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Leon opened the lace slit and took out the n*pple, and put it in his mouth. The woman’s skinny shoulders rolled as he rolled the tip with his tongue.

Following his slow tongue movements, the other side of her that had not even been touched slowly rose. When he scratched the peak covered by the rough cloth, the woman grabbed his hand and stopped him.

Uung, just do it. Finish it, huht, it before they come looking for you…”

As he continued to caress her without flinching, the woman placed her palm on his forehead. Slender fingers dug into his hair.

The harder the woman pushed him, the deeper Leon cupped her n*pple and bit down on it.

Her head was tilted back, the lump of flesh was bulging out, and the end of her chest was elongated like a marshmallow. When he looked into her eyes and sucked the flesh as if it was delicious, the woman closed her eyes and took her hand away.

The body beneath him kept twisting, and she made a wet sound every time the woman rubbed her legs.

As he lifted her skirt and spread one of her fair thighs, a string of pearls inserted into a gap in the pink flesh was slippery and wet with love juice.

Leon pulled his hand, which was covering one of the woman’s breasts, between her legs. He waved his hand wildly. The woman shook her body and sobbed loudly as the pearl rolled from his fingertips, stimulating her cl*toris.

“Do you want to get it over with before someone comes looking for me?”

He asked, licking the n*pple protruding through the lace with the tip of his tongue. He commanded as the woman nodded, catching her breath.

“Then, tell me.”

Ahhk, please put it in, Captain.”

It had been a long time since the woman learned that it was better to follow orders right away than to suffer more severe punishment for a foolish rebellion.

Even though he felt proud, he felt bitter.

It was because there was only resignation in the woman’s voice. He didn’t feel any of the shame he loved so much.


He asked this out of curiosity, the woman who couldn’t possibly not know why he was asking the obvious.

When there was no answer, Leon slid his hand down from where it was resting on her mound. As he went down, tapping the rows of pearls with his fingertips, he did not stop at the opening but in front of the narrow hole below.


Aht! Not, ah-huht, that place.”

As he applied pressure to his fingertips, the pearl soaked in love liquid slipped inside. He crushed the resisting body. The woman’s face became tearful with humiliation.

Only then did she move.

Leon watched without closing his eyes as she moved the pearl string aside with her own hand and inserted her fingers shallowly into her opening, opening it up.

“Please put it here.”

It was only now that the shame poured out through her clenched teeth. Tears welled up at the edges of the eyes that screamed that they despised him… as red as the inner skin the woman exposed with her own hands.

Good. That’s it.

Leon then stood up with a satisfied smile.

Looking down at the woman waiting for him, opening her body wide, he slowly, ever so slowly, pulled out his member. The man’s hand went through the front of his pants and grabbed the base. Even so, what he was holding was only half of the pillar.

The hands were big enough to cover Grace’s face.

Perhaps the most terrifying monster was not that man but herself, who was still alive despite being pierced by that huge stake every day.

She had random thoughts and tried to relieve the tension in her already aching lower abdomen. Just as she was taking a deep breath, her chest heaving, Winston came on top of her.

“Don’t turn your head.”

He was a man who had to make eye contact whenever he inserted his flesh into Grace’s body. She didn’t know what he wanted to see.

However, seeing as he smiled crookedly no matter what she showed, it was clear that he wanted to show something rather than want to see it… that the man who was now doing it with her was him.

‘What is he so anxious about? Is he that anxious even though he locked me up and made it so that only he can see and touch me?’

She looked straight into the pale blue eyes and questioned him with her eyes.

As always, the man completely ignored her gaze and placed himself between her legs.

A lump of hot flesh stuck into the gap between her open flesh. When she removed her finger, the insides tightened, and the tip of his pillar was bitten tightly.

Haa… My god.’

Grace swallowed a sigh of despair.

Now, she could tell how excited this man was just by the heat and volume of the insertion. It was an ability she never wanted to acquire.

While she didn’t know what made him rush like an angry bull tonight, she had a strong feeling that he wouldn’t let her go easily. Grace swallowed every inch of his pillar as it entered her body, hoping that someone would leave the reception and find the crazy groom-to-be who was fucking his mistress.

“Relax a little more.”


“Take a deep breath. Right.”

The body responded as he taught it.

She instantly forgot who she was and tightened and loosened her lower abdomen in accordance with Winston’s movement. Before she knew it, her long dress was only wrapped around her waist.

The man, fully dressed from head to toe, and a woman who was neither naked nor clothed were entangled in the same bed.

Even though she was dressed in delicate and expensive lace, the man did not know how to control his wild hand habits. After grabbing, twisting, and massaging her breasts, holes appeared all over her underwear.

He inserted his fingers into the gap without hesitation and swallowed the piece of flesh in his hand with enough force to make a dent in her flesh.

“Oh my, haa, I’ll buy you a new one.”

“I don’t need….”

If you don’t need it, I’ll throw it away.

Leon ripped her underwear open in one go. Pale flesh was exposed from the cleavage to the navel. Her breasts, protruding through the tattered lace, bounced roughly along with the movements of his waist.


A strangled moan escaped from deep in Leon’s throat as he watched the lewd display. He eventually lost his mind. He picked up the woman, who was lying on the bed, crying like a female cat, and roughly crushed her waist.

Ah, ahk….”

The woman begged, scratching his back with her nails.

“Please, take it out. It’s so, huht, deep…”

What was she saying when she just took it all the way to the end?

He couldn’t say anything out loud. There was no time for him to say anything as he was so eagerly biting and sucking on the tip of her breast that was bouncing upwards vigorously.

He voraciously swallowed, sucked, and chewed the flesh. Even if he ate it, it didn’t feel like he had eaten it… and even though this woman had everything, it didn’t seem like he had it all. Leon was a beast cursed with an insatiable hunger.


The woman called to him in a weak voice. Sometimes, he wanted to hear her call him Leon, like that night in this bed.

It was funny to see him like that.

Since he didn’t respond, she called him an even harsher name.

“Ca, Captain…”


He spat the plump, puffy n*pples as the woman’s hand slid along his shoulder and the smooth vest. She pointed to where they were joined, her limp hands falling.

“This, ha-uht, take this away.”

It was referring to the pearl stuck between her pubic bones. Every time he thrusted, the woman gasped because of a pearl, and her thighs around his waist trembled. She was being so cute there was no way he would take it out.


Instead, he flexibly turned his waist and rubbed the pearls against her cl*toris. The woman tried her best to push him away, but he didn’t let go of his arms around her waist, so she put her hand between her legs and tried to rip off the strap.

Seeing that, Leon bent the woman’s arms behind her back and tied them together with one hand.

Ahhk, don’t!”

The woman almost cried out, twisting her body from side to side and heaving up and down. It was so thrilling that he couldn’t hold back his moans as the hot and smooth flesh sucked him.

Haa, that’s right. you’re doing well.”

“Take, take it out. Please take it out.”

As the woman’s words became longer and longer, she begged for his mercy, though she was begging to a man who did not know such things as mercy.


He lost his control and like an angry bull, he rammed inside the woman. He didn’t stop even after the woman came crying. Leon hugged the woman, who was shaking as if she had been struck by lightning with a crushing force.

“You didn’t like it? Haa, it’s so good I’m dying.”

Heup, hu-uhp…”

As the woman climaxed, a dam burst and the love liquid flowed down the pearly balls and onto the pure white bed sheets. However, she didn’t even care that she was giving in to the pleasure as she was preoccupied with covering her mouth with the hand he had let go.

It was because the window was wide open.