes and immediately pulled me close when he saw me.

“I missed you, Laria.”

“…We were only apart for less than 30 minutes to change our clothes…”

“Still, I missed you. But why are you so beautiful?”

“I dressed up.”


Evan’s lips pressed against my forehead.

“Really, very very.”

I thought it would end with a light kiss, but Evan’s arms wrapped tightly around my shoulders. Soon, his gentle touch slid further.

“Ah… Evan…”

“Just a moment, a moment.”

He held my twisting body and kissed me persistently all over. Before I could retaliate, my body was lifted up. It was already too late to think it was dangerous.

Then, he held me tight and mumbled with a feverish voice.

“Hmm? Just a moment… I can’t stand it…”

There was no way to reason with that. I knew how much he had been holding back. I replied with a voice already locked by his breath.

“Really, just a moment.”

There was no more conversation to be had. And after some time had passed like that…

Breathless and exhausted, I gasped and spoke.

“Now calm down a bit…”

“You told me to do whatever I want, Laria. Hmm?”

“It should be within reason.”

“Well, then just one more time, the last time…”

“How many times is this ‘last time’ now!”

Though my body was completely drained, I shouted as loudly as I could.

“Stop it, you pervert! We did enough last night! If this keeps up, I won’t be able to leave the room all day!”

So, in less than half a day, I broke my promise of not getting angry with Evan.