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For some reason, a voice came out of my mouth, murmuring like an excuse without me even realizing it.

“…When did I say I would do it? I just can’t trust my own heart.”

“In that case, promise me that you’ll do your best. I’ll also do my best to become as ugly as possible.”

Reinhardt extended his pinky finger. I hesitated for a moment, then made a promise right in front of his outstretched finger.

“I won’t be punished this time because I didn’t do anything wrong.”

Hence, a bizarre promise where a wife promises to ‘do her best’ not to flirt, and a husband promises to ‘do his best’ to become ugly, was made.


* * *


“I’m going to leave Jade behind, and you’re going to do everything in your power not to replace me.”

When all the preparations were done to head north, and only the departure remained, Reinhardt bid me his final farewell.

“I was going to do that anyway.”

I smiled and reached out my hand to him. I had shaken hands often during fan signings, so this shouldn’t be a big deal, right?

“Take care, Reinhardt.”

“…By any chance.”

Reinhardt, who was looking down at my hand, hesitated and spoke.

“Do you mind if I perform a well-wishing ritual?”

“How do you do that?”

“Like this…”

He gently held my hand before pressing his lips against it.

“Oh my, don’t ever do that again.”

I laughed cheerfully and quickly wiped my hand with a handkerchief. It was because my fickle heart reacted to the heat that was transmitted from his lips.

“It seems like you forget the ‘promises’ we made. I hope this kind of thing doesn’t happen after I return. I want to maintain a good relationship with Reinhardt for a long time.”

If Reinhardt Erestein kept tempting her even after his return, it meant that they really needed to divorce.

“…I’m sorry.”

Understanding my intention, he lowered his gaze and uttered.

Was it because his appearance, with drooping eyes that looked a bit pitiful, or was it because his long eyelashes, densely packed in his lowered eyes, were beautiful? Even though I didn’t know the exact reason, I suddenly grabbed Reinhardt’s hand tightly.

And then, I surprised him by pressing my lips against his big, firm hand.

“I don’t mind if I’m the one doing it.”

“What on earth are you doing?”

Though maybe Reinhardt had a different idea? He clenched his hand as if he had been dealt a terrible blow and burst into anger.

“You’re really going too far.”

After leaving that remark, Reinhardt quickly climbed onto his horse.


Without explaining the reason for his anger, he suddenly ordered the departure and started running ahead.

Meanwhile, the people behind were taken aback by his abrupt action and hurriedly followed him. Reinhardt, who should be leading the group, didn’t even glance back at them and just started off on his own.

Did I make him so angry that he would act like this?

Looking at his reddened ears atop the galloping horse, my guess was undoubtedly correct.

“Is Reinhardt the type who thinks ‘I can do it, but you can’t’?”

I asked Jade while watching his receding figure. Somehow, Jade looked at me as if I were pitiful and answered.

“Well, I don’t think that’s something he’d want to hear from …the Grand Duchess.”


* * *


“Imperial Majesty, the noble Emperor of the Empire, I pay my respects.”

The Emperor gazed down at the man kneeling before him with a satisfied expression on his face.

Amil Leopold.

He was Reinhardt’s cousin, possessing the same black hair and blue eyes. Although they were cousins and looked quite similar with their hair and eye colors, Amil gave off a more approachable vibe compared to the cool and dignified Reinhardt.

Perhaps that was why there were always people bustling around Amil. Whether they were men or women, everyone liked Amil, but especially…

“I heard you have stolen the hearts of many women.”

Women couldn’t help but lose their composure in the face of Amil’s charm.

“I didn’t intend to steal them, but when I come to my senses, they’ve already fallen for me.”

Amil chuckled, pulling the corners of his mouth up as he stood confidently before the Emperor. It was his unique and charming smile that made countless women lose their composure.

“Your Majesty, seeing as how you’re saying this, I suppose you need my help?”

“It is good that you are so perceptive. You are right. There is a woman I would like you to help.”

“Ah, the Duchess Erestein?”

“You know that well.”

“If I didn’t know who has captured His Majesty’s heart, wouldn’t that mean I lack perception?”

Amil picked up a gossip magazine from the table. On one page, there was a woman with brown hair, smiling as if she was saying, ‘I am the most beautiful person in the world.’

“She’s beautiful.”

The thought of this woman losing her radiant smile and having shadows cover her face due to lovesickness excited Amil. He wanted to meet this woman as soon as possible.

“It won’t be easy.”

The Emperor moved his finger on his head.

‘Isn’t it the same for you?’

Suppressing the reflexive thought, Amil simply smiled smoothly.

“But, Your Majesty, are you okay with me trying to win over the woman you desire?”

“I don’t mind. My goal is simply to make her divorce. So even if you can’t win her over, just create some evidence that looks like she’s having an affair.”

Sating so, the Emperor handed Amil a strange object that looked like a magical tool.

“Take this.”

“What is this?”

“It’s a detachable eavesdropping magical device. Once you attach it, it becomes transparent, so there’s no worry of being found out.”

“I don’t think I need something like this…”

“You’re confident, aren’t you? You’ll soon regret saying that. Irovel is not an easy woman.”

Didn’t she reject him because of his personality? Rumor has it that she got excited when she made even the slightest eye contact with men.

Amil simply laughed innocently and responded.

“A woman even His Majesty couldn’t seduce… I’ll have to brace myself for this.”


* * *


Three days had passed since Reinhardt left for the north. During that time, I had been handling the duties of the Grand Duke in his absence, but being suddenly thrust into the role, I was far from sufficient.

Just when I thought that the entire Erestein Grand Duchy would crumble because of me, Jade spoke up.

“Madam, reinforcements have arrived!”

“What reinforcements?”

Jade responded with an unbelievable answer as she crossed her arms with dark circles reaching down to her knees.

“His Excellency’s cousin, the Marquess Amil Leopold, has come to assist the Grand Duchess in her household duties!”

Amil Leopold?

The same person who tempted Lucia, almost causing her to divorce, and tried to seize power in the absence of Reinhardt, has arrived?

‘…I have to get a hold of myself.’

There was an incident in ‘My Contract Husband is a Bit Strange’ where Lucia received a lot of criticism from readers.

It was none other than Amil’s doing.

Under the Emperor’s command, he seduced Lucia, and she eventually succumbed to his advances. Although she never openly expressed affection for Amil, she hid behind the shield of being just friends and spent all day with him.

“What does my opinion matter? Since Sir Leopold will surely know better, I will handle it according to your opinion!”

Lucia, who relied on Amil unnecessarily, spoke.

“Oh, you mean the papers? I figured you’d agree with me anyway, so I took care of them.”

“Really? That’s great! Why don’t you just take care of head’s seal until Grand Duke Erestein returns?”

In the end, Lucia handed over the fate of the Grand Duchy to Amil, and he manipulated the system of the house, eventually completely seizing power.

Only Reinhardt, who trusted Lucia and left the seal to her, ended up pitiful. There was no guarantee I wouldn’t screw him over, too. In fact, I was far more dangerous than Lucia, because I was severely prone to falling in love!

“Viscount Mute. If I ever ask Marquess Leopold how many great-grandchildren he’d like, you can slap me on the cheek.”


“Because people who fall in love quickly can lock eyes with their crush for a second and imagine everything from the practicalities of marriage to how cute their great-grandchildren will be.”

“In other words, the question of how many great-grandchildren you’d like is a confession from you!”

“That’s right.”

Jade thought deeply and suddenly became astonished.

“Could it be that just hearing the name already made you fall for him and say such things?!”

“No! Even though I admit I fall in love quickly, I’m not so extreme as to fall in love just by hearing a name! Sure, if the name is cool, the person might look cool for no reason, but…”

“I see. You were prepared to fall in love even before seeing his face!”