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And so, with Jane, Charlotte, and a few servants, along with the knights entrusted with my protection, I headed towards the hiding place.

The location of the hiding place was highly confidential. The only outsider who knew the exact location was King Radel, and among the Valentino family, only a few, including Theodore, were aware of it.

“….Well then, I’ll be going. I wish you good luck.”

Before leaving, I bid farewell to Theodore. There was nothing I could do on the battlefield as it required physical strength. It was wise to avoid being noticed by the enemy and becoming an obstacle

I suddenly thought, how nice it would have been if I had learned sword or archery. Of course, with this body, I wouldn’t be able to fight properly, but…

“Lily, it’s better not to push yourself any further. …Please.”

Theodore pleaded with a sincere tone. It seemed he was worried that I might use Somnia’s power even after reaching the hiding place. I sighed softly and nodded. There was no need to worry. Somnia wouldn’t lend her power any further.

— No more. You’ll die if you continue.

‘Yes, I got it. I’ll be careful.’

I replied to Somnia in my mind and then reassured Theodore.

“I won’t push myself, so don’t worry. And… please, stay safe. I wish you well.”

The words I could offer to someone who was leaving to the battlefield, where life and death were uncertain, felt trivial.

But there was nothing else to say. After delivering my best advice, I slowly turned away from him, feeling the anxiety and earnestness in my heart.

Please, I hope we can win.

* * *

“Enemy attack! Enemy attack!”

The thunderous sound of war horns announcing the war echoed loudly.

After Lily had left for the hiding place, the Everett family’s army launched a surprise attack on the Alliance army first.

It was as King Radel predicted that the Everett family would strike first. However, due to the unexpected speed of the attack, the alliance’s response was not swift.

Fortunately, thanks to Valentino’s experienced army, immediate casualties were minimized. Ironically, the accumulated experience of dealing with rifts artificially created by Everett proved helpful in battling against them.

“Did you say that there were problems with Owen Everett’s perception and vision?”

“As per my wife’s report.”

Theodore responded bluntly to King Radel’s question. The two were side by side, observing the enemy’s camp.

Radel Lancius glimpsed anxiety hidden behind Theodore’s calm demeanor. Amidst this, his heart was with Lily Valentino. Well, he himself seems to be in a similar situation. Radel chuckled as he thought about his wife and mother.

Having someone to protect is a double-edged sword. It helps fortify the mind even in extreme situations, but at the same time, it can make one vulnerable.

“In fact, my wife is pregnant.”

Although it wasn’t the best time to share such news, Radel grinend and spoke as if bragging.

Theodore, looking surprised, blinked before lowering his head and responding seriously.

“I offer my congratulations.”

“I hope it’s a daughter, but my wife wishes for a son. What about Duke Valentino? Do you think it’ll be a girl or a boy?”


Theodore openly expressed a face that wondered why Radel was asking about such matters now. Radel burst into a loud laugh. He had always liked Theodore’s serious and earnest nature. He could envision a lasting friendship with Theodore once this battle was over, and everything settled.

Though the future was still uncertain, Radel was born to view everything positively.

“Please give me a few good names to consider. My mother decided to name the child, but I’m open to suggestions from Duke Valentino as well.”

“I can’t think of any.”

“Don’t be like that…”

As Valentino’s knights rushed forward, gaining the upper hand, the tide began to turn in favor of the Alliance.

The initial chaos caused by the surprise attack was short-lived. With around fifty noble houses contributing, the Alliance steadily pushed back the Everett army.

However, one thing felt strange, no matter how much he thought about it.


The pressure in Theodore’s grip on the reins intensified. What he had expected to happen around this time was not unfolding.

The battle between spirit contractors.

When one side’s army started to falter, the spirit contractors would step forward. Unleashing the power of the spirits not only boosted the morale of the troops but ultimately decided the outcome of the war.

However, so far the situation was ripe.

‘Why isn’t he showing up? Owen Everett.’

The two brothers of the Everett family, the spirit contractors, were not in sight. Not even Hessen Everett, who he had expected to step up first.