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Ethan stared at me earnestly as if confirming if it was real. I faintly smiled and nodded. He burst into tears once again, expressing his gratitude.

“Thank you… Thank you, so much…”

And for the next thirty minutes or so, Ethan confessed everything he knew to us.

…..The truth we faced was more horrifying than I could have imagined.

* * *

Three days later.

According to the summons from the Crown Prince, the heads of the powerful noble families gathered in one place.

“It’s impressive that all seventeen families are present. Well, that’s good fortune for me. Don’t you all think so?”

Some of the nobles laughed and played along with the Crown Prince’s frivolous remarks. They were the ones who frequently socialized with the Crown Prince, even before.

Those who didn’t join the laughter either forced an awkward smile or, like Theodore, maintained a poker face. Although they sided with the Crown Prince for political reasons, their personalities didn’t quite match his.

“Well, anyway, today, I’ve gathered the seventeen noble families, my reliable allies, for a reason…”

The Crown Prince glanced briefly at me. At that moment, I felt numerous eyes focusing on me. Among them were Queen Ellemiel and the Crown Princess.

…The Crown Princess wasn’t much of a challenge, but the Queen’s gaze felt significantly weighty. If she thought I was a spy for the enemy, she would not hesitate to kill me for the greater good.

“…For the purpose of plotting the downfall of the Everett family. How about that? Exciting, isn’t it?”

It was indeed a bombshell statement, and naturally, the audience began to stir. Whether they liked it or not, the Crown Prince remained nonchalant.

“There is solid evidence to bring about the downfall of the Everett family. The credit for obtaining it goes to Duchess Valentino.”

This time, astonished or skeptical gazes turned towards me. I stood there expressionless, just blinking my eyes. The suspicions and gazes didn’t frighten me. Well, the Queen’s was a bit scary.

“Duchess Valentino… isn’t she originally from House Everett?”

“Is she someone we can trust…”

“Your Highness, I would like to hear more details.”

“While it’s always welcome to strike at Everett, we need solid evidence to bring other families into our influence…”

Amidst the cacophony of voices, the Crown Prince clapped his hands to quiet everyone. Gradually, his gaze grew more serious.

“Everyone, do you think I gathered you here without substantial evidence? This secret meeting room is equipped for such a large number of people, and even Mother attended. This matter will soon reach the King’s ears. That’s obvious. Even Duke Everett will find out soon enough.”

When many nobles gather in one place, someone is bound to notice. Whether it’s birds listening during the day or mice at night, today’s gathering was likely to be known to the enemy’s forces.

Even that was part of the calculation. In other words, this time, we were determined to bring about the downfall of the Everett family definitely…

‘…And seize the throne.’

“I plan to ascend the throne before the end of this winter. Didn’t you all hope to welcome the new year with a new king?”

This time, the audience reacted with a different kind of commotion. Some were visibly excited. Perhaps these were people who had long wished for a change in leadership.

“You finally made a decision, Your Highness!”

“I believed in Your Highness no matter what anyone said… huh!”

Some even shed tears of joy. It was intriguing how moved they were. Well, considering that the Fraunces Kingdom under King Roderick wasn’t a good country to live in.

“I’m truly grateful for everyone’s enthusiastic response. I, too, have believed in you all along.”

These seventeen powerful families were the Crown Prince’s amassed influence, gathered over a long period. Of course, among them, Valentino and Delacroix had only recently joined.

“Now then, Duchess Valentino.”

The Crown Prince addressed me. I nodded at him and gestured to Derek, who was standing at the entrance.

After a while, Derek entered the meeting room with a figure cloaked in a long coat.

It was, of course, Ethan.

“Before this person testifies, let me give a brief explanation.”

Approaching Ethan with Theodore, I addressed the audience while remaining calm. As we stood at the center of the circular meeting room, countless gazes focused on us. Without hesitation, I calmly continued speaking.

“This person is a victim of House Everett. Please consider this point, and refrain from blaming him excessively.”

“So, who on earth is he?”

Someone asked with a slightly frustrated tone. It was someone lacking patience. I closed my eyes momentarily, then opened them, continuing my speech calmly.

“…His name is Ethan Milard. He has worked as a wizard for the Everett family for approximately the last fifteen years.”

“A wizard for House Everett?”

“Wait a minute, he looks familiar.”

“Wasn’t he the one always with Owen Everett….”

“That’s right! That guy!”

People murmured loudly. The Crown Prince promptly clapped his hands to clear things up. I expressed my gratitude to him with a nod and continued.

“But he wasn’t willingly working for Everett. He had circumstances that forced him into such a position. He…”

I looked at Ethan as if seeking permission. He nodded, indicating that he was okay, then slowly raised both hands to grab the hood and pulled it down.

Gradually, the sound of people holding their breath was heard.

“That person, his appearance…”

“What on earth is that?”

“His skin…”

… I anticipated such reactions, but it left a bitter taste. I hoped that Ethan, who had already endured painful days, would no longer be hurt…

At that moment, Ethan smiled at me, a smile that seemed to understand my feelings.


Why does that smile that conveyed ‘it’s okay’ feel sad?

Ethan’s quiet voice echoed throughout the meeting room.

“Everyone, I am not someone who is alive and well… I am a corpse resurrected by the ‘Dead Resurrection’.”

Immediately, astonished gasps erupted from everywhere.