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“I’m saddened that I can’t be angry with you, even when you think such things, Isillis.”

“It was just a question, really.”

“Then, can our Majesty tell me what brought such thoughts to your mind?”

“No, it’s…”

Berthas spoke again, their lips nearly touching in the closeness.

“Are you bored?”


Her face flushed.

The palace maids were the issue. Despite not wanting to pay attention to their chatter, she couldn’t help but listen. As a great wizard like her, there were things she couldn’t help but hear, even if she didn’t want to.

Since her senses heightened with the use of magic, her nerves were sensitive, but she couldn’t relay them exactly as they were to Berthas. The Empress’s dignity was at stake.

As she pressed her lips tightly shut and said nothing, a look of amusement crossed Berthas’ eyes.

‘I didn’t really want an answer.’

It was natural to become curious when faced with such a response.

Berthas smiled brightly at her expression, which said she had something to say but couldn’t. She flinched and shivered when she realized he had caught her off guard with his laughter.

It worked out well. Berthas resolved to fulfill his desires using this as an excuse. He wrapped the blanket around Isillis and picked her up. Striding confidently across the Empress’s bedroom, he entered the place where the Emperor would change clothes.


Her call sounded almost like a scream.

Holding Isillis in the bed was one thing, but being in a room surrounded by mirrors was even more to his liking. He could see her naked expressions more clearly. This room, devised by the previous Emperor, who was very interested in the bedroom, had remained unvisited due to Isillis’ shyness.

“Your Majesty.”

In the middle of the floor lay a lone rug, a place where no one but the Empress could step. And now, the Empress was in his arms. As he sat Isillis on the rug, the blanket unfolded like a blossoming bud, spreading out and gently laying her pure white form upon it.

It wasn’t so much that she was placed there; he had laid her down.

Her red hair cascaded down like a waterfall, and Isillis, huddled in embarrassment, trembled. Berthas smiled slightly as he peered into her eyes, and his lips curving. Like a pioneer venturing into uncharted territory, he was thrilled at the thought of fulfilling his greed to the fullest.

“You’re like a mischievous child, aren’t you?”

“Ah, have I been found out?”

Isillis, realizing his inner thoughts, whispered back with a trembling voice.

Berthas knelt in front of her, who sat there unsure of what to do, and lifted her chin. He, having removed his shirt completely, kissed her face in various places. Seeing Isillis accept his kisses without resistance made him want to do more.

It still wasn’t enough.

In fact, it never was. Knowing Isillis was protecting Larchen with her magic, Berthas was careful in how he handled her.


His voice carried a passionate weight. He turned her body around, facing the mirror.

Isillis turned her head away and closed her eyes.

Berthas, undeterred, spread her legs wider. Naturally, sitting in front of the mirror on the rug, every part of Isillis’ body was starkly visible. He gently bit and then licked her shoulder.

Every red mark left on her body was a sign of his passion. The traces he had left on her body yesterday and the day before were still faintly visible. Her patchy neck starkly revealed his list. Holding her legs so she couldn’t close them, Berthas sucked on her slender neck.

Her body shivered, and her closed eyelids trembled.

Like the fluttering of a butterfly’s wings, her eyelashes trembled and opened slightly, then closed again.

Whispering in Isillis’ ear, who acted as if she couldn’t bear to look, he said,

“It’s such a pity that only I can see this place trembling here. It’s a sight I never tire of.”


“Tire of it? How could that be possible, Your Majesty?”

I’ll make sure such words never come out again.

‘What might our Empress have heard?’

Berthas’ lips curled up more as he observed her stubbornly closed eyes. He untied the sash around his lower half and used it to blindfold Isillis.

“Berthas, this is…!”

“If you’re embarrassed, it’s better not to see.”

Feeling her relax as she released the tension from her body, it seemed better this way. Isillis’ expression looked somewhat more comfortable, but it irked Berthas in a strange way.

“However, it’s a shame we can’t see this together.”

“Didn’t I say such things are not needed?”

“Not for me, Isillis.”

He gently grasped her chest. As he squeezed, his fingers playing and molding the breasts to different shapes, Berthas whispered.

“Not being able to see this. Your n*pples are so swollen like this.”


As he rubbed her n*pple between his index and middle finger, the bright red n*pple peeked out between his fingers, visible in the mirror.

Captivated by the erotic sight, Berthas couldn’t look away.

His increasingly heavy member pressed against Isillis’s buttocks. Even though he felt her twist and resist, he did not let go of her body. His member, now fully formed, seemed ready to burst through his bottoms.

Berthas, having removed his clothes, spread Isillis’s legs wider.

She seemingly surrendered to the resistance and entrusted her body to him, and he gently caressed her everywhere. Her slender legs, soft shoulders, and her beautiful, white back. He felt her trembling slightly as he placed a hand on her waist.

Berthas, knowing every sensitive spot on her body, gently grazed each one, causing fluids to burst from her petals.

“We’re still far from done.”

Hahng! Berth, ah!

Berthas looked at Isillis through the mirror, her hands wrapped around his neck. His blindfolded Empress looked lustful. The fluid flowing between her widely spread legs wetted him. He intentionally rubbed his manhood back and forth between her legs.

Feeling its heat, Isillis’s body grew hotter, and moans escaped her lips.

“I haven’t even entered yet.”

“Hurry, huhk, hurry!”

Watching Isillis release fervent moans, he thought that who else could witness the Empress in this state? This was a privilege granted only to him. Berthas, having removed the cloth covering Isillis’s eyes, moved decisively.

Holding her breasts in his hands, he pressed his face against hers. He liked the way her slightly opened blue eyes trembled.

“You’re beautiful.”

His deep voice resonated in her ears.

As her gaze fell upon the pillar moving between her legs, he smiled slightly and pulled her arms from around his neck. Handing it to her, he felt her hesitantly touch the tip.

“You always make me like this. How could I tire of it?”

“Enough of that now, hyah!”

The other hand, which had been holding her chest, now moved to her waist and then inside her split petals. His index easily slid inside, followed quickly by another finger. Berthas felt the grip on his member tighten, and Isillis’s head tilted back.

Capturing all this in the mirror, he whispered in her ear again.

“Shall I put it in?”

“Please, Ber, ah!

With a wet sound, he spread her open with both fingers. Her inner red flesh twitched as if enticing him. Berthas swallowed dryly, taking in the sight reflected in the mirror. He wanted to enter her quickly.

With her permission, there was no need to hesitate anymore.