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The moment he reached out, Grace kicked.

After that, it was like a lion chasing a mouse. In the cramped space, grabbing the woman who skillfully slipped away like a rat, Leon’s shirt was soaked with sweat, clinging to his skin.

Aaack! Let go! Put me down!”

Ha… You’re really making people tired.”

Only now did he realize that this woman had not sincerely resisted all this time. How should he accept this?

He knew that the woman enjoyed having s*x with him, so he stopped thinking for a moment.

When he gently placed the woman, who struggled on his shoulders, in front of a nearby wall, he snapped back to reality. Her tear-soaked face looked pale, like a death row inmate awaiting execution.

It was natural for the woman not to want his child.

While he could understand it in his mind, there was quite an uncomfortable feeling boiling in his chest. At this rate, he might not be able to let go of the child later.

That was what he was going to create.

Leon vowed as he locked the handcuffs hanging on the wall. It took some time to tie the woman who writhed to escape, twisting her entire body.

“Sometimes, I wish you were fragile. It would have been much easier.”

The man embraced Grace, burying his head in her neck.

As a tired sigh poured out onto the sweaty skin, she cast a helpless gaze upward. Her hands were tied above her head. He pretended not to treat her like livestock, but every day, she was tied up like this, forced to mate as if restraining rebellious livestock.

The day after the engagement ceremony was much more vile.

On that day, she found a spare pessary in the drawer before the man arrived. It was her first time inserting it herself.

After a struggle, as soon as the man inserted himself, the man stopped moving his waist. His expression turned cold as he lightly rotated his lower body and probed inside. It was foolish to hope for that sensitive fellow to be insensitive.

The man, who had been looking at her with a contemplating face about what punishment would be appropriate, suddenly laughed.

“This is a good idea.”

Saying such incomprehensible words, he skillfully pulled out the organ that had been put in with great difficulty.

After taking a step back, he moved forward ten steps. What kind of unimaginable act was he trying to do? While Grace turned pale with fear, Winston removed the pessary from her body and even leisurely went to the bathroom.

Holding the rubber stopper with the spermicide washed off cleanly, he returned and climbed onto Grace’s upper body instead of her lower body.

“Put it back in, hmm? I was wrong yesterday.”

“I’ll put it back in a little later.”

He gently gathered the spread-out breasts with his hands and inserted the pillar between them. The flesh, made slippery by sweat and love liquid, made a messy sound as they rubbed against each other.

Truly, this disgusting act never became familiar, no matter how many times it happened. Every time the red organ menacingly protruded between the white flesh, Grace moaned. It was a moan filled with agony, not pleasure.



Winston shook his hips and reached back. Two thick fingers slid deeply into her secret place.

“It says something different here.”


The fingers, making a clear, watery sound, were wet, even dripping transparent liquid. Grace tightly shut her eyes.

“Take a good look.”

He grabbed her cheek with his love-liquid-soaked hand and moved her head until she opened her eyes.

The lascivious odor from his hand pricked her nose. Unable to bear it, when she opened her eyes, he lifted the back of her head to make Grace watch the perverse act attentively. Occasionally, he would put the tip to her mouth and force her to suck on it.

It turned out to be nothing at all.

Winston climaxed soon. However, as usual, he did not spray semen on Grace’s face or chest but inside the hollow interior of the pessary.

“No! Don’t put it in!”

“Why? You asked me to put it in, didn’t you?”

Realizing what he was about to do, Grace struggled. However, resisting with tied limbs was futile.

She managed to dodge with her hips and avoid his hand, but Winston easily subdued her by pressing down on her lower abdomen with one hand. He had Grace spend six hours with a plug full of his semen inserted into her cervix.

So, perhaps it was already too late. Yet, Grace couldn’t let go of a glimmer of hope and continued to resist.

Still, she had never succeeded even once.

The stiff shirt touching her bare skin felt damp and sticky over time. Even the breath pouring down her shoulder felt damp.


The man began to nuzzle her neck. The guy who had been acting like a puppy for an uncharacteristically long time finally looked up after a while.

The arm that embraced her loosened, and the descending hand, while undoing the belt buckle, persistently teased Grace’s lower region with the protruding knuckles. Like a trained dog that drooled just at the sound of a bell, he trained her lower mouth to clench and spill love liquid.

As the hot flesh, pulled out from under the clothes, touched her opening, a squishing sound followed by a chuckle came. The man, feeling the wetness, nibbled at her earlobe as if expressing disdain.

At the same time, a long flesh column thrust forcefully, piercing the flesh.


“Dear Miss Sally Bristol.”

The man whispered into her ear, exhaling hot breath.

“You said you would do anything if I wanted, right? You must keep your word.”

He once again used the words she uttered when pretending to be a servant in the past as a tool to manipulate her.

“I want my child in your womb.”


That b*stard even told her to look carefully. Could that b*stard spout those disgusting words of love back then? Perhaps he might lose his sanity and reveal his true colors.

Leon laughed, pushing up the cervix, which was swollen like a ripe fruit.

Grace glared at the man who kissed her as soon as he went all the way in. As she observed the man genuinely enjoying himself, her anxiety momentarily subsided.

“Is life a joke? It’s not something to be created so lightly.”

“Who said I decided it lightly?”

Yes, in reality, he seemed so serious that it was terrifying.

“Please come to your senses. Who will raise the child once it is born?”

“We will.”

The man added with a smirk.

To think they would be parents… Imagining that this man and herself would become parents of a child together was a tragedy in itself. Astonished, the man gently pressed his lips against Grace’s lips, making a soft sound, then murmured,

“Of course. Since the father is Leon Winston, they will have as many nannies as the prince, no, even more. So you don’t have to be afraid of the difficulties ahead.”

“That’s not, heup, the problem!”

Grace continued to protest, turning her head to avoid the tongue that tried to intrude into her mouth.

“We are humans with many sins, but why should an innocent child suffer?”

While there might be reasons for this man to be cruel to her, there was no reason to be cruel to an innocent life.

“Don’t you think about the child’s future?”

An illegitimate child, moreover, an illegitimate child born between a commoner who was rebelling against the government and a noble family thriving on the suppression of the anti-government forces. It was obvious that the future wouldn’t be smooth.

Ha… saying this again.”

A sigh escaped Grace’s lips.

“Don’t worry about the child’s future because the father is Leon Winston.”

“Does that even make sense…?”

Pressing her cheeks with his thumb and forefinger, the man continued…

“So, instead of using your tongue like that, use it for something else.”

If pregnancy were the goal, then it would be best to do it quickly. While the man was busy poking his tongue, Grace immersed herself in deep thoughts.

‘…I just can’t understand.’

She was not the devil, so how could she understand the devil?

Still, because Grace had seen that man’s true colors more than anyone else, she was confident that she knew Leon Winston better than anyone in the world. Even though he appeared to be a reckless lunatic, he was a man who would never commit actions that would cause uncontrollable repercussions.

In her eyes, the child born between him and the enemy was a fatal and unbearable burden.

At first, she thought it was an impulsive mistake. However, after several days, it was no mere mistake. Looking back, even on the night of the engagement ceremony, when he seemed angry, his pupils remained calm.

Neither begging nor curses had any effect.

Now, she understood why begging him didn’t work.

…This man was more rational than ever.

In other words, his actions were calculated and deliberate. Because of that, Grace felt even more desperate. Even though she could suppress impulses, there was no way to restrain reason.