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The Crown Prince charged again and again.

On the first day, Kalcion finished off half of his army, and on the next day, he finished off half of the group. Even if they tried to get away from Renbird and run away to a nearby territory, they could not because Kalcion cleverly blocked their path.

Still, he had to see with his own eyes, even if he flew a carrier pigeon, that it got hit by an arrow and fell.

In addition, he must have had spies sent from other territories. If they were watching this situation, it was normal to run and rescue them right away, but there was no movement yet. It was evident that even his spies had been caught and eliminated.

All his roads were completely blocked.

He had to run only to the retreat opened by Kalcion, and then at some point, as if waiting for the time, Kalcion came and annihilated the soldiers right in front of his eyes. The trail of the sword that slashed everything was approaching like the shadow of a god of death following the Crown Prince’s every moment.

He had to witness the pouring death every day.

The only time the Crown Prince could be detached from death was when it happened to someone else. However, as his death approached, he could not bear the anxiety and went on a rampage.

“How dare you! You lowly things…!”

Although he thought that guy was crazy from the moment he swung his sword inside the palace, Duke Renbird was crazier than he thought. As expected, that man should have been removed beforehand. There was no need to argue.

It was clear that Kalcion had secretly developed his powers… to bring him down! At the thought, the Crown Prince was furious and punched the tree.

“Your Highness, your hand is hurt.”

The royal army soldier guarding the Crown Prince’s side stopped him in a weary voice.

“If I want to hit, I hit! Are you ignoring me, too?!”

The Crown Prince poured out his anger on the soldier. He couldn’t stand just saying it with words, so he slapped the soldier on the cheek and kicked him in the shin. Even though the soldier staggered, he calmly endured it by regaining his posture again.

They were very trained.

The reason why the royal family’s power was so strong was because of the royal army raised by the royal family.

Even if all the troops of the territories were assembled, their military power could not overcome the royal army. Because of that power, they had no choice but to bend down no matter what kind of evil the Crown Prince committed.

Nevertheless, the formula collapsed in front of Kalcion. The best troops on earth were dulled to the point of futility under his sword.

In this way, the strongest royal army was completely disintegrated.

The Crown Prince counted the remaining numbers with desperate eyes. The number of soldiers has now been reduced to the point where they can be counted.

“Your Highness, this is the only thing I can get…”

A soldier who went looking for something to eat offered something that looked like fruit wrapped in leaves and grassroots.

“What’s this?! How dare you force me to eat something like this!”

“Forgive me. There is no prey around here…”


The Crown Prince, who had beaten the soldier, wheezed and stuffed the fruit on the leaf into his mouth. If he didn’t eat even this, he couldn’t do anything because he would be unbearably hungry.

It had been several days already.

Kalcion would appear and attack like a ghost, and if they ran away in a hurry, he would stop there again. He played with people a lot.

“If you go all the way down this way, you will find Mion. As long as you somehow get out of Renbird, the Duke won’t be able to attack you recklessly from then on.”

That was the only hope he had.

The Crown Prince gritted his teeth and forcibly closed his eyes, leaning against the tree trunk. However, he was frightened and often woke up when he heard the rustling of grass in the wind.

Why should he be in such a miserable state?

He couldn’t understand or comprehend it.

As long as he went back, he would cut off the nobles who didn’t send reinforcements. Then, he would seize the two lovers, make them suffer the same or many times as he suffered and inflict the most terrible death.







For several days after that, chase after chase continued… until the Crown Prince’s horse collapsed to death, frothing from exhaustion.


The Crown Prince crawled on the floor with both feet and hands to escape from the claws of the beast flying from behind him. Although his fingernails scratched the dirt floor and broke, he couldn’t feel anything.

Hua, uaa! Uwaaahh!

He was afraid to die.

Still, in the end, his pride didn’t bend.

“These reckless b*stards! You know who I am! How dare you! To me, the Crown Prince of Aclion…!”

There was no dignity or authority in his cry, just the desperateness of a fugitive who wanted to live.

An arrow lodged right next to the Crown Prince’s heel the next moment.


Trembling as if in a seizure, he backed away in horror. Not even having the strength to stand up and run on his own two feet, he floundered on all fours like swimming on bare ground.

“He, help me. Help me! Sh*t…!”

The Crown Prince, who had been screaming for the past three days, soon became servile and started to beg.

Those were the wretched words of one who had once occupied the pinnacle of authority.

Amidst his thrashing on the grimy ground, the Crown Prince’s gaze caught sight of a familiar object in the distance – the flag of Aclion. In the course of his rolling, he gradually descended to the border that separated Renbird.

If he crossed this line, he could live. He could run away!

The Crown Prince crawled on the ground, clutching at his fading hope. In the border region, Aclion’s soldiers were stationed. So, it was their duty, as soldiers of Aclion, to safeguard the Crown Prince.

Despite almost being immobilized by fear, he somehow managed to advance, taking one painstaking step at a time. The figures of the soldiers, who had been struggling to maintain their footing at the border, gradually became visible.

Uaaahh! You there! You! Uaah!

The Crown Prince called them out with a strained throat.

“Everyone, catch these traitors right now! Kill them! What are you doing!”

However, the soldiers did not move.

The world has become strange as it didn’t move in the direction it should have taken. Everything turned in a very unfamiliar direction.

His eyes went round and round.

The Crown Prince looked at his soldiers with a devastated eye, then collapsed as his body gave out. Even if the soldiers didn’t help, if only he crossed the border, it was not Renbird’s land…. as long as he went there, he could live.

He crawled at the thought that he only had to live. However, it wasn’t long before an arrow pierced in front of his fingertips.

The arrow would have pierced his hand if it had flown to the side, even by a span.

Even though he ignored it and tried to move forward, an arrow came once again. This time, it was even more menacingly pinned to the side of his wrist.


When things didn’t go his way, the Crown Prince struggled, rolling on the ground. After crying for a long time, he noticed a group of people approaching from a distance. It was clearly a group approaching from Mion’s side.

As he got a little closer, he saw their garb. They were soldiers, but they didn’t come any closer.

The next moment, a thin girl’s voice came from them, who had stopped at a distance.

“Duke Renbird. Are you trying to kill the Prince of Aclion?”

It was Princess Jerryel’s voice.

The Crown Prince raised his head. He didn’t hear hallucinations. It was Princess Jerryel who was stepping out of the carriage surrounded by the cavalry. Count Orlen first got off the carriage and accompanied Princess Jerryel.

“You, how could you…! No, what are you doing?! Rescue me quickly! Kill all these b*stards!”

Despite the fact that he screamed, Princess Jerryel only glanced at him as he lay on the ground. The same was true of Renbird’s side, ignoring the Crown Prince’s shouts.

“I’m catching a war criminal who came to invade Renbird, not the prince of Aclion.”

It was Selina who answered Princess Jerryel’s question. Not only Princess Jerryel but also the soldiers around him were agitated by her casual words toward the Princess.

“Why are you so surprised? I sent an official notice.”

Selina, sitting on the back of the beast, crossed her arms and calmly looked down at Princess Jerryel. While it didn’t matter who came forward, it seemed that it would be advantageous for the highest-ranking person to step up and take the initiative, so she stepped in.

“We received, but no, are you… a real goddess?”

Selina’s foresight was correct.

Jerryel stuttered and couldn’t hide her bewilderment and looked back and forth between Selina and the beast.

What kind of joke was an official notice? She thought it was just a move to deal with the Crown Prince, but she couldn’t believe that was actually true.

She was taken aback.

She thought the story of the goddess was just rumors spread for propaganda, yet Selina actually appeared riding a beast.

When all the things she had laughed off as lies that even a child wouldn’t believe turned out to be real, Jerryel felt tingly, as if she had been hit in the back of the head. At first, it was shocking because of Selina’s beautiful appearance, but now, her existence itself was shocking.

On the other hand, Selina shrugged her shoulders nonchalantly at the dazed Princess Jerryel, pointing with her chin to the beast she was riding.

“I was already a goddess, and now my ability is also of a goddess.”

“That’s… no. This can’t be.”

“So, I received Renbird from Kalcion and set up my own kingdom. It’s so easy, right?”

There was probably no one in the world who ate a kingdom raw like this, even if she searched all over the world, not just this world.

“Yes, but that guy is still the Prince of Aclion.”

That guy?! How insolent!”

The Crown Prince interrupted and shouted, but no one listened attentively.

“The king of another country can’t handle it carelessly. If you want him killed, Aclion will kill him.”

“That’s Aclion’s matter. Selinia has no intention of letting a rude b*stard who invaded my country live. Besides, Princess, what authority do you have to kill the Crown Prince?”

Maybe it was because the Crown Prince was away, but Princess Jerryel gained quite a bit of confidence in the meanwhile. It was unusual for her to appear accompanied by Count Orlen. Long gone was the princess who shrank and complained of having no support from all sides.

Princess Jerryel stretched out her chest as if waiting for this question.

“Now, I am the king of Aclion.”