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Regrettably, she couldn’t kill him because her hands were restrained. The moment she made a feeble excuse to herself, the man released his grip. He raised his knees and placed Grace’s hands on them.

“I told you not to stop.”

Only after Leon reprimanded her did the woman start shaking her hips, gripping his knees. Her body naturally arched, and her plump flesh protruded even more alluringly.

Each time the woman’s body moved, the heavy breasts bounced up and down, creating an irresistibly seductive scene. Along with the lascivious movements, her now considerably lengthened hair also swayed provocatively. A few chestnut-brown strands, twisted like a rope, clung to the flesh that had sprung out.

Even for someone not inclined toward perversion, this was beyond their limits.

The woman stared at him with eyes that expressed a desire to wind her hair around his neck and squeeze it. Leon chuckled and freed the strands of hair entwined around the n*pple, letting them fall behind her shoulder.

Now, let me indulge you with your favorite play.

The hand that had been caressing her round shoulders slid down and seized the bouncing breast that surged upward. The sensation of the sweaty flesh sticking to the palm always evoked a strange sense of fullness.

“Behave yourself.”


He forcibly kept the woman’s hands down as she tried to remove his hands and, with both hands, freely massaged the soft flesh.

Was she still embarrassed to admit that this felt good?

Ignoring the woman’s struggles, the inner walls mimicked his motions, overtly massaging over his member. As he enjoyed the texture of the smooth flesh moving up and down, a deep moan echoed from the depths of his chest, making.

Unlike him, the woman bit her lips, suppressing the moans. He couldn’t endure it, yet the woman seemed capable of enduring it.

His judgment was skewed.

Leon flicked both of the glossy n*pples with his fingertips.


A sharp cry erupted, and the woman’s body jumped up, then descended with a thud. Before she could cover herself, Leon seized her breasts with both hands.

“Your breasts have changed.”

Having touched and explored the same area daily for at least an hour or two, he couldn’t miss the subtle changes.

“They’ve grown larger.”

As if measuring the size, he flattened the flesh with the palm of his hand. While it had fit perfectly into his large hands not long ago, now it overflowed.

Leon pressed the fleshy mass, rolling his palm slowly and lifting the corners of his mouth gently.

“The feel has become firmer.”

His hand swept downward.

As it moved along the damp skin, it paused just before reaching the place where their bodies met. Then, he lightly tapped the still-flat lower abdomen of the woman with his fingertips. His tapping was as rhythmic as a heartbeat as if asking if there might be another heart hiding inside.

“Is my child in here?”

Grace glared at him as if she were about to kill him, her heartbeat falling into the pit where his fingertips touched.

No. It couldn’t be.

However, she wasn’t ignorant of the higher probability of that being the case.

“They say the body changes when you have a child. How does it feel for you?”

As his fingertips explored the lower abdomen, which was now covered in cold sweat, he kept asking, wanting to confirm it.


“Stop it.”

“Since it’s your body, shouldn’t you know?”

“What? My body? Has there ever been a time when my body was mine since you laid your hands on it?”

In an instant, anger surged, swallowing reason. Grace rushed towards the man.


With hands that were holding each other just a moment ago like lovers, she now grabbed the man’s throat, attempting to strangle him.

“With bare hands?”

Winston only laughed.

She knew, too, that killing this man with her bare hands was impossible. Still, there were no chains or ropes within her reach.


As expected, while thinking she would be subdued in an instant, he pulled her body with one arm. Grace squirmed to escape from his embrace, thinking he would punish her.

“At least this much is fun to do?”

Her expectation that there was going to be punishment was wrong. He pulled her arm before using her forearm to press against his throat, placing it where his pulse throbbed.

“I understand that you want to kill me. Even from my perspective, I’ll look like a savage beast.”

No, you seem more like a calculated and despicable human. That’s why I hate you so much.

Winston still pitied her. Even though she knew it was a mockery, Grace leaned her weight on the arm pressing against his throat.

“Just die right now.”

With their eyes locked closely enough to feel each other’s rough breaths, she cursed him through gritted teeth. This time, the pale irises around the man’s eyes gradually spread with red blood vessels like cracks. The heartbeat that pounded rapidly under the arm slowly slowed down.

“Die, huk.”

The bloodshot eyes suddenly became blurred. The large hand approached, and Winston wiped her tears with his thumb. She couldn’t understand why she was crying this time.

The man, who was calmly wiping away tears, asked in an occasionally broken voice.

“Do you really want to kill me?”


“You can’t kill me. Just like I can’t kill you.”

“…Nonsense, shut up!”

Grace gritted her teeth and pressed harder on the man’s throat.

“Are you asking me to kill you or what?!”

“Fine, but at least know this. Men ejaculate when they suffocate.”

Before Grace could fully grasp the meaning, the man grabbed her waist abruptly.

“Please tell our child that Dad sacrificed his life to create it.”

“Let go! Let go of this!”

Grace tried to push his hands away with all her strength, but it was in vain. In the hands holding her, there was the man’s determination to pour everything into her until the very end.


Winston wasn’t satisfied and lifted her waist. She tried to pull out his organ by pushing her buttocks back, but it was impossible. He tightly grasped her waist so hard that it tingled from the blocked blood flow and forcefully thrust, making a sound like a pounding drum.

“You seem cuter today. If that’s the case.”

Ugh, please, let go!”

As she thrashed about, the arm that had been choking him had somehow found its way to clutch the bed. It was his perfect victory.

Suddenly, Grace’s body flipped, and her back met the bed.

The man not only subdued her but also thrust a pillar of flesh into her. As the organ circled inside her, a sharp pleasure surged, stifling her breath.

Heuk, ah, ahht…”

In a conqueror’s fashion, the man forced her to lie on all fours before he grabbed her hair like reins and mercilessly thrust into her like a maddened beast.

It was a method of humiliating the defeated.

How long did she gasp while enduring the incessant penetration of the male organ? An overwhelming pleasure surged unexpectedly, engulfing her entire body. Grace reached an unwanted climax and screamed.


“This is your destiny. Can you feel it?”

The man, as if soothing the inner flesh that clung to his organ, asked.

“Your body accepts me, so now, you must accept it as well. If you were a wise person, you would have done so already.”


“Prisoners try to gain favor with their captors… You’re pathetic in that regard.”

Fighting against the persistent pleasure all over her body, Grace gritted her teeth.

Even though you already like me, you commit such cruel acts without hesitation.

Even if she gained more favor, her life wouldn’t improve from its current state.

“Ah, don’t worry. No matter how pathetic a prisoner you are, I will never give up on you.”

Soon, you’ll have only me left… and then you have no choice but to accept me.

Leon laughed, releasing the dull force applied to her butt.


With her face buried in the sheet, Grace let out a desperate cry.

Every time the man bounced his waist, her stomach squirmed. It was evident that he had just come. Although she knew it was a futile act, Grace moved her hips to withdraw the organ, but the hand that forcefully held her waist grew stronger.

A drawer-opening sound was heard from near her head.

Turning her head, she saw the man retrieving a handheld mirror from the nightstand. As soon as the mirror was placed on the bed, her body jolted upward.


She spread her legs over Winston’s thigh, trembling as the fleshy pillar penetrated even deeper, and sparks danced before her eyes.


He lifted the mirror and exhaled hot breath into her ear.

“Take a good look.”

It was an invitation to look at the mirror reflecting the obscene scene with the large organ deeply embedded in her.

When Grace turned her head away, the man forcefully turned her chin, making her face the mirror. He even bit her ear to force her to open her eyes and look at the mirror reflecting the lewd scene.

The sight before her eyes was simply a mess.