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Honestly, I didn’t have significant complaints about Evan kissing, sucking, and licking me passionately.

No, I rather enjoyed it.

Regardless, there was a limit to everything a person does. Once it started, he didn’t seem to know when to stop, so in the end, I took the downcast Evan out to the street with me and scolded him several times.

“Excessive displays of affection are prohibited.”

“It’s our first trip alone together…”

“It’s not just the two of us. Can’t you see there are many people around?”

“…Should we tell them to go back to their own homes? If you give me some money, it’ll be fine.”

The problem was that this absurd question might actually become a reality.

“Ung, no. It’s fine.”

The unusual points here were that the absurd question was sincere and that I had to give a serious no to it.

“After all, we can’t see the treasure if everyone leaves. We came out at five specifically to see it.”

“The treasure of Aranachid?”

Evan asked, looking a bit bewildered.

“Did you tell me to stop because… you wanted to see that treasure?”

That was a given. Even if there was a high chance it wouldn’t be anything extraordinary, we had to see it because it was being unveiled after a hundred years.

‘Plus, if we really want it, we can even buy it.’

“Now, let’s go quickly.”

However, if I spoke the truth, he might get slightly hurt, so I hesitated and held his hand.

Many people were already gathered in the square. Indeed, I wasn’t the only one interested in the treasure. With a large jewel box placed on the table, the Lord of Aranachid stood with a voice-amplifying magic stone in hand.

As the clock tower’s bell rang to signal five o’clock, the Lord of Aranachid stroked his throat and began his speech.

“Hello, and thank you sincerely to everyone who came to Aranachid for this year’s meteor shower festival. How about it? Is it better than the rumored Fornage?”

It was the first time I had seen the Lord greet the public so politely. I was impressed.

‘Indeed, it seems like a town making a living from tourism.’

The Lord seemed genuinely interested in tourism income. Of course, he appeared to have a competitive spirit with Fornage, known as the most beautiful beach, but…

“As you all know, today is the day we unveil the treasure that has been dormant in our Aranachid Castle for a hundred years.”

Cheers and applause echoed from various places.

I thought excitedly.

‘They must be decoys, the locals.’

The person sincerely invested in tourism wasn’t just the Lord.

“Before that, I would like to make one important announcement.”

As the cheers appropriately came to an end, the Lord eloquently continued his words.

“The prosperity of our Aranachid was possible thanks to all of you tourists. So, about the identity of this treasure!”

Despite the fact that I knew he deliberately created suspense while speaking, I still swallowed dryly. There were things you just passed over, even if you knew them.

“…Before I reveal it, let me touch on one more important fact.”

Ah… the Lord is doing a good job here…

“Let me start with the story of the one who first brought this treasure into the Aranachid Castle 100 years ago, Lady Melina Leridov Aranachid.”

The Lord spoke gently.

“Lady Melina is famously known for marrying her lover after all sorts of twists and turns.”

Everyone was leaning in, attentive to the Lord’s words as if listening to the flow of water.

“The greatest romance novel of that time, ‘The Amazing Identity of the Lord’s Lover,’ was inspired by Lady Melina’s love story.”

I had memorized the title of that crazy romance novel since I had asked Lisa to get me a copy, intrigued by the title.

“Thus, to commemorate Lady Melina’s turbulent love story, we will present this treasure to those who are currently in the most turbulent love affairs here. It’s a wish for a happy marriage.”

People who had been listening to the Lord’s words as if enchanted started to buzz.

“This place, filled with joyful stories incomparable to Fornage, is none other than Aranachid!”

I marveled inside. It was truly an incredible strategy.

Not only did he use the most beloved crazy love story as bait to capture all the tourists, but he also considered word of mouth spreading in the future.

The most crucial things in a tourist destination are reputation and recognition.

Thanks to this event, everyone would happily go back to their hometowns, saying, ‘I heard this story in Aranachid Beach…’ Then, the listener might say, ‘Aranachid Beach? Where was that? Is it prettier than Fornage?’ thereby strengthening its status as a tourist destination.

“If you want to talk comfortably, just visit the booth we’ve prepared. Don’t worry about your privacy.”

In an instant, two booths that could comfortably accommodate two people each were set up in front of the square stage.

“By the way, there’s a superstition that if you tell a lie in Aranachid Square, your love will be broken.”

The Lord said, laughing heartily.

“So, if your love is truly precious, don’t get blinded by the treasure and start spouting lies. Don’t these old superstitions often have remarkable efficacy?”

I silently did some calculations in my head.

Honestly, the treasure didn’t seem to be as valuable as one might think. They didn’t reveal its identity, and randomly giving it away during an event like this seemed odd. Even after some thought, it felt like just an event…

I was contemplating whether to continue watching when the Lord’s next words caught my attention, and Evan, who had been lethargic all along, tensed.

“For a hint about the treasure, it might be helpful for the newlywed couple to have a fun night… Kuhm, let’s stop here.”

I gazed up at Evan.

Normally, his eyes were calm and indifferent, but now there was a clear spark in his gaze.

“Do you want it, Evan?”

“Well… it’s nothing special, but—”

He mumbled slowly.

“I was worried that you might find it burdensome, but I thought it might help in some way…”

“So, you were worried that I might find it burdensome.”

I sighed.

“…A fact I didn’t know throughout the trip.”

Couples whispering in the crowd began to move towards the back of the stage. It was undoubtedly an entertaining event—providing anonymity, allowing couples to create good memories at the festival, and, overall, a fun experience.

Separate from that, the event wasn’t particularly suitable for us to participate in. Clearly, it was an event based on the sentiment of ‘wishing for a happy marriage,’ which wouldn’t apply to married individuals like us.

Even if we had loved each other to the point of causing a storm that could shake the world, we couldn’t share such a story here. It was better not to discuss anything that could cause controversy for Duchy Icard.

Besides, with the superstition that ‘lying breaks the love,’ I had no intention of lying, especially when it wasn’t necessary.


“Let’s go.”

I grabbed Evan’s wrist.


“My husband wants it, so I’ll make sure he gets it.”


“As far as I remember, it’s the first time you’ve wanted something. I’m a wonderful wife who can’t overlook such things.”

Evan, with a touched expression, couldn’t say anything for a while.

“Actually… it’s not something I particularly want, but you’re thinking of me like this…”

He nodded resolutely.

“…I will keep it and pass it down as an heirloom.”

He must have known all the factors I had in mind. However, both Evan and I had the ability to easily overlook such things. As soon as we went backstage, a manager quickly approached us.

“Applicants, right? Are you a couple?”

I smiled brightly in response.

“We’re planning to have our wedding tomorrow.”

It wasn’t a lie. Of course, the manager wouldn’t think we were a couple just because of that statement, but that was fine.

Evan added slightly sheepishly.

“It was canceled one time in the past due to unavoidable circumstances.”

That cancellation happened spontaneously this morning…


The manager nodded while looking at Evan.

“It seems you’re in a relationship with plenty of storms. Please come this way.”

And so, we became a couple blinded to the treasure… No, as exemplary tourists who don’t lie, but deceive others… Well, however you want to put it, we ended up participating in the event.