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‘Could it be that he changed his mind and intends to make my illegitimate child, instead of his younger brother and the fiance’s love child, the successor?’

However, this man, proud of his noble lineage, had no intention of making Winston’s heir out of a child with commoner’s blood. The royal blood, which could not be openly acknowledged, had no significance.

‘If it is true that I have royal blood in me.’

Grace couldn’t quite fathom the original purpose behind these actions. There was undoubtedly a motive beyond suppressing her.

“Why are you doing this? Why pursue a woman you hate, seek revenge, and use a child? What exactly are you trying to accomplish using the child?”

No matter how much she asked, the man remained silent, responding only with a mocking smile. Grace feared that cold and ruthless smile.


Soon, beastly moans echoed in her ears as her body began to shake. The pillar was out to the opening and lifted the walls at once. As the pleasure, unfamiliar to Grace, built up in her lower abdomen, the world seemed to darken, almost suffocating.

At this rate, she would succumb to it.


As Grace moaned, the man looked up. Perhaps he noticed the handcuffs digging into her wrists, his lips twisted.

“Does it hurt?”

He loosened his grip slightly on Grace’s butt. As her body slumped downward, the iron rings pressed even harder into her flesh.


It was to beg him to f*cked her harder, rougher, and faster, much like when her neck was bound. Not content with Grace just shutting her mouth, he reached down. She had intended to drown her pleasure with the pain of her skin getting bruised.


Leon released the shackles without realizing her intention. With the cuffs still embedded in his body, she couldn’t escape.

They moved a half step away from the wall. As he leaned her weakly against him, forcefully lifting her hips, as expected, she clung to him, wrapping her arms around his neck. It was out of fear of falling. It was cute how she clung to his waist, even going so far as to wrap her legs around him.

Only then did he press her tightly against the wall. Every time the body that was sandwiched between the wall and her chest shook, the breast bounced up and down. It was stimulating him.


His patience seemed to be bottoming out. The movements that had been lifting her with some consideration changed.

As Leon rocked his hips against the wall, the woman clung to him and sobbed.

It was annoying how she grabbed the collar of his shirt, krumping it in her hand, but he let her do as she pleased. Among the things he possessed, the shirt meant nothing when considering everything this woman had ruined.

‘Don’t feel it.’

Grace was exerting all her strength to relax her lower abdomen. It was the moment when she took a deep breath to relax her inner walls that were being prodded by the solid flesh pillar relentlessly.

The organ, which had been protruding enough to hang over her folds, changed its angle. With a sharp, wet sound, the object that had thrust forcefully and swiftly entered exactly her most sensitive spot. A flame-like pleasure surged.


The veins and arteries on the skin were clearly felt as the object scratched and rose up from the folds to just in front of the cervix, then precisely struck Grace’s most sensitive area. The sensation was overly vivid.

In Winston’s embrace, she trembled.

Ha-uht, no, no…”

It was impossible not to feel anything with the man who was exploring every nook and cranny of her body like memorizing a map of a battlefield. Her inner walls contracted in a familiar rhythm, squeezing the large organ lasciviously.

Evidence of excitement leaked through the tightly pressed gap, and it overflowed.

“Right, ugh, like that… You’re doing well.”

Mocking Grace, who had no desire to do well at all, the man tightened his grip on both sides of her butt. With the body rising abruptly, the breasts, which had been flattened between them, regained their plump shape.

Due to the recoil, the n*pples bounced up high, and Winston promptly bit and pulled them.


Every time the sensitive flesh was sucked deeply, a sharp pleasure surged like an electric current.

As the n*pples, now like switches, the inner walls obediently followed the invader’s tongue, ignoring the owner’s command.

Her inner walls bit and trembled against the pillar that was moving in and out continuously. The hot and firm shaft pushed in and out, and with each forceful collision, an unbearable heat surged from her lower abdomen.

It was a prelude to the climax.

The moment she felt it, the man would come.

Lately, Winston hadn’t held back. Indeed, the man’s reaction changed as Grace sensed her limits. His breathing became faster and irregular, the movements of his hips intensified, and his engorged organ forcefully opened her inner walls.

It was a well-known precursor to the climax for her.

“I mustn’t come.”

Frightened, Grace grabbed the man’s collar, trying to hold onto her fading consciousness. Yet, it was still challenging to shake off the sense of climax.

When the inside of her thighs trembled, she pleaded with a trembling voice.

“I, don’t know what you want, ha-uht, but can we resolve it, huh, without a, child? Ahk, I promise, I’ll listen well from now on. I’ll give you anything you want.”

Except for the location of the headquarters.

“Give me a child.”

However, he didn’t yield.

Embracing the sobbing Grace, he continued to shake his hips like a dog, breathing heavily. The precursor to climax spread like wildfire, eventually swallowing her reason.

Uht, it’s hard to endure.”

Leon moaned each time he thrust his organ, enjoying the smooth sensation of the flesh bouncing against his pillar.

“Do you know?”

Ah, ahng…”

He whispered affectionately into the trembling ears of the woman who was climaxing.

“Your cervix looks really cute.”

The entrance to her sacred place, which she adamantly refused to surrender.

As he probed with the soft flesh using his organ, he recalled the moment he had seen this hidden place deep within her with his own eyes. Not only the size, the color, and the round protruding shape, it resembled this woman’s n*pple.

Unable to suck on the unreachable area, Leon instead bit down on the n*pple and exhaled hot breath.

Hah, don, don’t…”

The woman reached her climax. She clenched the firm organ as if she wanted to devour it.

Haa, honey…”

Leon lifted the head resting against his back and whispered tenderly into her ear.

“I always wanted to cloud this small pinkish flesh with my s*men.”

Before the faint words could finish, the previously withdrawn pillar forcefully penetrated back inside. The moment the tip of the organ pushed the cervix upward, the hasty movements abruptly stopped.

Grace froze.

The days of relief when this man shook his hips and stopped were over.

“Don’t do it! Don’t do it!”

She struggled to pull him out. She slapped his cheek, tightened the tie with both hands and even kicked the air with her foot, even though she knew it was futile. However, despite getting strangled, the man enjoyed the climax with an unnervingly calm face.

He even tightened his grip on her buttocks to prevent the deeply seated organ from slipping out.


As the man let out a languid moan, Grace felt the stiffness in his lower back relax. Soon, a warm and sticky sensation spread from deep within her belly.

Huuh, why on earth are you doing this?!”

Leon comforted the sobbing woman in his arms and patted her.

“It’s okay.”

I have a plan.

“Everything will work out.”

Of course, you won’t believe me.

As the walls surrounding his organ started to contract, s*men began to ooze out through the tightly joined gap. Leisurely savoring the aftermath while the woman was about to spill out all the seed he had fed.

With her still in his arms, he gently laid her on the bed. He asked for a baby, and he now had a woman who cried like a baby.

As he placed a pillow under her hips, the woman spewed vulgar curses.

Because it was now a familiar routine, Leon didn’t flinch while doing what he had to do. Carefully pulling out the organ buried deep inside, he made sure s*men wouldn’t leak out. He placed the woman’s knees over the bed railing.

He tied her legs to the railing with a rope and bound each hand to her thighs while the woman protested.