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“You have to bear the offspring of the royal pig you hated.”


Does that mean what she thinks it does?

As the man’s fingers entered her, Grace, still dazed and unable to immediately grasp his intentions. It was only when the intruding fingers explored deep within, slowly withdrawing, that she realized Winston wasn’t making a cruel joke.

She vividly felt the sensation of the plug being dislodged from her cervix.

“No. Stop!”

Even though she reached between her legs to grab his wrist, she couldn’t stop the finger from pulling out the pessary. She struggled to break free, but he didn’t release his hold on Grace’s struggling body. Eventually, the finger that had been buried inside her emerged.

At the wet tip of the slippery finger was a folded plug.

It had to be put back in.

When she quickly moved her hand to snatch it away, the man threw the plug aside.

With a dull thud, the pessary landed in the trash can. When Grace attempted to retrieve the contraceptive device, the man seized her wrist.

“You’re not a beggar, don’t think about picking stuff up and putting it back in.”

“Let go.”

“Why? You said you hated having it in?”

As soon as the man finished his cruel joke, he was ready to make another. How far does he want to go today to feel satisfied? She has been the one suffering all day, so why does she have to be the one retaliated against?

Grace couldn’t hold back her anger and retorted.

“It would be better than having your child.”

“Oh, my God, the child, who will be born one day, will be sad that its mom hated it terribly.”

Winston pulled her closer from behind, extending the end of his words as if with regret. His palm tenderly caressed her lower abdomen covered in silk and lace, almost as if there were a child. It sent shivers down her spine.

“So be careful with what you say.”

As he lightly nibbled her earlobe, Grace took a deep breath, thinking it must be a threat. Just as he had threatened to kill her a moment ago, this time, it was a threat to impregnate her, meant to instill fear. It had to be that way.

“The child would be really happy to hear that it was made as a joke by Dad.”

“It’s not a joke. I’m more serious than ever.”

Winston smiled as he forced Grace onto the bed. She spread her legs and climbed between them.

“Let’s share some love, shall we? I’ll give it a try, so please cooperate. I want to tell our child that it was made with love.”

Crazy b*stard.

It felt so real that her bones trembled.

As Winston folded her knees upward, Grace swiftly kicked her foot. The sharp heel of her high-heeled shoe grazed his face narrowly. Although it missed, it was successful in catching the man off-guard.

As he leaned his upper body backward to avoid it, she slipped away from his loosened grip and turned her body around.

“Where are you going, darling?”

As she attempted to flee from the bed, her ankles were firmly grabbed. She struggled like a four-legged beast, clutching the edge of the bed, trying her utmost not to be dragged. In her struggle, the veil was torn off and fell to the ground.

“Using the gift as a weapon. How wicked.”

The man leisurely removed the high heels from Grace’s feet. Grace pulled at her ankle, using all her strength to escape.

“Let go! Aaack!

“As ordered.”

As Winston released her ankle, Grace staggered outside the bed, unable to withstand the force, and tumbled to the ground. She quickly crouched and reached out her hand, though her forehead thudded against the floor.

“Ah, heuk…”

Her head throbbed.

Hearing the footsteps coming down the bed, she forced her tightly shut eyes open. Within the swirling vision, a pale, large hand reached out toward Grace.

She had no chance to evade it.

Winston swiftly scooped her up and flung her back onto the bed. She seemed dizzy and felt like vomiting. With a delicate touch, as if holding a fragile egg that could break at any moment, he caressed her face after staring at it for quite some time.

He let out a long sigh of relief.

“Your pretty face almost got hurt.”

There was no hint of remorse in his voice when he was the one almost causing her harm.

“Why do you have to do this? If you are dissatisfied, why not talk to me?”

“Then shouldn’t you have listened when I talked to you?”

The attempt at conversation had already failed.
‘Hey, Captain Winston. Forget your dirty tricks. Like a monarchy pig in heat, just c*m quickly and leave.’
And it had failed spectacularly. His animalistic instincts disguised as the voice of reason soon whispered to his regretful self.

A leash. Put on a thicker leash.

The time for worry was long, but the moment of decision was brief.

Yes, I must tie an irreversible leash around you.

“You’ll regret this too. Stop and come to your senses!”

“Stay still. Do you want to be tied up again?”

“Stop it!”

The struggle, with screams and shouts, continued for a while, but it was drowned out by the repeated sound of fireworks. Following the flickering light outside the window, the man’s eyes were dyed red, blue, and yellow. No matter what color it was, it appeared like the eyes of a devil that humans could never comprehend.


Ha… You need to put this on to calm down.”

The white veil and high heels rolled on the floor.

As the torn lace lingerie fell to the ground, the bed began to creak. The scattered pearls along the edge of the bed rolled to the floor one by one. Winston bounced his hips like a wild animal and tugged on the black tie hanging around his neck.

Grace cried and pleaded with the man who had gathered her wrists together and tied them with the tie.

Ah-huht, please, heuk, not inside.”

“You already told me to c*m, huht, you’re squeezing tightly.”

The woman abandoned her attempt to escape and obediently took in his member. Even though she changed tactics and mumbled not to come inside, Leon did not listen.

Watching the woman moan like a cat with only a white dress on, the sensation of climax was already welling up. His lower abdomen became tense. One shoulder of the dress had completely slipped off, revealing one of her breasts.

It was a savage sight befitting their savage intercourse. As a result, the primal desires that had been dormant were fully awakened.

You will have my child.

i will only have you that way.

“Please, ha-uht, don’t c*m inside.”

Every time the smooth tip of his member touched her cervix, Grace was startled, twisting her entwined legs. The more she resisted, the more rough his movements became, and the slapping sound of his hanging flesh echoed as it hit her buttocks.

“If there’s still a bullet in here, I might actually end up pregnant. It would be better for both of us to stop this joke right now.”

She clenched her teeth and appealed to his reason, but the man couldn’t get a grip on himself.

“I already said it’s not a joke.”

“…Do you really want to have a child?”

“Yes. Don’t make me say it again.”

Winston fiercely rebuked the dazed Grace.

“Do you think I’m a joke to you?”


“You believe there’s no way for me to tame you. That’s why you’re arrogantly teasing me and swinging your fists.”

The more she did it, the more he wanted to insult her and drag her to the ground… crawl and obey him completely. However, the more he tried, the more he was hit with the unpleasant realization that he was the one looking pathetic.

If he called her dirty, he felt dirtier. If he treated her like a fool, he became the fool, and while he treated her like a dog, in fact, it was he who was tamed like a dog.

Yet, building an equal relationship with the woman was impossible. The woman would crawl over the slightest opening, but also the same woman who would erect defensive walls and push him away at the slightest attempt to open up.

There was no way to fix their relationship, which had been wrong from the very start. And Leon couldn’t bring himself to abandon this damned woman.

“How can I make you listen to me? I’ve tried everything from the whip to the carrot. Even when I threatened to kill you, you just laughed. Nothing gets through to you.”

It was this woman who had made him feel such frustration for the first time. He had lived a life dedicated solely to the path of success.

“You make me want to try even the worst means.”

Their relationship was already trapped in an impenetrable darkness. He only wanted to hold onto it, even if it meant destroying it.

“I, I was wrong. I’ll listen to you now, so please, just this once, look, listen to me.”

The woman begged, tears streaming down her face. She still seemed to be under the illusion that he was acting impulsively and making mistakes because he couldn’t control his anger.

It was quite the opposite.

Leon held the weeping woman in his arms and made a vow.

“I won’t fall for your lies anymore.”

“They’re not, heuk, lies…”

“I need everything I can take from you.”

You will have my child.

Now, I will have no choice but to have you that way.

“It’s an engagement party, honey. I’m giving you a child as a gift.”

And in return, give me your fiancé’s head.

The woman who knew nothing of his deep intentions cried tearfully.