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“…So that’s how it happened.”

The Crown Prince, who had listened to my story for about ten minutes, mumbled blankly.

Initially, when I began the story, there was still a trace of suspicion in him. Perhaps he had considered the possibility that my story could be false.

However, as I vividly revealed my genuine hatred, the Crown Prince finally seemed convinced.

‘I will destroy the Everett family. And for Duke Everett and Owen… I will definitely kill them with my own hands.’

“…I understand now. Duchess Valentino truly desires the death of Duke Everett and his sons.”

He chuckled, as if recalling some memory.

“My mother has the same look in her eyes as the Duchess. A gaze that promises someday to end the life of the one she despises so deeply. It’s a look I’m very familiar with. But… I never expected to see that look from the Duchess. So, it surprised me quite a bit.”

If it’s the Crown Prince’s mother, it is undoubtedly Queen Ellemel. It was easy to deduce whom she despised so intensely.

‘Her husband, the King, of course. No doubt about it.’

Once, their passionate love story was known to the whole world. However, as the King began to reveal his affairs, their relationship soured, and all that seemed to remain was hatred.

Is it a natural transition from burning love to burning hatred? Love and hatred, like two sides of a coin, were similar yet different emotions. Just as easily as flipping the back of your hand, love could turn into hatred.

“…I’ll believe in the Duchess’s hatred. I have no doubt that her feelings are genuine.”

“Thank you, Your Highness.”

The minor conflict with the Crown Prince was resolved for now.

Zen had a relieved expression, and Theodore gazed at the Crown Prince with a slightly displeased look.

The Crown Prince seemed to sense that gaze and turned to Theodore and said in a subtle tone.

“I genuinely apologize for suspecting your wife, Duke Valentino. I regret it, so I hope you won’t glare at me with such suspicion.”

“…How could I dare to glare at Your Highness? You are mistaken.”

Theodore turned his head with a touch of coldness. The Crown Prince raised his eyebrows with a bitter smile. Complex emotions surfaced in his alternating glances between Theodore and me.

“So, are you two planning… to divorce after all this is over?”

The Crown Prince’s question was met with silence from Theodore, and I calmly nodded in response.

“Yes, that’s the plan.”


Theodore’s throat trembled, and he clenched his fist as if trying to endure the pain. I sat down again, seemingly ignoring it, and proceeded to do what I had to do at this moment.

“Then, please take a look at this map, Your Highness. This map is the most crucial evidence for executing the future plans.”

Until this revenge is completely finished, we can’t predict any future.

* * *

A few days later.

I, Theodore, and other collaborators were in a small village in Dornach.

If Owen hadn’t noticed that the safe had been emptied, the next place where an artificial rift would occur would be this village.

“Hmm? There are a lot of people on the street? There are many colorful decorations… Are those ladies over there selling flower crowns?”

The Crown Prince’s master, the Great Sage Philist, murmured to himself while looking around.

Even though he shouldn’t be unaware of the importance of today’s plan, he seemed relaxed, as if he had just come out of a lecture.

I wished he would concentrate, but I couldn’t blame someone much older than me. I remained silent.

“I heard there’s a festival in this village today. Since Dornach has a mild climate, these events are quite common! Lily, would you like to try this?”


Zen, who had suddenly bought some snacks and held them in both hands, smiled at me. Instead of answering his question, I shook my head, and Zen muttered, ‘It’s delicious….

…Was the lack of tension a genetic trait of the Delacroix family? Watching him with a flower crown on his head, enjoying the festival and eating snacks, he looked unbelievably carefree.

Observing Zen like that, Theodore asked with a hint of reproach.

“Zen Delacroix, did you come out to play?”

To which Zen furrowed his brow slightly and responded with a somewhat unjust expression.

“Come out to play? There’s no way. I just, how should I put it… It’s not great to have such a stiff atmosphere. Rather, it might hinder work efficiency. If you look closely, Duke Valentino is too serious about everything. We came here today to capture the wizard and dark spirit before the rift occurs, right? Then we should act discreetly, shouldn’t we? If we create a heavy atmosphere, they might notice and escape.”


Theodore, as if lost for words, stood with his mouth open. He passed by Zen, clicked his tongue, as if it wasn’t worth responding. It was a clear indication that he didn’t want to engage any further.

‘Indeed, they are polar opposites….’