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“Look closely.”

In the mirror, the black and blue eyes met.

Isillis’s gaze followed the black eyes downward, captivated by the sight of his member slowly being engulfed. Whenever she tried to look away, Berthas whispered again.

“You need to watch properly. Only then will I enter.”

Each time she averted her eyes, he stopped moving. Her heated body yearned for him, but Isillis, clinging to the last threads of her rationality, seemed unable to decide. He intended to push in slowly, but a sudden mischief arose.

Gripping her legs tightly, he thrust in roughly, eliciting a sharp moan from her red lips.


“Do you not want this as much as I do?”

“No, ah, ah! Ha-uht!

His dark red p*nis disappeared and reappeared between her spread petals. The pounding and thrusting sounds echoed in her ears, and she had nowhere to run. Berthas gripped her trembling body tightly, then thrust rapidly.

The initially slow penetration quickly heated up, and she couldn’t keep up with the pace.

Her breasts swayed in the air, moving with his rhythm. Berthas pushed Isillis’s upper body onto the blanket. With only her hips raised, she turned her head, but there was a mirror there, too, leaving no place to hide her flushed face.


His huge p*nis thrust into her.

Her hips quivered, and her waist shook involuntarily. The swollen n*pples rubbed against the blanket, leaving a dizzying sensation. The n*pples, teased and untouched properly by him, twitched involuntarily when rubbed against the blanket.

Sensing this, he pushed his p*nis deeper. Then, withdrawing it swiftly, he powerfully occupied her inside.

Precisely targeting where she felt the most, a broken scream erupted.

With a ‘slam-slam’ sound, the movements became rougher. Berthas, burying himself inside in one go, wrapped his body around Isillis. As he gripped her waist so she couldn’t escape, he once again thrust his p*nis powerfully.

The area below turned fiery hot.

Already overwhelmed with sensation, she thought she couldn’t feel more, but his p*nis, making her mind white, pierced her body once again. His relentless movements shook her breath, and moans slipped through her lips.

Hah, uh, ahk!

It wasn’t only sweet. The moans escaping through her lips indicated Isillis’s excitement.

With relentless pounding, the sound of flesh slapping echoed. The pillar, glistening with fluids between her spread legs, occupied the space. The strong and rapid movements left Isillis unable to think of anything.

The only thing she could feel was the pleasure striking her from head to toe.

It seemed as if a ‘thump, thump’ sound was coming from somewhere. What entered her narrowly opened vision was his moving back and forth with his teeth clenched.

The sweat dripping down his face, and his expression twisted with excitement pleased her, drawing a curve on her lips. Her eyes slightly widened, and when her gaze met his in the mirror, Berthas’s movements became even rougher.

The sensation of being pushed up from below was vividly felt.

The inside that was tightly gripping him quivered, and Isillis’s hair fluttered. An uncontrollable moan escaped her parted lips, and even Berthas let out an unrestrained groan. With a ‘kugh’ sound, something warm spread inside her body.

As she trembled and tightened around him, Berthas gently touched her cl*toris. The sensation of his fingers lightly rubbing the swollen peak rekindled the heat inside her.

“Getting tired of it? Impossible.”

With his voice echoing in her ears, she closed her eyes.


* * *


Berthas was worried about Isillis’s condition.

A year had passed since their marriage.

Their daughter had grown quite adept at handling magic, and watching her, he felt some of his worries lessen. She was always anxious about the possibility of something happening due to the child’s magic.

While peaceful days continued, a problem arose: Isillis’s insomnia.

She kept hearing someone calling for her, but after discussing it with Allure, no cause could be identified. The same was true within the palace.

Naturally, Isillis couldn’t function properly during the day due to sleepless nights. She often fell asleep while attending to state affairs, exhausted.

‘Why is this happening?’

Since Berthas couldn’t hear the sounds that only Isillis heard, he felt helpless. If only he could find the cause, he could have treated it, but his concern grew as he couldn’t. Even now, look at her. Leaning against the chair in the office, asleep, he sighed and picked up some documents.

To maintain the barrier of Larchen, the imperial family needed to be in the best physical condition. Just staying idle drained her magic, and the lack of proper sleep only exacerbated her fatigue.

“So my daughter will have to do this job in the future.”

He worried about the burden that would fall on his child, but that was a concern for the distant future.

His immediate worry was Isillis. He couldn’t disturb her as she slept. Since her senses were heightened, any disturbance might wake her up before she had rested properly, so leaving her to sleep seemed like the best course of action.

‘It looks uncomfortable, but there’s no helping it.’

Having experienced several instances where Isillis would wake up whenever he tried to change her position, Berthas had given up. The sound of rustling documents and her steady breathing filled the room. His concerned expression repeatedly touched her face and then retreated.

Isillis’s eyelids, which were trembling faintly, opened, revealing her blue eyes.

“Did I… fall asleep?”

“You were sleeping well.”


Isillis frowned tiredly, and Berthas approached her. In the office, where only the two of them existed, his footsteps were the only sound.

“Are you alright?”

Isillis gave a faint smile to Berthas’s worried question.

“What’s not alright…”

“I’m always worried about you. When you can’t sleep like this…”

“The Empress is not an object of worry.”

“I worry not because you are the Empress. Isillis. I worry because you are my woman.”


He whispered, lowering his lips to the corner of her eyes as she looked up at him from her seat.

“What could it be? They said it’s not black magic.”

“If it were black magic, I would have noticed first.”


Their quiet conversation was interrupted by the urgent voice of the chief attendant outside.

“Your Majesty! A messenger has arrived from the border!”


* * *


An emergency meeting was convened due to the message brought by the chief attendant and the messenger. The message was from the Iphaf Empire, known as both a maritime and pirate nation. They were attacking the port city of Etort.

“Have those people lost their minds now?!”

“With Larchen’s expansion after merging with Hillenton, they’re trying to stir trouble!”

“Your Majesty! We can’t just let this be!”

“Indeed. We cannot let this slide!”

As the ministers clamored, Isillis raised her hand, quieting the room. The buzzing in her head seemed to quiet down a bit with the silence.

“Are you done?”


The ministers flinched and bowed their heads at her cold gaze sweeping the room. Although such commotion was nothing unusual, she couldn’t tolerate it, given her current condition.

Berthas, too, cast a cold look towards the ministers.