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The man lifted his head and looked into her eyes. His gaze urged her to speak, but the words that had surged up from within stuck at the tip of her tongue.

Kill me. Just kill me.

She couldn’t bring herself to do it.

She couldn’t die like this.

Grace closed her mouth and shut her eyes. Her heart tightened abruptly. Questions that she needed the answer to while alive were embedded in her heart like thorns.

“Ah, aht, ah-huht…”

Her body, which was showered in the lavish treatment of a noble, was now covered in sweat. Grace clung to the man’s shoulders with both hands while panting heavily.



The hand that had been holding her waist struck her buttocks, causing her to arch backward with a moan.

“Don’t stop.”

Grace, who had been glaring at the man, tightened her lower abdomen again, which had momentarily relaxed.

There was no reason for Grace to mount this man and move her hips if he hadn’t promised to do it only once tonight. As he did with the deal not to ask about the location of the base, this man had kept about half of his promises honestly.

Of course, he pretended to keep the remaining half while he cunningly broke them.

In the 50-50 probability, she leaned towards the optimistic side for tonight. After all, if she didn’t agree to the deal, there was a 100% chance of despair.

“Grip it and pull until the end, uht…”

As the man issued commands, he abruptly grabbed her waist, stopping himself just in time from almost losing control. Even following his orders didn’t seem to please him.

Tonight, he seemed to be enduring the climax as long as possible, probably to keep his promise.

When the man’s deeply furrowed brow relaxed, she began to rock her hips again. In contrast to this man, she only wished to finish quickly. Since she was on top, feigning ignorance and slipping away if he showed signs of climax would be relatively easy.

The man’s lower abdomen was slick with the liquid that she had spilled, making it easy to slide her butt back and forth along the solid abs.

Uung, ah…”

Grace moaned as she stretched her back while letting out a long sigh. As the man’s member moved in and out, the thick flesh buried inside her rose up and scraped against the most sensitive spots. It was dizzying.

Even when she rotated her hips to change the angle, the stimulation didn’t weaken. On the contrary, the elongated and firm pillar relentlessly explored the inner walls as it swayed vigorously.


She groaned, biting her own finger.

Now, she gets excited just by being touched anywhere. Every time she moved her butt, the vivid sensation of water sloshing and the liquid flowing out became more vivid.

Whether she wanted him to finish quickly or just wanted to leave soon, it became ambiguous. At this point, physical desire eventually swallowed rationality. Grace gripped the sturdy member like a club, thrusting it faster in and out while emitting lewd moans.

The man’s response became more obscene. His face became increasingly difficult to endure as her hip movements grew rougher. Moreover, he even resorted to heavy breathing while lying down without moving a finger.

His chest swelled prominently, and Grace pressed down on his throbbing chest with both hands, shaking her hips vigorously like a fiery colt.

The sound echoed loudly, like a rhythmic tapping.

As he was vigorously pushed towards the climax, the man suddenly grabbed one of her rear. With just that, she found herself unable to move.

The man, with his rising heat, hastily moistened his dry lips and threw a taunt.

“Why do you act like a person being chased?”

His dry voice became hoarse.

“Move slowly. Haa. Don’t stop.”

It felt so good, so why was he like this?

In fact, he knew exactly what he was doing.

Grace, now realizing she had shaken her hips like someone obsessed with lust, felt embarrassed. When the man released her buttocks, she lowered her head deeply to hide her flushed face and gently moved her lower body.

‘I’ll finish it quickly.’

She decided to slow down the pace according to his instructions but planned to use some tricks.

Grace raised both hands towards the man. Although he knew everything, he feigned ignorance, tilted his head to the side, and raised an eyebrow. She briefly considered strangling him but held back.

“…Hold my hands.”

At that moment, the smile on the man’s face was like the pure smile of a boy from Abbington Beach.

Her heart sank.

The man intertwined his fingers with hers, placing his pinky finger under hers for a firm grip.

“Keep going.”

Her numbed mind came back when the man bounced his hips, urging her. To think of her first love from this despicable bastard who treated her like cattle. Amidst the loud thumping of her heart, Grace bit her lip in frustration.

She gripped his hand painfully and lifted her buttocks. Instead of the previous back-and-forth movement, her body now bounced up and down—lifting her buttocks until the tip of his pillar caught on her open, then abruptly lowered her back down.

Smack, slap.

The sound of flesh colliding echoed loudly, like the sound of slapping cheeks.

The movements were so rough that when the flesh collided, her fluids splashed visibly through the gaps. Not content with that, Grace quickly grasped the pillar of flesh that surged in during that brief moment of descent.

She relentlessly drove Winston to the edge of climax.


The response from the other side was immediate. He frowned and let go of her hand. He tangled his hair, which had always been tidy, without a single strand out of place.

It showed his exasperation.

Her skill of satisfying a man was getting better day by day. A bitter laugh escaped unknowingly.

As Grace continued to lift and lower her butt, the man’s gaze changed. When he clasped her hands, it used to be the eyes for Daisy, but now, it was the eyes of someone devouring Sally, who was locked naked in the bathtub.

“Hold it. Huh?”

She extended her empty hand, protruding her lips in a sulking manner. The man’s neck jumped noticeably as he eagerly grabbed her hand, emitting a satisfied groan.

This cute gesture was, in fact, a trick by her to tie his hands to prevent him from stopping her movements.

To get the man to leave quickly, she began to act out an unfamiliar role by acting coquettishly. She turned her waist more explicitly and straightened it to emphasize the swaying chest even more. Mixing a moan and deliberately elongating her words.

She was once again amazed by the skills she had secretly acquired.

Ah, ahht, ahhng…”

“Feels good, honey?”

Leon asked while looking at the woman who willingly shook her hips.

“Feels, hunt, strange.”

The swollen lips reddened due to intense kissing, were pressed down by her white teeth. Through the constant moans, obscene sounds continuously sprang forth. Between half-closed eyelids, the blue eyes shook.

The naked body, with not a single spot of flesh covered, seemed like a delicate body that might break if held wrong anywhere.

Watching the woman, who was devouring him fiercely with her small body, Leon also felt strange.

“Is it delicious? You’re eating well.”

He swallowed dryly and slid his gaze between her legs. At that moment, her firm flesh was actively sucking Leon’s member.

The woman stopped.

Seeing a clear drop of love juice flowing down the swollen pillar, Leon’s throat tightened even more. The woman, who had been tirelessly lifting and lowering her buttocks, sighed heavily when she saw him observing her as if entranced.

Uung, ah, stop, huht, stop looking.”

To tell someone not to look, they would want to look even more. Watching the woman’s sensual body movements and strange sounds, Leon took a long, satisfied breath.

His spine was already trembling. The vivid sensations, from sensual movements and peculiar sounds to the overwhelming heat and touch, poured down like a torrential rain. It seemed like he would be the loser of today’s battle.

However, when this long war finally came to an end, he would be the ultimate winner.

“No one will know how naughty it is when you twist your hips and moan on top of me like a female in heat.”

Leon was intoxicated by the conqueror’s sense of being the only one knowing this woman’s secret side.

Whether due to the shaking of her body or the overwhelming heat rising to her head in an instant, Grace’s focus kept becoming increasingly blurred. She made an effort to direct her erratic gaze toward the man.

If she saw correctly, those misty blue eyes were no different from the eyes of a drug addict.

She was utterly defenseless. It felt like he could kill her in a moment of carelessness.