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A moment later, a knocking sound echoed through the office.

Knock, knock.

“Miss Riersha has arrived, Duke.”

“Let her in.”

As Archmond gave permission, the office door opened. He turned his gaze straight ahead to see his granddaughter. However, the child was nowhere to be seen.


‘Where is the child…?’

“Nas to meet you!”

At that moment, a booming voice filled the study. The Duke’s red eyes slowly descended in the direction where the sound was heard.


Lowering his gaze further down, he eventually saw Riersha standing stiffly.

‘Too small.’

How could such a small creature exist?

The hair tied in a round shape on both sides was quite pretty. The child, adorned in a cute manner, appeared very nervous.

Archmond couldn’t take his eyes off the child.

The successors inheriting the blood of Arachrene basically grew at an extraordinary rate. Even at the same age of four, they would appear as if they were seven. Because of that, he was honestly taken aback seeing Riersha, who he had to lower her head quite a bit to be visible.

“Riersha Arrarenne!”

Gracefully grabbing her dress, the child bent her knees and bowed, showing her round, pink head. However, losing her balance, she wobbled. It was such poor etiquette that it was hard to even start criticizing.

Silence enveloped the study.

Heuk, even thhough i pracsiced wihh Ddona.”


Riersha seemed to realize that she had messed up her greeting, and her eyes showed a hint of tears. Everyone in the study watched her, whose lips quivered with a mix of pity.

‘How can her emotions be so blatantly displayed like that?’

Just now, Seymour, another aide who had just reported to Archmond, almost dropped the documents he was holding. For reference, Seymour was the person who treated Riersha’s wounds while she was unconscious.

‘Mister Oberon seems composed… it looks like he’s already adapted on his way here.’

Quick-witted Seymour quickly grasped the situation. The only ones confused in this situation were Seymour and Archmond. Unlike the children raised in the castle, Riersha, who wasn’t calculative and whose inner thoughts were transparent, left Archmond speechless.


As a short voice inappropriate for the office resounded, Archmond blinked his eyes slowly.


Seeing the child desperately looking up at him like a pleading puppy made his eyebrows rise like mountains.

“Can I do agein?”

The desperate plea, while extending a tiny index finger, was pitiful.

At the same time, he felt an indescribable emotion he had never experienced while being addressed in a title he had never heard, even from his grandchildren in seventy years.


* * *


Riersha felt devastated.

For the past few days, she had been diligently practicing the etiquette Sona taught her, but she had ruined it when it mattered.

She even stumbled over her words.

‘Grandfather may think I’m an incompetent granddaughter who can’t even properly greet.’

She became anxious at the thought. When she put her hand above her belly button, wriggling uncomfortably and looking down at the floor like a child who made a mistake, Archmond soon opened his mouth again.

“Alright, try it again.”

“We, weally?”

“Then, should the duke like me say it twice?”


Riersha’s resounding voice echoed through the office. The permission from Archmond to try the greeting again instantly dispelled her melancholy.

Her red eyes sparkled. Soon, with a determined expression, her lips pursed tightly as if focusing.

“I am Riersha Aracerenne. Gwandpa!”

This time, she successfully finished the greeting without any mistakes. The angles of her firmly planted legs, and the slightly raised dress were all perfect.

When she raised her head proudly, Archmond began to gesture.

“Move back a bit more.”


“You’re too small. I can’t see you properly.”

Hearing his words, she gasped and took a quick step back. She looked too small, and he could only see the top of her head if she was close.

However, Archmond shook his head, indicating it wasn’t enough.



This time, she took two large steps back. Archmond’s brow furrowed.

“Too far!”

“….Th, thhen a bith cwosher?”

“What have you been doing all this time, without growing!”

Suddenly, his reprimand echoed.

Riersha found this unfair.

‘…It’s not like I wanted to not grow up.’

As she trembled in fear, Archmond’s rigid expression softened ever so slightly. Nonetheless, his solemn demeanor remained.

“It’s said you awakened in the forest, and Rocinante found and brought you here. Is that correct?”


Riersha answered, swallowing nervously. It was a bit disappointing that there wasn’t even a simple greeting, and they went straight to the point.

‘…It seems Grandfather isn’t pleased that I awakened.’

Despite dressing up nicely, there was no acknowledgment, not even a light compliment.

‘Grandfather must really dislike me…’

Riersha recalled the advice Sona gave her before coming here.

“You must answer the Duke honestly. It’s absolutely forbidden to lie because you’re scared.”

The problem was, even if she wanted to answer honestly, she couldn’t remember anything.

‘…Oberon’s ability will prove that I didn’t lie.’

The next moment, she glanced at Oberon, whose eyes hadn’t left her since a while ago. It was because understanding the others’ essence was precisely his ability.

“Riersha, what is your ability?”


As Riersha hesitated, she lifted her head.

“I weally don know.”

Suddenly, Bang! As Archmond slammed his desk, Riersha shrunk her shoulders in surprise. Her eyes, tightly closed, trembled in an almost pitiful manner.

The angry Archmond began to yell.

“How dare!”


“What kind of thing are you lying about, Riersha Arachrene!”

Although she had been scolded by her grandfather many times before, she had never seen this level of anger.

‘It’s scary.’

Her mind went blank.

Originally, Arachrene could realize their ability after awakening. So, it wasn’t strange for Archmond to get upset about her not answering.

‘He’s angry because he thinks I’m deceiving him.’

“Tell me about your ability right now!”

“I, I weally….”

Riersha trembled with fear. The thought that she might be hated by her grandfather this time made her scared.

Her eyes were filled with sad tears.

‘Why is it always me…?’

Why couldn’t she awaken her ability like the other direct descendants?

As the Duke’s intense gaze pierced through her, her entire body stiffened. The solution Sona had taught her seemed useless. The furious energy emanating from Archmond began to fill the office.

‘I’m scared…!’

Riersha gasped for breath, her fragile body unable to withstand Archmond’s overwhelming energy. Though it seemed like he was merely pressing her for an answer, she was paralyzed by fear, making her unable to think. It felt even more terrifying than encountering the monster in the forest.

‘What if I can’t use my ability at all?’

If recognizing one’s ability was a normal awakening process, then she was undoubtedly an odd case. What if she had to live without ever knowing her ability?

She couldn’t breathe as the fear of possibly losing her precious family once again.

Huu… Gwanpa.”

And then, it happened.

Magic began to flow around Riersha, and soap bubbles gently rose around her.

At the same time, seeing her ability, Archmond, who had been pressuring her, rose from his seat in shock.

“This ability…”