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If what the Parent Tree said was true, that is.

Naskan’s words were essentially urging her to complete the selection and choose a companion quickly. However, Chrys could only perceive this situation as a terrible dilemma.

“It’s really complicated…”

“What’s so complicated about it? That old tree’s nonsense, isn’t it?”

“But what if my wandering around recklessly causes rifts? Do you think I want to see the world destroyed?”

“So you’re saying you just have to see and feel only good things?”

“You fool. Is that even possible?”

Despite her smile, she sighed.

“How did it come to this…”

“Don’t talk like that. It’s simple if you only think about your body.”

Naskan rubbed his cheek against her palm.

‘How can he be so biased in such a situation?’

He had long been a maverick, breaking the rule that Twilight is protected by Dawn. His participation in the selection was unexpected. He, too, without hesitation, treated the Lord of the Spirit Realm, a potential future ally, as if he were insane.

Chrys suddenly wondered what Naskan would have been like if she hadn’t erased his memory.

“…Dawn, what would you have done if you were the one who created this pregnancy?”

“Th, that… would have been… really nice.”

Naskan spoke slowly, as if drunk.

“First of all, I would get rid of all that trash-talking nonsense about you. I already burned that old tree.”


Chrys chuckled, relaxing as Naskan joked in his usual manner.

“I wouldn’t have left you like this.”


“I wouldn’t have made you go through such a bothersome selection.”

“So, you did find it bothersome.”

“But it’s the best way.”

He leaned his head against the hand he held to his cheek, moving it gently, almost like a child seeking affection.

“It would have been really nice…”

Naskan’s smile gradually faded as he faced her directly.

In his earnest gaze, she could feel nothing but warmth. Chrys listened silently, and after a while, Naskan, who had been mumbling to himself, fell into thought. He then spoke again in a quiet and cautious way.

“Twilight, I wish you weren’t afraid.”

“Me, afraid?”

“Yes. I’m just like you. That’s why I’ve always been afraid.”

“You, afraid of something?”

The words came out more gruffly than she intended. Naskan laughed openly, showing his white teeth.

“There’s never been a time when I wasn’t afraid.”

“I thought you were someone who feared nothing in this world.”

He had always resolved rifts effortlessly and, as Dawn Dragon, was naturally expected to reign supreme. Chrys had thought Naskan was someone who feared nothing, envied nothing, and never felt disappointed because he couldn’t not get what he wanted.

“I’m afraid of accidentally doing something I can’t solve. Maybe it would have never happened, but since I saw it, I’m afraid I might have caused it to happen.”

Naskan was talking about the power of the dawn.

“Divine power is like that.”

“Is what I saw because of divine power?”

“I think so. The way you see things, the method of seeing. It’s similar to Dawn’s abilities.”

Divine power was the ability to manipulate cause and effect. A power originating from the essence of the world, divided among the three powers long ago.

It was fascinating. Aside from their first meeting, Naskan rarely spoke directly about the power of Dawn. Thus, Chrys had only basic knowledge about the power held by the Dawn dragon, even though she was close to Naskan.

Chrys, who had always thought his mind was twisted, was surprised to hear him talk about this. It was unexpectedly fine for her, probably because she sensed his concern and empathy in his careful approach.

“The future seen by Dawn cannot be changed.”

“I know.”

“But is it about seeing events that are already destined to happen? Or do they happen because I saw them?”

“Which is it?”

“I don’t know. Nobody does. That’s why it’s frightening. I’ve also thought that this power might be a disaster.”

“You? Really?”


She was newly struck by the thought that he, too, had faced similar troubles.

“So don’t say that you’re a disaster.”

For the first time, Chrys felt she understood him and was understood by him. Not just Naskan, her childhood friend, but the Dawn dragon, whom she had always found uncomfortable. Unable to believe this subtle change in her feelings, she looked at him blankly.

However, Naskan seemed to interpret her look as still being afraid.

“Want to test it then?”


Naskan straightened his knee to meet her at eye level. Their noses almost touched, and Chrys faced Naskan’s mischievous smile.

“You could try using Twilight’s power consciously. I’ll provide the magic.”

“Isn’t it dangerous?”

“Do you think I would put you in danger?”

Chrys saw passion hidden in his gold eyes and his strong smile.

It seemed like he might kiss her at any moment. His gaze was the same as when he had successfully completed the ritual and requested a reward. The comfort he had provided her earlier wasn’t bad, so Naskan deserved his reward.

She nodded.

Sensing her permission, his lips met hers. His large hand wrapped around her waist, and their tongues entwined passionately. A much denser magic than what had entered through her fingertips began to heat her body.


Naskan’s thick tongue gently tapped her lower lip. His tongue entered deeply, along with a moist sigh. Startled by the touch of their tongues, Chrys flinched, and Naskan momentarily pulled away.


“This is… a bit too much to ask…”

“It’s okay.”


“I’m fine. What about you?”

His half-closed eyelids revealed deep golden eyes. Like a campfire lit at dawn, a calm warmth was burning inside him. The heat surprised her as if being scorched, yet such a threat was merely an illusion.

Caught in the passion that was both warm and confining, she hesitated, but then her lips were once again enveloped by Naskan’s.

His golden eyes, tinged with red, seemed to pierce through her.

Chrys, overwhelmed with guilt and burden, couldn’t hold her gaze for long and closed her eyes. There was no need for Naskan, even if he had decided to resume his duties as Twilight’s protector, to go this far.

Initially, he must have had some business in Sedition, but now it seemed he had set everything aside to focus on her, which made her feel even more indebted. She felt apologetic for not even mentioning the burden it might cause.

She was at a loss for how to repay him.

At that moment, Naskan pressed in more aggressively as if sensing the whirl of hesitation within her.


His tongue, which had brushed against her lips, now teased along her teeth and entwined with her startled tongue, trying to escape. As she took a deep breath, she caught Naskan’s bitter, masculine scent. It was a scent she hadn’t fully noticed, even in her drugged state or when he had requested his reward.

Realizing this, her fist gripping his clothes trembled.

The days of their childhood, running through mountains and fields, had long passed. Those times now felt like distant memories. Yet, she felt as if they had returned to those days, sneaking around behind the Lord’s back, doing bad things.

Um. Ung…”

The magic flowing in felt like swallowing a warm liquid.

It wasn’t something to be absorbed through ingestion, but she found herself wanting to gulp it down eagerly. Yet, Naskan seemed to prevent any such attempt, greedily lapping up any saliva that pooled even slightly.