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“What are you talking about? A corpse?”

“If it’s the Dead Resurrection, isn’t that magic long forbidden?”

Amidst the commotion, Ethan smiled bitterly.

His calm attitude, as if expecting such reactions, weighed heavily on my heart.

He spoke slowly.

“I didn’t choose to be like this. I will tell you everything from now on, about the sins committed by Duchy Everett over the past few decades…”

People stopped their murmurs and turned their attention to Ethan while listening intently. Ethan’s voice, starting with his simple personal details, was calm to the point of being sorrowful.

“My dream was to become a wizard, but my family was poor, and I couldn’t attend the capital’s academy. As you all know, there’s only one solution in such cases. It’s getting the sponsorship of a noble family.

The one who extended a helping hand to Ethan, who was seeking a sponsor, happened to be Duke Everett, about 20 years ago. As Ethan urgently needed to take care of his younger sister, he took the Duke’s hand, and thanks to that, he could live in the capital with his sister for four years and attend the academy.

However, misfortune struck after graduating from the academy.

“Not long after graduating from the academy, one day, my younger sister went missing.”

Despite searching everywhere for his sister, Ethan couldn’t find any traces. The one who offered help to Ethan was once again Duke Everett.

“Duke Everett promised to find my younger sister. In return, I had to become his wizard and participate in the research he had been conducting for a long time. That research was… creating a dark spirit.”

Theodore and I provided a brief explanation to the people about the dark spirit and showed them the seal stone containing the dormant dark spirit as evidence.

Those who learned about the dark spirit reacted not only with astonishment but also with terror.

“A thousand people…? A thousand people’s souls?”

“How could such a horrifying act…”

“Does that mean the dark spirit can cause rifts? And Duchy Everett has been exploiting that?”

“This is… This is an unforgivable grave sin!”

“Right! Those damned Everetts were carrying out such horrible acts behind our backs!”

The heads of the seventeen families were furious and unanimously decided to destroy the Everetts.

At that moment, someone unexpectedly made a statement.

“…..My older sister went missing in the capital during a large-scale disappearance incident.”

It was none other than the head of the Norbert family.

The Norberts were originally a knightly family, but after a century of notable achievements, they were granted the title of Count and rose to the ranks of the influential families.

Though lacking the long history and legitimacy like other families, they were renowned for the exceptional skills of their knights.

However, unless it was a time of crisis, they didn’t easily involve themselves in politics, making it difficult to seek them as political alliances. Yet, about a year ago, it seemed the Crown Prince had succeeded in persuading them.

When the head of the Norbert family spoke up for the first time today, the assembly fell silent. Perhaps there was a profound anger in his voice.

“That disappearance incident was the doing of the Everett family…”

A chilling silence filled the meeting room. At that moment, everyone might have had the same thought. And that thought was confirmed by Count Norbert’s next words.

“So, my older sister is now trapped inside that sealed stone….becoming part of the dark spirit?”

A gasp echoed in the room. A heavy atmosphere, so weighty that even I, who had remained expressionless until now, found my mouth hanging open. The recent revelation….had undoubtedly delivered a vivid horror to everyone present.

“…..Your Highness.”

It took a while, but Count Norbert finally broke the silence. There was a frosty glare in his eyes.

“I will never forgive the Everett family. Your Highness, you must ascend to the throne. I offer the Norbert Knights of the North Wind for this cause.”

Many people expressed surprise, and even the Crown Prince seemed momentarily at a loss for words. It was no wonder, the Norbert Knights of the North Wind were renowned for their formidable strength.

To obtain the support of the original Norbert Knights of the North Wind was no easy feat. However, Count Norbert had just pledged to dedicate them to the Crown Prince’s cause.

It was a clear message that he would actively help usurp the throne.

“…Count Norbert, I deeply appreciate your contribution. I, too, will help you in achieving your vengeance.”

The Crown Prince spoke with an unusually serious tone. It seemed a different aura enveloped him, reminiscent of the time when he had doubted me.

The Crown Prince’s cheerful demeanor was likely half his genuine personality and half a carefully crafted facade. The fact was that he was not all fun and games. Behind his mischievous appearance hid a seasoned individual, and that was why so many powerful noble families had joined his side.

If he were to ascend to the throne… well, who could say for sure? People were unpredictable, but he might indeed be a ruler worthy of serving, more so than King Roderick.