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“It must be your first time walking along the beach like this.”
“Yes. It is.”

Kael and Adeline walked alongside the beach as they watched the sea preparing to embrace the falling sun.
As it was a space connected to the inside of the castle, it was a quiet beach that was only allowed to those who had access to the castle.
Originally, it was a secret space that was only allowed to the Tien family and the nobles they allowed, but after the previous marquis gave access to the people who worked in the castle, that policy continued.

“There are so many beaches that are known as the pride of the East, but I love this place the most.”
“May I ask why?”
“It’s a place with a lot of memories. And of course, the beach itself is so beautiful.”

Adeline smiled and reflected on her memories.

“I came here whenever I had a chance. If the sky was blue, I came because it was blue; if it rained, I came because it was raining; if it was hot, I came because it was hot; and if it was cold, I came because it was cold.”

Kael quietly listened, then smiled.

“My brothers played in the water a lot, so I have a lot of memories of them. Ah, when we fought each other, we met here and made up. Maybe because there’s no better place to release your anger? Everyone came here.”

Adeline shook her head, unable to stop her memories, and led Kael up the sandy beach. She spread out the fabric she brought, sat on it, and beckoned Kael to sit next to her.
Kael sat down next to her as Adeline led him. What he saw in front of him was a magnificent view of the pink sky and the sea embracing the sun.

“What did you do with Brother Enoch today? I knew it was going to get busy, but I didn’t realize the schedule was so tight that we couldn’t even talk until evening.”
“Ah. The conversation went on longer than expected. There were a lot of people to meet. The Marquis and I are discussing a new road.”
“A road?”
“We are planning to repair the entire road that connects the north and the east, and even make a new one.”

At first, it was to deter and retaliate against the emperor, but the more they examined the situation, the greater the gains from the connection between the north and the east would be.
Kael and Enoch were making the game bigger than they had originally expected and planned.

“And you? How did you spend your day?”
“I’ve only been looking at Eden the whole time. I feel like the baby is getting bigger every day. It’s so amazing.”

The name of her first nephew was Eden, the same as the middle name of the previous marquis. Enoch wanted to leave a trace of his father on the child, and Theresa also agreed that they should do so, so the child’s name was decided.

“But the time is too fast. Tomorrow is already the day to return to the North.”

Adeline, who had been quietly staring at the sea, muttered.
It had already been six days since Kael and Adeline had come to the east. They had to go back to the north tomorrow.

“As I said before, you can stay here. You can stay as long as you want and come back.”
“You’re saying that again. I told you. I’m going back with you.”
“There’s no need to overdo it.”
“I’m not overdoing it. Why is returning to the place I live in overdoing it? That place is my home now.”

Kael’s heart throbbed again when he heard that Adeline’s home was in the north.

“Ah, how about the East that you’ve been observing? You’ve seen a lot now, so you can tell me in detail.”

Adeline’s eyes sparkled as she asked Kael what his impression of the east was. She was very curious about how Kael perceived her space.

“The seafood in the North is no match to the seafood here. I can assure you.”

Adeline burst into laughter at the playful words she had never expected to hear first. The corners of Kael’s mouth also rose.

“It’s amazing that the sun is pouring out wherever you go, and it’s also amazing that the people are so bright that they resemble the sun. Now that I’ve come to the East, I understand why outsiders call the northerners emotionless.”
“Although the easterners are exceptionally bright.”
“The weather is also really warm. To a surprising degree.”

It was hard to believe that it was winter. In fact, the current weather was autumn weather as far as the north was concerned.

“Come to think of it… Are you really not the slightest bit cold?”
“Yes. I’m just right.”

Unlike Adeline, who wore a thick cloak, Kael was wearing only a uniform jacket. He was wearing one at the very least because the sun was setting. During the day, he surprised everyone by walking around without a coat.

“But you brought out your cloak even though you’re not cold?”
“I was afraid you would need it. It gets cold when you stay outside for a long time.”

He said it to tease her, but Adeline’s ears turned red.
Kael, who was not feeling the cold at all, said that he had only brought out his thick cloak for Adeline and made her feel soft.

“When we go back to the north, a title ceremony will be held.”
“A title ceremony?”
“It’s a ceremony to grant you the title of grand duchess once more. In front of the northerners. The northern tiara will be yours.”

Adeline looked at Kael with wide-open eyes. According to his explanation, it was an important event.

“It should have been held a little earlier, but a lot has been happening meanwhile.”
“There was a lot of work.”
“It will be in a month from now. Enoch is working very hard to prepare.”
“Is there anything I need to prepare separately?”
“None. All you need to do is stay healthy until that day.”

Kael said as he gave Adeline the cloak he had.
The sun, which had dyed the sky and sea red, quickly disappeared, and the darkness that had come was quickly spreading everywhere.
The sea breeze felt colder, and the temperature around them changed. Kael hoped that the cold coming to him would not hurt Adeline.

“Your nose is getting red.”

Adeline’s cheeks turned bright red because of the warmth coming from the cloak with Kael’s scent.

“Ahem, the sun has set quickly. Please wait a bit longer. Then you’ll see what I said I would show you.”

Adeline, who had deliberately avoided looking at Kael in case she would be caught, felt embarrassed and changed the topic.
She didn’t just bring Kael here to show him the beach.

“Will you not tell me what it is in advance?”
“Never. It’s no fun like that.”

Kael tried to ask her, but Adeline defended herself resolutely. It was something that had to be faced in person in a blank state. She could never tell him first.

“You really just have to wait a little more. Just a little.”

Adeline stressed again and again. The traces of the sun that had turned purple had to disappear completely, and it was disappearing very quickly.

“Now! Did you see it just now?”

Adeline tapped Kael on the arm and pointed to the sky.

“No, I missed…”

As soon as he tried to say that he had missed it, a shooting star fell into Kael’s sight.
After seeing one, it quickly turned into two or three, and soon, a huge amount of shooting stars poured into the sea. It was a meteor shower.

“Today is the day of the meteor shower party.”
“The north is also full of stars, so you may have seen a lot of meteor showers already, but you’ve never seen the shooting stars fall over the sea like this. I really wanted to show you.”

As Adeline said, meteor showers were not a particularly rare phenomenon in the north. It was a place naturally close to the stars, and moreover, Kael had spent a long time outside going around many battlefields, so he faced meteor showers, both big and small, more often.
However, it was the first time he had seen a meteor shower scattered over the sea like this. It felt completely different from the shooting stars that filled the sky.
Kael was mesmerized by the meteor shower of the sea.
It was so mysterious and so beautiful that he couldn’t take his eyes off it.

“What do you think?”
“It’s magnificent. That’s all I can say.”

Adeline smiled softly when she heard a voice filled with sincere admiration. She felt proud that the gift she had prepared had worked well.

“Thank you. For showing me such a beautiful scene.”

After looking at the sky for a long time, Kael soon turned his head to meet Adeline’s eyes.
Although it was a mesmerizing meteor shower, the truth was that Kael’s favorite star was in Adeline’s eyes.
Looking at each other like this, that star was so lovely today.

“If you make a wish while looking at a meteor shower above the sea, that wish will come true.”
“Yes. So let’s make a wish together.”

Although he hesitated for a moment, Kael quietly closed his eyes. It was something he would never do normally. But now he had a desperate wish that he hoped would come true.

‘What is he wishing for?’

Instead of making a wish right away, Adeline stared at Kael with his eyes closed.
It was quite amazing to see him making a wish like this. Even the awkwardness he felt because he didn’t pray often was cute.
Adeline took a little more of Kael in her eyes, then slowly turned her head to pray to the sky.

She had only one wish.
If Kael prayed for help in letting Adeline go safely, or if he prayed to forget his feelings for her, she prayed for his wish not to come true.
Even though she knew it was a distorted wish, and even though she knew it was selfish, Adeline prayed earnestly.
While hoping that Kael would not let her go.