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As soon as the vulgar words escaped the woman’s lips, Leon’s expression hardened. There was no hint of shame from the woman for degrading herself as a prostitute. Instead, she treated him as an object of scorn and derision.

“I’m truly sorry. For saying such awful things to you.”

It wasn’t amusing at all. Now that she thought about it, that apology seemed insincere. Without a shred of guilt, she continued to curse at him, berating him with vulgar insults.

Without a trace of fear as his captive.

The man suddenly rose to his feet. As he pulled out his still unsatisfied pillar, Grace held her breath with a foreboding.

Her premonition was right.

As he emerged from the bedside table, the object in his hand wasn’t clearly visible in the dim light, but its silhouette alone made Grace’s face turn pale.

‘A revolver.’

Holding the gun high as if making a statement, the man knelt between her legs, meeting her gaze. She had to grit her teeth not to show her trembling.

“You can’t kill me.”

“Yes, that’s right.”

As if on impulse, the man leaned forward and pressed his lips against hers. The moment the cold muzzle touched her wet n*pple, she couldn’t hide her shivers. Slowly rotating the n*pple with the tip of the gun, he whispered in sync with the movement.

“But I’m a capricious person, and it’s true that once my mood turns, I might do anything. Oh, my… by tomorrow, I’ll be hugging your corpse, tearfully regretting.”

With a sorrowful expression, the man drooped one side of his mouth, then twisted it upward.

“I’ll leave tomorrow’s regrets to my future self.”

When the muzzle suddenly rose, it leaned back towards her, not towards her head or heart but toward her most private part.

“Just looking at you makes me want to thrust my gun into your narrow flesh and stir things up.”

Her heart sank as she realized what the man intended to do. Even though she tried to close her thighs, she was caught by the chin.

Grace struggled to free herself from the strong grip and twisted her body.

“Let go!”

The man easily overpowered her, simply pushing his body against hers. She struggled to breathe under his heavy body. As the man spread her legs apart, a thin object grazed the flesh between her thighs.

The cold, hard texture of the gun’s muzzle felt evident.

“You know what this is? This is yours.”

Why did he leave her gun by the bed?

Perverted b*stard.

Certainly, he must have fantasized about holding this gun at a night like this, prodding at her most private part. If Grace could just put to rest this man’s chilling and cruel desires, she could do anything. She clutched Winston’s nape, pressing her lips urgently against his twisted ones and begged.

“Winston, please don’t do this. I’m sorry. I was wrong.”

Reaching down, she gripped the fleshy pillar stretched between her legs. His arousal seemed even more excited than before.

“I’ll make you, heuk, feel good, okay?”

Even as she caressed his body as if to soothe the man who seemed ready to finish any moment, he only chuckled. The cold barrel continued to probe the flesh, seeking the entrance more actively.

“…Should I suck it?”

As the bold proposal left her lips, the man’s smirk faded.

It was then that Grace realized that even though he might enjoy treating her as a prostitute, he despised it when she herself acted like one.

She swiftly changed her tactics.

“I, I couldn’t say it out of embarrassment, but the truth is, I’ve been so lonely that I really wanted to do it. We’ve both had a difficult day today, haven’t we? Can’t we just continue to make love happily instead of this?”

She was just about to break her pride, act like a liver and insert his flesh inside her.

“Sounds like love.”

As the flesh that was barely slipped in, popped out, the barrel slipped inside her without resistance.

Aack! Please, take it out!”

Screaming as she twisted her body, the man quickly covered her mouth and urgently warned her.

“Don’t move. It’s quite a sensitive gun. Even a slight shock could set it off.”

His voice was more serious than a mere threat.

Grace, who knew that the revolver embedded in her body was sensitive, stopped struggling as the grip on her mouth weakened.

“Then take it out. Heuk, please, take it out.”

As she begged, she rubbed her cheek against the palm of his hand like an obedient dog.


A sinister metallic sound came.

Despite being a gun that could fire even with a small shock, the devil, who knows no limits of cruelty, had pulled the hammer off the pistol, making it incredibly dangerous even without intending to fire. It could go off at any moment.

“Please, hu-heuk… Ca, Captain, ple, please spare me. I’ll do everything you want. Please! You’ll regret it if I’m gone. If you’re going to kill me so senselessly, why did you keep me locked up? It would be better, heuk, to just kill me right away.”

Grace froze, and just cried.

If the hammer were to release with any sudden movement, she would be dead. In the meanwhile, the man gazed down at her with fiery eyes as she sobbed.

He lowered his head to her ears.

“Once you come, I’ll take it out.”

As his excited voice penetrated her ears, the gun wedged between her legs began to move. The sensation of the hard metal rod parting the tender flesh was excruciating.

Heuk, hu-ugh…”

Winston asked, smiling loosely as he savored the pleasure as if it was his flesh rubbing inside Grace.

“Why are you trembling? Cold?”

The barrel had long lost its chill as it gradually heated up with Grace’s feverish body temperature. The man would know she wasn’t trembling because of the cold. She could only lie down with her legs helplessly spread, succumbing to the degrading act that words couldn’t describe.

All she could do was beg.

“Pl, please, stop…”


“I, I can’t come. Heuk, how can I come?”

“Why can’t you come?”

The barrel was shorter and thinner than the man’s little finger. It was impossible to come with that thing prodding her.

“It, it’s not enough with this.”

To survive, Grace needed to climax, suppressing the rising sense of humiliation within her and demanding stronger stimulation with her mouth.

“After starting with something big, you’ve just become too greedy.”

When she noticed a slight slack from him, she reached down and firmly grasped his fully aroused pillar.

“Now, heuk, if it’s not yours, I can’t feel anything anymore.”

With a satisfied smile at her explicit statement, the man gently kissed her. Just when she was hopeful that he almost surrendered, he kissed her lips and whispered.

“I won’t fall for such cute lies anymore.”

She eventually shifted the hand that had been clutching the man’s pillar to her own. With a sobbing desperation, as she rubbed her own cl*toris, Winston looked down at her pitifully. Still, the hot breaths that came out from her tear-soaked face were only hot.


As the man finally fulfilled his twisted desires, satisfaction slowly rose in his eyes. After enjoying her for a long time, he lowered his head.

His lips, which had been sucking and biting her chest for a long time, trailed down her body.

Soon, Grace’s hand was brushed aside, replaced by the man’s lips, as his thick tongue pushed inside and prodded her. Underneath, the thin metal rod relentlessly rubbed against her narrow inner walls. The crescent-shaped foresight protruding from the barrel repeatedly grazed the most sensitive spot on her inner walls.

Whether it was due to the fear of death or the familiar pleasure, her entire body trembled uncontrollably.

The room was filled with the sounds of flesh, the rustling of clothes, and the man’s excited breaths and faint moans until suddenly, there was a sharp noise that split the air.

“Don’t tighten too much, or the gun might get too excited and come.”

The man warned, too late.

The moment the deadly heat that had been boiling inside her erupted, her inner walls clenched tightly around the barrel.


The hammer released, and as the vibration of the hammer reverberated between her legs…


A deafening gunshot tore through the silence, and Grace arched her back and froze in the same position as she had been during her climax.

Her breath stopped.

A moment of complete stillness as time stopped. She waited for the piercing pain to consume her, hoping that the merciful God would swiftly take her life. However, what shattered the silence was not the gentle voice of God, but the mocking laughter of the devil.

The barrel escaped from inside her in a flash.

Swoosh. Bang.

Though the gun in front of her emitted nothing, the gunshot continued. Only then did Grace realize that the sound she had heard earlier was merely the sound of fireworks outside the window.


Turning her head, she looked at the flames, flickering and dissipating into the darkness and let out a sad cry.

The man, who had been licking the muzzle smeared with her liquid, twisted a corner of his mouth. The revolver’s cylinder opens with a click. The barrel pointed towards the ceiling. While the bullets should have fallen out of the cylinder, nothing dropped.

It was an empty gun.

“Miss Riddle, how incompetent. Isn’t it a basic principle for soldiers to check if their guns are loaded?”

It was so dark that she couldn’t see whether there were bullets in the cylinder or not. Grace, who had finally realized she had been completely deceived, let out an uncontrollable cry.

“Oh my… darling, did I startle you too much?”

After discarding the useless gun onto the floor, Winston pulled Grace into his embrace when she pushed away the abominable devil, who was caressing her back as if soothing a baby.

“Don’t worry. I won’t ruin your womb.”

The man sweetly whispered in a tone as sinister as death.