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As I realized that all my misfortunes had led me to this point, a surge of anger welled up inside me. I didn’t see this as some noble destiny. It was unjust but I have to begrudgingly accept it. As long as I live, I have to bring an end to the Everett family.

‘Yes, I will bring down the Everetts. I’ve already come halfway. The war will result in the victory of the alliance, so…’

Now, all that remained was to deal with Owen Everett. Hessen would be captured by the alliance and face judgment. Once that happened, there would be no direct heir to the Everetts. The prestigious Everett lineage would come to a complete end.

‘After Everett falls, the turmoil in the world won’t just end.’

The Everett family’s relatives, the loyalists, and allies of the Everetts, including Duke Alvinith and other noble families who stood by Everett’s side. Everyone will all face trials. Some may resist and revolt. The people will feel uneasy amidst this chaos.

But that will be King Radel along with his followers’ responsibility. Once I’ve killed Owen, I plan to disappear from this chaotic stage.

‘I’ll end Owen Everett here, even if I’m also going to be hit.’

After all, revenge is my wish. Whatever my fate may be, I truly want revenge.

Because I can’t cleanse my heart’s grudges without destroying Owen thoroughly.

As long as this hatred remains, I cannot find happiness. I will carry this grudge with me until my dying breath, my heart will be burning black.

It felt as though the Great Spirit’s mysterious gaze was upon me.

Then, something surprising happened. The immense presence that surrounded me embraced me.

It offered comfort and soothing.


I remained still, unsure of how to react.

After a moment, the Great Spirit’s will reached me. It was like a nonverbal language imprinted directly on my soul. The message was clear ‘Permission’.

‘…..! Will you release Somnia’s constraint?”

Then, once again, the sensation of the Great Spirit’s will brushed against me. This time, the message was easier to interpret ‘Dangerous, not permanent, temporary.’

‘Even if it’s temporary, it’s okay.’

I urgently replied. Truly, even if it was just for a minute, it didn’t matter. If I could fully harness Somnia’s power even for a moment, it would be easy to shatter Owen’s sanity.

The Great Spirit’s will gently conveyed its agreement. Overjoyed, I smiled broadly for a moment before my consciousness was once again pushed somewhere else.

This time, I accepted it more readily. I understood that the Great Spirit was returning me to my dream space. I bid my final farewell to the Great Spirit.

‘Thank you, Great Spirit.’

And then, the overwhelming flow enveloped me once more.


— Lily!

As I returned, Somnia greeted me with immense relief, and she…. seemed more excited than usual.

— That’s amazing! I knew you would succeed! Oh, the freedom I feel right now! It’s so refreshing!

…..I couldn’t help but wonder if Somnia was in the form of a bird or some other creature she would be flying joyfully around me right now. The thought crossed my mind.

— Let’s test this power right away, Lily! Owen won’t stand a chance anymore!”

Please, calm down. I whispered and sighed softly. The Great Spirit’s decision to constrain Somnia made more sense to me now.

‘It turned out that you were the type to get easily drunk on power.’

— Huh? What did you say?

‘Nothing. The Great Spirit said it was temporary. So you have to wake me up from my dreams quickly.’

— Oh, right! Let’s hurry!

Somnia began to disperse the dream hastily in a more cheerful voice.

Soon, I opened my eyes in reality….. The location was still the cave where Owen had imprisoned me. Owen was sitting on the opposite couch, staring at me with an unsettling gaze.

“You were trying to meet your spirit in your dream, weren’t you?”


“I guess you thought I wouldn’t know? Your intentions are quite transparent.”

Owen stood up, his mouth curling into a mocking smile. I continued to lie there, looking up at him. His long shadow slowly cast itself over my body.

“But it’s a futile effort. Your spirit won’t be able to use its power.”

This time, I couldn’t help but chuckle. Arrogant and domineering, Owen Everett. One day, his haughty nature would be his downfall.

‘That time is now.’

I didn’t delay any further and awakened Somnia.

Somnia, released from her constraints, had a presence that was different from before when manifesting itself in reality.

Gone were the fluttering silken threads that used to drape me. Instead, this space was now filled with a starlight so vast, it felt like she had brought the entire universe with her. It was truly an overwhelming presence.


Owen muttered in disbelief as he stared at Somnia. But he didn’t have time to ponder this mystery.

Somnia, in a piercing shape like a dart, struck at Owen. Or rather, she pierced him. One side of Owen’s body was devoured by Somnia. His eyes, wide with shock and rage, briefly glared at me before his entire being was swallowed by Somnia.