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“Something seems off.”

“Well, I think the same, actually.”

Radel agreed to Theodore’s opinion. His gaze that was focused on the enemy camp, had become noticeably more serious.

“Even if Owen Everett is one thing, it’s very strange that Hessen Everett hasn’t stepped forward until now.”

“True. He should have appeared a long time ago…”

As he squinted slightly, Radel observed the frontline of the intense battle. Suddenly, a large flame erupted from the enemy camp. It was a flame that was artificially created using magic.


“Ah, don’t go out there.”

Radel restrained Theodore, who was about to rush forward. At the moment when several fireballs were about to hit the Alliance’s forces, a vigorous stream of wind and clear water appeared from somewhere, dancing like a performance and intercepting the fireballs. It was Philist, Radel’s master’s magic.

“Those fireballs are the work of Duke Alvinith. Fire and explosion magic are his specialties. Look over there.”

Theodore shifted his gaze in the direction Radel pointed. Indeed, Duke Alvinith, who was mounted on a white horse, continued to create fireballs with a long staff.

“He seems to be focusing on an all-out attack, judging by the non-stop barrage.”

Radel chuckled in pity. Behind Duke Alvinith, his wizards were assisting him. Instead of directly attacking, they seemed to play a role in replenishing Duke Alvinith’s magic.

On the other hand, Philist, with only two disciples, effortlessly neutralized Duke Alvinith’s magic. His ability to manipulate all elements freely made him truly worthy of being called the best wizard in existence.

“If the Master is present, there’s no need to worry about Duke Alvinith. The problem is…”

The main figures on the battlefield are not appearing.

Theodore and Radel exchanged glances for a moment, a moment where a hint of suspicion crossed their eyes.

“Your Majesty! Duke Valentino!”

Zen Delacroix suddenly appeared out of nowhere with a golden breeze. He was riding on a courser with golden fur. His face showed signs of urgency.

“Brother-in-law, what’s going on?”

“I visited Duke Everett’s castle!”

Zen answered Radel’s question hastily. In that moment, both Theodore and Radel froze, their expressions hardening.

A foreboding sensation brushed through their minds.

“I went for a reconnaissance mission, and something seemed off, so I investigated further. However… I couldn’t find Owen and Hessen Everett anywhere in the Everett Castle or the enemy camp!”

Zen’s words that were thrown like a bomb, ignited the suspicions that had been lingering. Theodore’s eyes flashed and he quickly grabbed the reins and approached Zen.

“The location of the hideout, you remember?”

“Of, of course!”

Zen answered loudly. Since Zen had visited the hideout in advance, he could move there in an instant using Ventus’s power.

Revealing the hideout’s location to Zen was a decision made by both Theodore and Lily. It was a precautionary measure, in case they really needed to use Ventus’s power. Theodore clenched his jaw and spoke urgently.

“Come with me to the hideout immediately. Your Majesty, I will go with Young Duke Delacroix to the hideout. Please permit us.”

“Of course, I grant it. Hurry.”

Radel gestured urgently telling them they should hurry. He, too, felt a sense of urgency. If Lily’s hideout that was discovered by Owen was not where Lily was present, it would be where the Empress and the Queen Mother were.

“We’ll be back soon.”

Theodore and Zen quickly bowed, and in an instant they disappeared along with the golden breeze. Radel sighed heavily, feeling as if a lump of lead was on his chest.

* * *

Theodore and Zen, who had moved to the hideout, quickly entered the room where Lily was staying.

Immediately, they saw Lily, leaning on Owen’s chest with limp arms.


Theodore and Zen almost simultaneously shouted. However, before their powers could reach Owen, he smiled faintly and disappeared in an instant.


Theodore’s hand reached into the air where he tried to grab Lily. He slammed his fist onto the ground fueled by anger. There, remnants of magic from a teleportation spell lingered.

“Darn it…”

His clenched fist trembled. The anger was scorching like lava, and the despair was as profound as an abyss. Lily, he needs to find Lily. Just assuming that something might have happened to Lily drove Theodore nearly insane.

“Duke Valentino, calm down for now.”

Surprisingly, Zen remained composed. However, his complexion turned a ghastly shade of blue.

“Fortunately, before Lily disappeared, Ventus successfully put a spirit mark on her.”