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Despite the fact that it seemed like just a tiny bubble, as it touched its surroundings, it felt threatening as though it would consume all magic. Even Oberon tensed up the moment his fingertip made contact with the approaching bubble.

‘…Does magic not work at all against it?’

Instead, the bubble, having absorbed the magic, became even more solid. Archmond looked at Riersha with disbelief.

“Is this… your ability?”

“I, I’m sowwy, Gwandpa…. Riersha sowwy.”

In the silent atmosphere, Riersha began to apologize profusely with both hands.

‘…I’ve awakened a trivial ability, and it has angered him.’

The bubbles floating in the office began to collide and burst.

Pop! Pop!


As the magic had exhausted its strength, the last remaining bubble burst right in front of Archmond’s nose.


Even though Seymour turned his head away as if he hadn’t seen, he couldn’t cover his mouth. Oberon’s gaze flew towards him as if in reprimand.

Silence fell in the office.

“Riersha Arachrene.”


Riersha hung her head low.

She might be expelled. Everyone else had awakened impressive abilities, while she only had bubbles that lasted a few seconds.

…It was too embarrassing.

“You don’t even fully understand your own ability. Do not show it to anyone until you can use it properly, understood?”

It seemed her grandfather thought the same.

Riersha answered softly.

“Yesh, Gwandpa.”

“You don’t deserve a castle if you can’t use your power properly.”

Archmond’s cold words darkened her expression as he continued.

“Stay with the children of the collateral family until then.”

Riersha, who had expected this might be the end, looked up in surprise. Her moist red eyes looked up, hardening Archmond’s expression even more. Though to her, it was all fine. She wasn’t out of her grandfather’s favor.

‘There’s still a chance to win back Grandfather’s heart.’

She bowed her head deeply.

“Fwank you, Gwandpa.”

The next moment, her neatly parted hair revealed her round crown again.

Archmond’s gaze lingered on her cute, sheep-like hair. When Riersha suddenly looked up, his gaze shifted back to his documents as if nothing had happened.

“You may leave now.”


Riersha responded enthusiastically.


* * *


After Riersha left, Archmond’s red eyes deepened more than ever. He watched from the window as the little girl held hands with Sona and walked away.

Watching her back for a long time, he spoke coldly.

“Oberon. There was no lie in what Riersha just said, right?”

“No, there wasn’t.”

“Call Rocinante.”

Riersha’s ability was too dangerous… so attractive that anyone would covet it. He was worried it might harm the child. Moreover, Riersha was too tender-hearted. If someone were to recognize the child’s ability…

‘…They would surely try to exploit it.’

Riersha’s ability was that absolute. It was an ability not recorded in any ancient text.

As he thought so, Archmond narrowed his eyes, looking at the wound on Oberon’s fingertip before he ordered coldly.

“Erase from your memory what you just saw, understood?”

“I will follow your orders.”

Oberon bowed in response as his silver-gray eyes flickered.


* * *


Riersha was now living in the annex with the collateral children.

“That’s all for today, Miss Riersha. We’ll have a test on what we’ve learned next time.”


Riersha answered enthusiastically, prompting Kaden to erase the blackboard with a faint smile. He had been quite surprised when the Duke ordered him to personally tutor Riersha, who wasn’t formally recognized as an heir.

Since Kaden, who had always taught only the heirs, was now assigned to Riersha, it was bound to raise complaints of unfairness from the people around.

Of course, such murmurs had indeed begun.

‘I don’t understand the Duke’s intentions.’

Rumors abounded that Riersha was receiving undue favors.

Riersha was undoubtedly bright. She was more understanding than her peers, and her questions were high-level. Not only that, but she also quickly grasped words and soon formed sentences. At this rate, she might catch up with the collateral’s children’s progress soon.


‘Why has she been made to stay with the collateral children?’

It was hard to accept that she was living in the annex, an area for the collaterals, rather than the heirs’ area within the main castle, especially when the Duke must know that Riersha could become a target for the collateral.

“Then, see you next time, Tweacher!”

Riersha packed her bag, tidied her chair, and bowed. As he snapped out of his thoughts, Kaden smiled back.

“Yes, Miss Riersha. I’ll see you in the next class.”


Kaden, who had initially been taken aback by her greeting at their first meeting, now responded naturally as Riersha left the classroom with a bright smile.

‘She must find it hard living in the annex, yet she’s so spirited.’

That was even more heartbreaking.

Pretending to be fine meant she was aware of everything. While packing up his teaching materials, Kaden suddenly remembered something the Duke had once taught him when he was very young.

“You must hide what you cherish most among common things. They mustn’t even know it themselves. That way, no one can discern what is truly valued.”

…Could Riersha living in the annex be part of such logic?

If that were true…

Ha, the Duke is still as cunning as ever.”

Was Riersha sent to the annex so that no one, not even she, would realize she was being favored by the Duke? What was the reason why he didn’t even let the child herself realize that fact? Knowing this might be Archmond’s way of protecting something precious, Kaden shook his head.

“I hope the Miss soon realizes the Duke’s intentions.”

Hopefully, Riersha wouldn’t stray.

Kaden, who had long been in charge of educating the Arachrene heirs, looked out the window. The Arachrene family had a strange habit of taking roundabout routes instead of the easy path.

Except for Riersha.

‘If only everyone could learn a bit of the Miss’s honesty.’

Anyway, It was a world full of insincere people.


* * *


On her way back after the class, Riersha reminisced about the day she first met Kaden. Originally, he was a teacher who only taught the heirs of the family. She was certain of this, having seen his lessons when she sneaked at the ‘Tower of Truth.’

‘The fact that grandfather assigned Kaden as my teacher…’

It was unbelievable to her.

At the same time, this realization ignited a strong will to work harder. However, her expression soon darkened.

The real reason for assigning Kaden to her was probably…

‘Because it would be troublesome if the other children found out I can’t even write properly.’

Riersha suspected Archmond, concerned that she might become a laughing stock, had assigned the tight-lipped Kaden for this reason.

From her grandfather’s perspective, who needed to maintain order in the Duchy, it was perhaps vital not to let the heirs feel inferior to someone from the collateral. The heir of the family needed to display overwhelming skills to ensure that those from the collateral wouldn’t dare to aspire beyond their place.

Indeed, the heir’s lessons at the family were far more rigorous than those at the annex. Rumor had it that the direct heirs’ abilities were at a level to rival adults.

‘I must reach that level to please grandfather.’

To achieve this, she had to do her best with the opportunities given to her.

Riersha gripped the strap of the bag that Sona had made for her and continued walking. Her plan upon returning was to do her homework and review what she had learned that day.

However, her determination was short-lived.

She spotted a group of people and stopped.