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After Selena and the High Priest plummeted down together, strange events began to unfold all around.

The monsters that were in the temple and the ones that had been at the outskirts, the ones that had been showing their sharp fangs and growling, disappeared in an instant.

Crack, crack. The red marbles that had rolled from the melted bodies shattered, exploding on their own.

The knights stood with mouths gaping in disbelief.

“What….is this?”

Someone murmured.

Despite the monsters melting away, Lucas remained vigilant and cautiously approached the black puddle and the marbles.

He gently touched the tip of his sword to the black puddle, but there was no change. It seemed like murky water.

Nonetheless, he felt uneasy and only used his sword to flip the marbles from the puddle.

“They are certainly…dead. The marbles have shattered…”

‘If the caster dies, everything created or controlled by the red marbles, vanishes.’

“Is that ….. Sir Vien!”

Lucas called out for Sir Vien, the wizard. The young wizard who had come running upon Lucas’ summons knelt on the ground and examined the puddle.

“Yes, it certainly…displays the same symptoms as when the caster died.”

“In that case, Sir Vien, please contact the Duchy’s side. Inform them of the situation here and find out what’s going on.”


During the intense battle with the monsters, using magic was impossible because it was essential to conserve every bit of magical power. Therefore, they used conventional means to communicate.

But considering the current circumstances, quick communication was required.

Sir Vien nodded and quickly headed back to the tent. Lucas watched him go and absently fiddled with the hilt of his sword.

Lucas felt uneasy, although it was clear the situation was going well. What was making him feel so anxious?


The cracked shield.


Shortly after, Sir Vien hurriedly emerged from the tent. His panting and the frown on his face indicated that he was delivering distressing news.

The Duke furrowed his brows and stepped forward to meet him.

“What’s going on?”

“That…th…..haa… haa…”

Sir Vien tried to speak, but his gasping for breath interrupted him. It seemed that he was not accustomed to physical exertion, and his breathing was labored.

“The… the mastermind… the mastermind… has been identified.”

“What? The mastermind?”

“Yes, the High Priest. He was the mastermind… they say he’s now dead.”

Dead….It was not unexpected. The High Priest was a wanted criminal, and there had likely been orders to kill him on sight.

A miserable and fitting end for a villain.


Sir Vien hesitated. His gaze darted around, his restless eyes unable to settle on one point. Lucas could feel the anxiety that had been gnawing at him rise up in his chest. He moistened his dry lips with his tongue.


When Lucas asked, Sir Vien struggled to find the right words. He didn’t know what to do. Finally, he stammered.

“The Lady jumped from the tower with the High Priest in her arms…..”

“…..What? No, what is this all of a sudden…?”

If the High Priest was the mastermind, why did my daughter jump from the tower with him? The Duke approached Sir Vien and demanded.

Sir Vien hesitated once again, biting his lower lip before resuming.

“It appears that the High Priest……kidnapped the Lady. Somehow, it seems he had prepared a secret passage into her room. Anyway, he dragged her to the Bell Tower, and when the High Priest tried to let her fall, Lady Selena grabbed the High Priest and jumped together, as if… to die together.”

The Duke’s eyes went blank in shock.

Selena had jumped with the High Priest? To die together….. Then they said the High Priest was already dead.

Then….. Selena….A vivid memory flashed through his mind, a shocking scene he couldn’t forget.

The white face like paper bathed in crimson blood that flowed relentlessly. A red mark that couldn’t be wiped away. The drooping fingertips, closed eyes.


The Duke dropped the sword he was holding to the ground and steadied himself on a supporting pillar. His body was trembling as if he might fall at any moment. Lucas rushed to support him.

But even his hands shook. He was already anxious, and now the reason behind this dreadful unease became apparent.

She jumped with the High Priest? What was Selena thinking at that moment?


Lucas’ empty sigh blended with the knights’ murmurs.

* * *


Aaron’s cry rang through the bell tower.

An immense crash echoed. It was the sound of something falling from a great height, a loud thud that shook the ground.

For a moment, everyone fell silent, and the Bell Tower, emptied of life, told them what the sound meant.


Aaron whispered. His voice echoed through the tower as he tried to rush to the window to look down. But his legs gave way, and he could barely take two steps before falling to his knees.

Tears streamed down his face. The heated sorrow that soaked his cheeks wetted the cold stone beneath him.

‘I couldn’t protect her.’

He remembered Selena’s smiling face.

The warm sentiment that pierced the stern expression.

On that day, when the summer sun was shining and the emerging droplets danced in the air, the child with smiling lips looked genuinely happy.

She could have been happier.

She could have been more loved.


Through clenched teeth, a moan escaped.

Being stabbed by a blade would not be as painful as this. Aaron held his choked heart and fell to the ground.

His forehead touched the cold floor.

“Uhhuh, huhk, huuuh.”

Blood trickled as his fingertips scraped the ground. But Aaron was unable to feel any of the pain.

Grief, guilt, and that last smile he saw.

Everything was too painful. He couldn’t tell whether it was from the slight stinging in his fingertips or the throbbing in his forehead.

In that empty bell tower, the only sound was Aaron’s quiet sobbing.

Then the knight standing behind him finally spoke.


The knight called to Aaron quietly. But his voice couldn’t reach Aaron who was grief-stricken.

Aaron was silent as he lay sprawled on the ground.

Just then, the knight, who had been looking out the window, gently bent down and began to tap Aaron’s back. He dared to make such a gesture, which would have been unimaginable in normal times.


With the knight’s hand reaching out to him, Aaron finally raised his upper body. He kept his eyes closed and his head tilted upward.

It was an odd but indeed a beautiful sight. Everyone present would have thought so.

Considering he had lost his little sister… no, thought he had lost her and was crying his heart out, it was an incredibly moving story.

The knight swallowed and decided to speak again.

“The Lady has returned.”


Aaron asked blankly. Slowly, he opened his eyes.

The first thing he saw was the gray brick ceiling of the tower. His vision was blurred by tears. He wiped the wetness from his face with his hands and then lowered his head.


Aaron let out an astonished sigh and covered his trembling hands with his face. Then, he took a deep breath, overwhelmed by relief and joy.


Selena was cradled in Aiden’s arms. Her face was white, as if she might collapse at any moment. She gazed at her older brother, who was still shaky and overwhelmed, with a serene smile.


* * *

Before I leaped with the High Priest, I felt the ring at the tip of my finger as I adjusted my wrist.

It was a magic ring given to me by Alogen.

He told me that if I used this ring, Aiden would come running… Would he really come running if I called him?

I twisted my finger to tap the ring twice and called Aiden’s name in my mind.

Aiden, Aiden….. Aiden.

With each call, I pictured the fond smile on his face and the tender way he whispered sweet words.

‘It’s okay.’

After calling his name three times, I firmly grabbed the High Priest’s wrist once more.

Even if Aiden didn’t come, I wouldn’t blame him. After all, he shouldn’t be here in the first place. He was far away.

But still, I wanted to see his face one last time. Ah, I miss him.

“Let’s go together, High Priest.”

Our bodies tilted, and we plunged together.

The High Priest’s appearance was quite a sight to behold. It was nothing like I could ever imagine. The shock, anger, and fear in his eyes as he looked at me.

Simultaneously, his struggle to get away from me.


As we descended, he screamed. His head raised, and the grimace of pain in his eyes was from somewhere a marble was destroyed.

Gasping for breath, I simply let go.

Well, it was all over anyway. In this dying state, there was no need for any more hand-holding.

Gazing at the High Priest as he grew distant, I closed my eyes tightly. We plummeted toward the ground.

And just as we were about to crash into the ground…

Crash! A loud noise echoed from the side.


I opened my eyes, let out an exclamation at the loud noise.

What I saw was…..the sky.

The overcast sky slowly revealed itself through the thick clouds. I was floating in the air, just about a hand’s breadth from the ground.

Gusting winds were keeping me afloat. Unseasonably warm autumn winds.

It was evident who had summoned the wind.

“You really came.”

I whispered softly, and then the urgent sound of footsteps from the person who had called the wind reached my ears.


The wind lifted me higher. Just within reach for him.

Aiden carefully embraced me. A groan escaped me involuntarily. My entire body was sore.

Most likely from the High Priest shaking me earlier, twisting my neck this way and that.

I raised an arm that had lost all its strength and gently placed my hand on Aiden’s neck.

I needed someone’s warmth.

The sensation of the High Priest choking me was vivid, and the cold, rough texture of the bricks was palpable. I needed warmth to make me forget all of that.

My fingertips were sore and almost icy. It felt like my entire body was trembling uncontrollably, just like I was frozen solid.

Maybe I was scared? Perhaps I put on a brave face, but deep down, I didn’t want to leave happiness behind.

“…Sorry for coming late, Miss.”

Aiden’s voice was louder than mine. His voice, filled with trepidation, reminded me of a child who had lost their mother’s hand and was on the verge of bursting into tears.

His teary voice made me choke up as well.

“I wished you would come… I was scared.”

My voice came out hoarse and strained, probably because my throat was still sore from being strangled, or maybe it was due to these strange emotions.

My grip on his back tightened. I cling onto Aiden’s arm like a koala

Thump, thump, thump.

The sound of a heart beating, whether it was his or mine, was disorienting me.