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Grace shook her head vigorously to shake off the persistent, terrible thoughts. It seemed that without realizing it, she was being played by Winston’s tricks again.

At that moment, a large palm gently stroked her smooth silk-covered back, and his hot lips touched her cheek through the veil.

It was unpleasant to try to appease her as if he knew what she was thinking. When she pushed away the lips that were touching her cheek with her hand, the lips that he had barely separated came to her fingers this time… on the ring finger of her left hand.

The man traced his lips down from the tip of her ring finger to the knuckles on the back of her hand, and then he asked.

“Did that b*st*rd give you an engagement ring? I don’t think I’ve ever seen it.”

“I left that with that b*st*rd before I came here….”

Grace, who had been replying harshly, was shocked.

That b*st*rd.

…She had never once called Jimmy that bad name.

Winston hugged Grace even more tightly, who was stunned by the harsh words that came out of her mouth. He whispered in her ear with a voice mixed with laughter.

“It’s okay, honey. I’ll keep it a secret from that b*st*rd.”

The upset feeling that she had been feeling the whole time was relieved immediately with that one word. He held the woman’s writhing body firmly in his arms, nuzzled her lips as she spat out those cute words, and sucked her tongue as if praising her.

“Do you want me to tell you a funny story?”

As soon as his lips parted, he clasped his hand in Grace’s left hand and asked.

“Do you know the look on Jerome’s face as he stood from afar as I put the engagement ring on the Grand Lady? I have to slip that ring. He had eyes like this.”

It was unknown where the funny part was in the story.

The man smiled bitterly at Grace’s sullen face and placed his lips on the inside of her hand.

“I have to slip it in…”

The smile slowly disappeared from the man’s face, who was muttering with his lips pressed against her skin. It was only then that she realized that the place where his lips were touching was where the engagement ring should be, and she took her hand away.

Grace, who realized his intentions, glared at him with a mixture of contempt and fear.

As the man gritted his teeth behind his stiff mouth, he immediately made an extremely awkward sneer.

“Of course, there are other things you have to wear.”

What he took out of his jacket pocket was a box containing a contraceptive device.

Grace stood precariously, one foot resting on the arm of his chair. Even though she tried to keep her balance, it was difficult due to the thin heels of her high heels, so she stumbled and landed on the man’s shoulder.

“Your legs are already getting tired just thinking about it. It’s done, so just hang in there, darling.”

The man, who had been busy teasing his hand as he prepared her, twisted his head and pressed his lips to the back of her hand, but Grace moved her hand to the nape of his neck to avoid his lips.

‘I would have grabbed his hair.’

She had the urge to mess up his perfect blond hair without a trace. However, if that happened, her body would be ruined.

His large hand gently grasped her foot that was resting on the armrest in high heels and gently brushed the skin up to her knee. Winston lifted up her dress so that the flesh of her thighs could be seen pressed against the bands of the black stockings before he put his hands under her skirt.


“Stay still.”

He moved her underwear, which was only a string of thick pearls covering her private parts, to the side. As Grace shivered as the hard lump pressing against her cl*toris rolled to the side, the man observing her expression smiled crookedly.

“Try opening a little more.”

His hands pushed her inner thighs to the side. She grabbed Winston’s shoulders to keep from falling and almost hugged his head.

Was there really a need to insert a contraceptive device like this?

Grace gritted her teeth as she stared at the tool in the distance, feeling Winston’s hot breath digging into her chest as shame welled up from deep in her heart. She wanted to strangle this d*mn son of a b*tch.

Suddenly, her dress was lifted up to her navel. She felt a breath of chilly air, and then a hot breath touched her through a piece of thin lace.

The man put his head inside her skirt.

His hand, which had been exploring her secret place in search of her opening, grasped Grace’s buttocks tightly. His fingertips pressing against the soft flesh were already wet with love liquid, and it was unpleasant.


As soon as his excited breath poured between her legs, the slippery tongue dug into the flesh and gave a long lick to her cl*toris.

Grace hugged Winston’s head as her thighs trembled.

Ah, uht… quickly, ah-huk, put it, in.”

Every time his tongue passed over a sensitive bump, her words were interrupted, and her body shook like she was having a hiccup.

“Please put it in on the bed quickly. It would be better if you asked more politely. Please, Captain.”

The man murmured, holding her cl*toris between his lips, and Grace had to tremble as if she had been electrocuted by the time he finished his sentence.


There was a squelch sound between her legs, and her slit was opened. Finally, the two fingers holding the pessary began to penetrate into her body, and the man sucked the cl*toris without stopping, even after inserting the contraceptive device.

Grace stared out the window, her body trembling from an unpleasant feeling that she could hardly get used to. Beyond the high barbed wire fence, the distance beyond was as bright as day.

All of a sudden, her reflection in the window caught her eye.

Trapped in the dark, no matter how much makeup and expensive jewelry she decorated herself with, she was extremely shabby. She hated the man who got under her skirt. He treated the woman he didn’t like a lady while treating the woman he really liked like a prostitute.

Suddenly, it occurred to her that her fiancé, who had instructed her to seduce this man, was no different.

All the men who wanted her treated her as a prostitute.

No one truly loved her.

As she bit her lip as tears threatened to fall, the man picked Grace up in his arms and carried her to his bed. The first thing he did after climbing on top of her was to lift the veil that covered her face and place his lips on her.

It was something a groom would do on the first night after the wedding.

‘Crazy b*st*rd…’

Even though she was treated like a bride, her mood did not improve at all. It was because this was just a play to satisfy this man’s selfish desires.

Leon Winston didn’t love Grace Riddle.

Even if it was a twisted love, there was no reason for her to be overwhelmed with emotion. No one swallowed poison just because they were hungry.


The man asked as the lips that had been touching her separated.

“Would you like to congratulate me on my engagement?”

Grace stared at the pupils, which were slightly curved and smiled with her eyes curved in the same way.

“Congratulations on becoming the Grand Duchy’s puppet.”

“Thank you. I am even more touched to hear it from you, who was abandoned and not even a puppet of your allies.”

The corners of Grace’s eyes, which had been forced to curl, trembled. She turned her head to avoid the man’s hand trying to cruelly touch it.

“Don’t worry, honey. You know I won’t abandon you even if I get married. On my wedding night, I will celebrate even more grandly.”

Leon traced the corner of the woman’s mouth, whose red lipstick was smeared in a vulgar manner. The kiss was so intense that it left a long, smudged mark all the way to her chin. It felt like blood had been spilled.

He wrapped the pearl necklace around her like a leash and buried his face in the crook of her neck.

“You smell good.”

It was a perfume he personally chose.

As a fresh citrus scent mixed with this woman’s body scent poured into Leon’s breath, he suddenly remembered the moment he picked up the girl who had fallen from the orange tree and held her in his arms.

His heart tightened.

“But you smell better in the torture chamber.”

Leon slowly moved down, pressing his face against her skin so that the woman could not see his true expression. When he pulled down the dress, which hung loosely over her shoulders, white lace underwear was revealed, covering her top and bottom.

The underwear did not do its job of covering the private parts, and on the contrary, they were blatantly exposed.

It was fulfilling the role of exciting the person who bought it very well.

Since it barely covered half of her gently spread breasts, her pink areolas stuck out above the lace band, like the sun rising over the horizon.

It couldn’t have been a more ridiculous metaphor.

The woman stopped breathing and twisted her body as he rubbed the protruding areola with the tip of his index finger. The situation was not much different down there. How much of her flesh could be covered by the cloth with thin threads tangled loosely?

Leon, who was admiring the breasts showing through the intricate patterns of the lace, slowly rolled one of the bristling n*pples with his fingertips.

The feeling of soft flesh becoming hard was distinct.


The n*pples stood erect and tried to break through the fabric. However, it got caught in the band across the peak and was crushed, unable to jump out.