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And just when Hana was about to be pushed to the edge, Weed held her tight.

Ugh, We, Weed?”

The constant flood of pleasure abruptly halted. The heat and fullness inside her remained, though the pleasures that had been overwhelming her seemed to have paused in the distance.

“The, the words you always say… Please say them, Hana.”

Weed’s forehead creased slightly as the inner walls that were reflexively twitching beckoned for more pleasure. Hana involuntarily swayed her hips due to the sudden stop, but he paid it no mind. Instead, he waited more desperately and more earnestly for her response.

“When I do this for you… You always respond happily, don’t you?”

His lips gently pressed against hers. Teasing her restless state, he gave her only the softest and most insufficient stimulations.




Then, she let out a weak, whimpering voice.

“Go, good.. good, Weed…”

Hana’s arms wrapped around Weed’s neck. The next moment, as if to coax him, she slowly tightened her grip. While sobbing quietly, her forehead rubbed against the nape of his neck.

Weed’s face contorted, not from agony or sadness but from sheer joy. He was so overwhelmed with bliss that he was unable to even smile. He couldn’t bear to keep these emotions inside without expressing them to her.

Ung, uht, ahng!


Uht, Weed, uhp…”

His lips covered Hana’s. His tongue entwined with hers as if to steal it away, and his member stirred inside her.

The writhing heat endlessly penetrated deeper into Hana as though confirming that what he had been desperately looking for these past days was indeed inside his arms. As if refusing to let go any longer.

Weed pushed himself inside her and mixed it up until, finally, he erupted.

With the sensation of something hot and sticky spraying inside her, Hana screamed. No, she wanted to scream. It felt as though everything was being taken by him. Trapped between the bed and Weed, even the scream of her climax was swallowed by him.

It didn’t end there. After that, she couldn’t speak due to the bursting moans. Even the ability to speak seemed to disappear. Though she might expect him to subsist after such a release, he instead went even deeper and craved more.

Caught in that, she felt she was on the verge of breaking, trapped in pleasure as intense as pain.

If she could melt, if melting meant being devoured, then this would be the correct description. If she kept enduring one position for so long, her pelvis would start to creak and complain of minor dull pain.

But Weed, as if by intuition, knew and changed their position.

So, with movements so smooth and natural, like a vine that quickly entwined around its surroundings if one looked away for a moment. Before she knew it, she found herself comfortably in his arms, succumbing to the pleasure that invaded her stealthily yet strangely intense.

“Uhng! Wi, uhk, Weeeed…”

“Hana, your voice is lovely. Huu… Pleasing you, is my joy, Hana…”

“No, now, st—ha-uht! Ahng! Hick!

Even though she tried to push him away with her trembling hands, he wouldn’t budge. It was beyond understanding. There was nothing she could do as she just screamed while she was thoroughly pierced again.

She couldn’t bear it and just cried.

As saliva dripped uncontrollably from her mouth, the place where the incessant squelching sounds came from was muddied with mixed fluids. The sensation of it overflowing and running down her legs as his extremely hot passion spread inside her, seeking to fill her again.

All were acts to melt a person away.

This was how a person melted away, devoured like this.

When Hana briefly regained her senses, she found her face rubbing against the sheet smeared with tears and saliva.

With her free upper body, she shakily crawled forward. However, what was thrusting her from behind showed no sign of stopping.

Just when she barely managed to grasp the edge of the bed…


“Ah, huu… Hana. Uhgh.”

Her arms trembled, but she couldn’t move. Weed, who had been thrusting while holding her waist, overlaid his body on her upper body. Her chest, which had been dangling, was now firmly grasped in Weed’s hands as she was bent over.


Hoo… where are you…”


Every time his hand that was gently squeezing the round shape brushed against her erect n*pples, Hana trembled. No, her whole body had been trembling from excessive pleasure, and Weed didn’t miss even the slightest movement.

It was indeed the reaction he liked. He gently brushed his fingers over her, then took her protruding n*pples between his index and thumb and gently pinched them.

“Ah, huuuah…”

“—trying to go, again… Haa…”

‘Where are you trying to go again?’

The unfinished sentence burst out as a groan from his mouth. The voice that was like the growling of a beast tickled her ears, making her tear up and sob again.

“Weed, huht, ah, aht, aahng!

As Hana collapsed, unable to withstand anymore, Weed overlaid his body on her, enveloping her as if to cage her in his embrace. And then he chewed with his teeth, licked with his tongue. He thrust wildly again with ragged breath as if he couldn’t bear it and was insatiable.

She might break apart like this.

Hana almost cried, feeling like she might lose her mind.

“Weed, ahng, I’m, not going…!”

“Yes, Hana?”

“I’m not going anywhere! Heuk, just beside…! Ah! Aahh!

“Why? Huh? Because it feels good, like this?”

“Yes! Uhng! Yes…”

As Hana nodded as hard as she could, soft lips licked her tears. Judging by the increasing swelling inside her, it seemed Weed was satisfied with her answer.

At last, the end seemed in sight.

I’m not going. I won’t go. Weed. Aah. I won’t go anywhere. I’ll stay by your side, Weed. It’s good.

Repeating those words that please Weed, Hana cried out like an animal. Beyond that, she wasn’t allowed even the smallest movement of her fingers. Then, at some moment, something that had been tightly stretched seemed to snap, and everything stopped before her vision blurred.







18. Jealousy

There couldn’t be a greater feeling of satisfaction than this. Warm and soft, it filled the empty chest, tickling it.

The light touch of sunlight on the skin. The warmth of the light, settling like butterfly wings, and the warmth conveyed by the tiny creature breathing within the embrace were utterly satisfying, so Weed hugged the warm thing in his arms even tighter.


He opened his eyes slightly at the languid sound leaking from it. And, like facing the rising sun, he smiled with a feeling of overwhelming satisfaction.

Shin Hana.

The one he had been searching for was in his arms.


Weed called her name silently in his mind, careful not to wake her. As if in response, she moaned and fluttered her black eyelashes.

Her eyes were swollen red.

He gently pressed his lips upon them. Licking with his tongue, he felt relieved as the swelling seemed to subside. Not stopping there, Weed lightly kissed her cheeks and forehead. He also pulled her hair to his lips and kissed it.

A voice always sweet to hear.

…Just a little more, just once more, just one last time, he wanted to hear that voice filled with joy.

Still, he pushed too far, unable to keep the line. Eventually, at some point, Hana fainted from exhaustion.