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The blade that pierced through solid armor, tore through flesh, and shattered bone, finally reached the heart.

Theodore sensed his end approaching.

It felt like an eternity in an instant. In his last moments, he lifted his head to look at Lily’s face. Her shock-filled, light green eyes were wide open. He always thought they resembled the color of peridot, or perhaps the new shoots of spring.


His voice was strained, the last of his strength. Blood trickled from his mouth, and he felt his back and chest wet with it. An excruciating pain washed over him, as if he would faint any moment. Yet, he smiled, as if trying to hide his pain.

“Please… be safe…”

His breath faded away.

Theodore summoned Seraphim’s flames. Burning the last of his life away, more intensely than ever before, using his final breath as an offering.

“This bastard…”

Grinding his teeth, Owen drew his sword. In that moment, a pure blue flame penetrated Frigga and Caligo’s defenses and struck Owen in the eyes.


Owen screamed in agony as his eyes burned. The flame, fiercely burning to the very end of its master’s life, completed its mission perfectly. It scorched the enemy’s eyes and engulfed his entire body.

“Ahh… Ahhh… Uh…”

Blinded and suffering terrible burns all over his body, Owen staggered in place before collapsing.

And as the flame finally died down, Theodore closed his eyes.

* * *


There was no response to the call.

With trembling hands, I held his head that had fallen onto my shoulder.

My fingertips brushed his neck. There was no…. pulse.

“….No, Theodore…”

My lips quivered as I murmured his name. I quickly laid him on the ground and removed his armor. Touching the left side of his chest where his heart was, my hand was soaked with blood.

….No, this can’t be. This is impossible.

I was shaking all over, I moved my hand to his upper lip. There was no breath. Then, I leaned my head down to his left chest. There was no heartbeat.

I couldn’t believe it.

He was still so warm.

“Theo, Theodore…”

Tears filled my eyes.

Hot tears fell onto his face. Unable to accept the situation, I checked his breathing and pulse over and over again, until I realized it was all in vain.


I sat down on the floor, letting my arms fall limply.

I felt tears streaming down my cheeks as I blankly blinked. I quietly gazed at Theodore’s closed eyes, his face was as peaceful as if in a deep sleep.

It was surreal.

It felt like a dream, it was unbelievable yet the truth was real that it pierced my mind.

Theodore is dead.

As the reality of his death became clear, a slow pain began to spread in my heart and grew rapidly in intensity. I cried uncontrollably while clutching at my chest. Soon, sobs were flowing from my lips.

“Ah… Ahh, ahh…”

Meaningless questions floated through my mind.

Why did it suddenly come to this?

Why on earth?


The moment he was stabbed kept haunting me. Relentlessly replaying in my mind against my will. The last time he called my name, his whisper for my safety, and the faint smile on his face as he faced death.

“Huuh… Uhhk, uhh, ahh…”

When did it start? Without realizing it, I found myself holding him, crying as if the world had shattered.

I continued to stare at his peaceful face. Fearing his still warm cheeks would cool, I held him tight, wrapping my hands around him. Even knowing all too well it was futile.

My heart ached so much.

It hurt so badly I felt like I was going to die.

Why does it hurt so much? Why do the tears keep flowing?

I never imagined such an ending.

I never thought you would die.

I never wished for your death.

I never wanted you to suffer or be unhappy…


The pain in my chest didn’t seem to fade away. It only grew stronger.

Through this pain, I realized the reason for my sorrow.

I finally understood.

Only in this moment that was filled with pure sorrow, did I realize.

All resentment, all hatred, washed away with my tears. Sorrow consumed everything. Under its pale shadow, a purer emotion remained untouched. It was the love I had buried deep inside.

The love I thought I had killed, was not gone.

It was just too transparent that it filtered even my resentments.

Always there, but imperceptible unless I chose to feel it.

Now, I finally saw it as it was made visible. Reflected in my sorrow’s blue light.

“I… I…”

I murmured these meaningless words through my tears for a while.

A faint red light caught my eye.

Suddenly, I lifted my head and looked down. The coral red bracelet was glowing softly in the darkness.

Arendelle coral bracelet.

For a moment, I was dazed, but then I quickly came to my senses and removed the bracelet from my wrist.

And hastily, I put it on Theodore’s right wrist.


They said this bracelet contained a very powerful healing power. But it was uncertain if it could revive the dead.

Still, still… please.

Let there be a miracle.