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Lokshvir Arendelle was said to be a wizard who had reached transcendental heights. A magic tool made by Lokshvir, perhaps, might have enough power to bring back the dead.

Theodore had not stopped breathing for long. If only the wound in his heart could be healed, perhaps he could be brought back to life.

So, so, please…

‘Please, grant my wish just this once.’

I had never had a wish come true before.

My life seemed to embrace all the misfortunes of the world, never free from troubles, always passed by luck.

Having borne such great misfortune, perhaps I could hope for a stroke of good fortune in this moment.

If all my misfortunes were the balance for this moment of luck, I would gladly accept it.

So, please.

Just this once.



Theodore’s eyelids twitched and fluttered.

I quickly bent down to press my ear against his left chest.

The heart… it was beating again.

Though the pulsation was incredibly faint.

“The, Theo, Theodore…”

I called out to him in sobs, checking again if he was breathing.

His breath was faint, barely strong enough to extinguish a small candle.

But it was clear.

He was breathing again.

The bracelet had brought him back.

“Ah… Huuh…”

This time I burst into tears for a different reason. I was so relieved, I had been so terrified of losing him forever like this, that I cried again.

“Theodore, Theodore.”

I repeated his name and held him tightly in my arms. I keep telling myself over and over again how fortunate it was that he didn’t die.

* * *

Even as my tears finally stopped, Theodore had not regained consciousness. Given the severity of his injury, his recovery seemed to take a long time.

The magic Owen had set seemed to be dispelling, as the temperature in the cave was gradually dropping. I needed to find a way to get him out of here quickly.

‘Zen is waiting outside. It worries me to leave Theodore here alone, but I must bring Zen…’

If only Somnia could watch over Theodore for the time being. Somnia was with Caligo…

— Lily!


As soon as I thought of it, I heard Somnia’s voice. Startled, I looked around and saw Somnia fluttering towards me from where Owen had fallen.

Feeling a bit emotional, I opened my mouth slightly and reached out my hands. Somnia wrapped around my hand and was playfully nuzzling against it.

— Did you miss me?

‘Somnia, what happened?’

— Well…

Somnia that was moving like a living silk, slightly twisted as if looking back. I realized Somnia was pointing towards Owen. I looked again in that direction, and a flickering black shadow bowed slightly as if greeting me.


The shadow was none other than Caligo. I blinked in disbelief at the incomprehensible sight, and Somnia began to explain.

— You see, earlier Caligo swallowed me.


— Ironically, because of that, I was able to have a proper conversation with Caligo and Frigga. Turns out, these two have been bound to the Everett family by a longstanding oath.


I was well aware of this story. Especially Caligo, who had been bound to the founding ancestor of the Everett family through a powerful contract.

Bound by this ancient contract, Caligo had been contracted to the successive heads of the Everett family, serving their interests… as was known.

And Frigga, around four hundred years ago, had made a contract with the then Duke Everett, similarly binding herself to the Everett family.

At that time, the Everett family had a completely opposite ethos to what it is now. Over time, they forgot the teachings of their ancestors and became corrupt.

— Because of that oath, Caligo and Frigga had no choice but to serve the Everett family, even against their will. That’s why I… I released them from that oath! Hahaha!

Somnia fluttered around Caligo, as if demanding gratitude. Its appearance was incredibly light-hearted. I hadn’t realized she had such a personality when we first met…

Caligo, ever the gentleman, bowed deeply again to Somnia. It was a strange feeling to witness this. They had just been fighting as enemies…

— Frigga? Aren’t you going to thank me?

Frigga was nowhere to be seen at the moment. As Somnia hovered in the air, showing its dissatisfaction, Friga appeared reluctantly. It took the form of a snow-white rabbit, as if carved from snowflakes.

Seeing this form for the first time, my eyes widened. So this was its original shape…

The snow rabbit Frigga swiped at Somnia with its paw. Although it had no physical impact, Somnia acted as if it was thrown to the ground, looking aggrieved.

Watching this scene, I couldn’t help but sigh. I was about to call Somnia back when…


Owen, who had been lying still as if dead, suddenly twitched his fingertips.


My expression hardened reflexively. As I glared coldly at Owen, I stood up and approached him.

‘Like a cockroach. He doesn’t die easily.’

Yes, this time I will make sure he stops breathing.

He has lost all his spirits anyway.

“Nothing can protect you now, Owen.”

As I extended my arm, Somnia wrapped around it smoothly. As if hearing my voice, Owen struggled desperately.

His movements reminded me of a pathetic insect writhing after being sprayed with insecticide.