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Shortly after, he dismissed the handmaids, leaving himself alone with Elfreda. Sensing her clear gaze, Ejnar let out a hollow laugh.

“You’ll wear out my face like that.”

As soon as he pointed it out, her face immediately reddened, especially the left cheek, which was noticeably more flushed.

‘It looks unsightly.’

He was displeased. Not just with her cheek and her face but everything about her.

Ejnar recalled the sight of Serena slapping Elfreda’s cheek hard, and he frowned. After all, she had now become the queen of a country, so the fact Serena, the Princess of Makaeri, treated her carelessly was an insult to Makaeri.


“I was just sleepy, trying to wake myself up…”

…Such a ridiculous excuse.

Listening to it, he was dumbfounded. Why? Because she was here for a political marriage and wanted to avoid discord between the nations? Or was she embarrassed to reveal the conflict with her sister to him?

Overwhelmed by the absurdity and unable to speak, a statement from Elfreda struck him hard.

“There’s nothing you can do if you don’t believe me.”

It was clear she had no intention of being honest. Frustration engulfed him.

‘…Why am I even bothering with this?’

As she said, it was beyond his control. He was the only witness, so there was no problem.

It was better if she kept quiet and let it pass.

He wasn’t curious about her situation or her relationship with Princess Serena. He saw no value in being curious and shouldn’t be curious. Ejnar was just disgusted with himself for meddling in her affairs. Who was it that had killed his uncle and his cousin?

The thought of it…

“I apologize.”

Only then did he snap out of his reverie.

Seeing Elfreda with her head bowed, he felt stifled again. Regardless of the circumstances, a woman adorned with the title of Queen of Machi should never lack confidence. The Queen of Machi, more noble and great than anyone, his bride.

He couldn’t stand to see the Queen’s dignity being self-diminished. Ejnar strode towards her and lifted her chin.

“A queen of a country should not bow her head so easily.”

Her startled face looked up at him fearfully, and he felt an odd tightness in his chest. It was an unusual feeling. Her moist eyes, her pale face, her trembling breath — it was as if he had been doused in a strong perfume, making his head ache.

“But why are you here…?”

“As I said earlier. Is it so strange for a husband to visit his bride’s bedroom on their wedding night?”

“That’s not it, but… I thought you wouldn’t come.”


“Because you hate me.”


“Is that…wrong?”

Her eyes looked up at him, seemingly hopeful.

Ejnar felt a thud in his heart at that moment. Just as he tried to decipher what it meant, his mind clouded like fog. He looked at Elfreda sternly for a long time, then narrowed his eyes, feeling his heart pound fiercely and blood rush through his veins.

A tight sensation spread from his chest downward.

“…You do understand your position well.”

After a long silence, he finally spoke the appropriate answer.

“I cannot possibly like you.”

“…Of course.”

A hint of disappointment appeared in her eyes.

Was she pretending, or was she genuinely disappointed? If the former, it was audacious; if the latter, it was laughably absurd. Did she really think he wouldn’t hate her, given she was the granddaughter of the tyrant Gunnar?

Looking at Elfreda, who seemed shameless, he felt annoyed by her seemingly innocent face. The heat starting inside him spread like wildfire throughout his body, reaching down to his waist.

“Then… maybe you should leave now. If it’s a diplomatic issue, you’ve been here long enough—”

This situation, after all, was not strange at all.

Ejnar swiftly devoured Elfreda’s trembling lips.


Her body stiffened in surprise, but Ejnar relentlessly pursued her, ravaging every corner of her mouth. Just as her grandfather had left ruins wherever he went, he conquered every unexplored corner of her mouth.

Ah, ha…!

Her feigned struggle for breath and discomfort was amusing. To any observer, she might seem like an innocent maiden inexperienced in kissing. Yet, here she was, showing a despicable facade contrary to her reputation for being versed in seduction.

‘The effort is admirable, but.’

It wouldn’t go as she or her cunning father wishes.

Ejnar, engulfed in a heat that was undoubtedly anger, pressed on without giving her a chance to breathe. He was relentless with her lips, refusing to allow even the slightest separation. The occasional delicate moans escaping Elfreda only fueled the fire in his heart.

After a while, he slowly pulled away. His voice was cold and sarcastic, contrasting the intensity of their kiss.

“If you’re this affected by just this, how will you handle what comes next?”

“Your Majesty…”

“It’s not so hard for me to sleep with you.”

He repeated those words in his mind and then added.

“There’s no need to deceive others, you see.”

He had no reason not to hold this woman. In fact, he planned to continue, giving them the illusion that they were manipulating him as they wished. After all, the disappointment that came with broken hopes was always more painful.

Just like he had.

When his uncle and cousin, whom he believed would return safely, came back beheaded, his hopes were shattered into pieces, and he was consumed by despair and anguish.

He intended to make this woman experience the same—to make her pay for underestimating Machi, for underestimating Ejnar, and to let her believe she was carrying his seed, only to reveal later that it wasn’t so.

Would she still maintain her innocent facade when she realized it would never happen? Or would she show her true colors and turn venomously against him?

He suddenly wanted to see that.

“Though if you don’t want it, just say so. I won’t force you.”

Of course, it didn’t have to start right now. Ejnar was ready to leave without hesitation.

“Your Majesty.”

At that moment, a desperate hand grabbed Ejnar’s sleeve. The earnest look in her eyes seemed almost funny. Yes, she couldn’t let him go, not just because of the stigma of a failed wedding night but also because she’d miss the chance to conceive his child.

“Don’t go.”

Her voice was naively sweet, and it boiled his blood in anger.

“Don’t g… Ah!

In an instant, he turned around and devoured Elfreda’s lips once more. Her clumsy response, despite its familiarity, seemed absurd.

The next moment, he fiercely kissed her and pushed her towards the bed. The disgust of being in contact with the granddaughter of his enemy made his body heat up rapidly. He laid her on the bed and climbed on top of her.

His intention was to end it quickly.

After all, what this woman truly wanted was the final act.

His gaze fell on Elfreda’s pale neck, untouched by sunlight. He felt an animalistic urge to bite into that neck and draw blood. There was no reason to hesitate. Ejnar buried his face in her neck. The sweet scent was intoxicating, almost chilling to the spine.

Was this perfume specially brought from Makaeri? It was definitely made of musk.

It couldn’t be anything else. Otherwise, why would he act so beastly?

As Ejnar sank his teeth into her white neck and bit down hard, Elfreda let out a low moan and trembled, which only fueled his sadistic pleasure. He was about to ravage her neck more greedily.

Elfreda lightly grasped his hair.

That tender action unexpectedly made his body freeze.