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“What bullsh*t! Jerryel, you b*tch. Are you crazy?!”

The reaction was fiery, especially the Crown Prince’s.

Selina, frowning at the Crown Prince, who was screaming and uttering ear-piercing curses, glanced at the members of the guards. The guards swiftly dragged out the Crown Prince, gagged him and tied him up.

Now, it was quiet enough to have a little conversation. Selina turned her head back to Princess Jerryel and smiled softly.

“I didn’t get such an official letter like that.”

“Suddenly, the King passed away. Just before he passed away, he came to his senses and amended his will. He dethroned the Crown Prince and acknowledged me as his successor.”

The confidence worn by Princess Jerryel was like the cloak of a victor, though it couldn’t have been an accidental victory.

The King died in the short time that the Crown Prince was away, and he came back to his senses and changed the successor before he died… There were too many coincidences to claim it was a coincidence.

It was probably the result of a collaboration with Queen Meryl. It was clear that they had been waiting for the moment when the Crown Prince was away.

“So now, I am the King of Aclion.”

The advice given in front of Count Orlens’ mansion…

She recalled saying that if one day the Princess got a chance to take revenge, she should never miss it. It seemed that Princess Jerryel did not forget her advice, and she did not miss the opportunity that came her way.

The Crown Prince was dethroned because he was careless. It was because the whole world would be prepared for him.

He mistakenly thought that Renbird’s troops were under his feet and that Princess Jerryel would only cry and be beaten for the rest of her life. If he had been as wary of Princess Jerryel as he was of Kalcion, he would never have emptied the capital with the entire army.

He left behind none of his loyalists as everything was brought with him.

“Then, Aclion doesn’t really need a prince, does it?”

“No, we don’t. However, wouldn’t it be a disgrace to have the royal family taken away by a foreign country with our eyes open rather than kill him with my own hands?”

The two opinions were truly at odds.

In fact, the Crown Prince had now been tormented enough. It didn’t matter what the next disposition was, but Jerryel’s stubborn attitude took hold. She must have come all the way here because she needed something and took a strong stand.

“Still, the prince is still in our land. It’s up to me to hand him over. If your side offers plausible conditions, I can consider it. Even if he’s rotting garbage, isn’t he the royal family? Offer your price.”

Princess Jerryel, no, now King Jerryel confidently opened her mouth. There was an answer she prepared.

“We will recognize Selinia as a legitimate country and at the same time grant Renbird independence.”

Even though the answer she gave triumphantly might be important on paper, it wasn’t particularly to Selina’s taste.

“Wrong. We don’t need your permission. What if I don’t accept this?”

Like she had expected that far, Jerryel calmly gave the next answer.

“I will make a non-aggression pact while I am in power.”

The conditions were considerably larger than expected.

Selina looked at Kalcion.

At this point, they could have handed over the Crown Prince. Their revenge against the Crown Prince was enough. Nonetheless, with so many bold conditions coming up, Selina was curious about what would happen next, so she bumped it up one more time.

“You won’t attack without it anyway.”


Jerryel, who had been stabbed to the point, flinched and shrank. However, she soon puffed out her chest again and offered one last condition to be confident.

“The front row of the trial in which Prince Larsen is ruined.”


Selina reached out her hand without thinking.

Jerryel also firmly held her hand.

“I will formally invite the King of Selinia and her vassal, Duke Renbird, as state guests.”

The physical beating was enough for now. Even so, she really wanted to see with his own two eyes how everything was clearly revealed and the Crown Prince getting completely ruined.

“The cost of staying will be covered by Aclion. Accompanied by all the members of the guards, we will not disarm your weapons even in the palace. Do you agree with this?”

Besides the guards, there were no royal troops left anyway. If Kalcion put his mind to it, Mion could be conquered in an instant.

“I agree. So, is the deal complete?”

Ah. One more.”

As Selina held her hand and tightened her grip, Jerryel, who was trying to remove her hand with a relaxed smile, looked up in bewilderment.


Only then did her little girl’s expression return.

“You and I are kings, now. Should you start talking respectfully?”


Even if she became a king, she was still afraid of Selina. In the end, Jerryel was pushed back and spoke respectfully.

“Yeah. It’s good to be polite and get along well with each other, right?”

Selina responded with a sweet smile, like towards a kindergartener.


* * *


The procession of the goddess riding her beast was definitely noticeable. Although she didn’t attract people, she naturally did. An uneasy murmur, different from Renbird’s enthusiastic cheers, ran through the crowd.

Rumors were bound to flow somehow.

Even if there was war, people had to eat and live. It was the heart of a man to want to buy a headdress unless an arrow passed over the head. Even in the middle of the battlefield, a peddler came, and a sweet snack vendor was indispensable.

Rumors were carried by the steps of such people.

“Is that a beast?”

“You know, just by looking at it. Is it here to kill us all?”

“If it were to do that, it wouldn’t walk like that.”

A muffled whisper spread.

Selina lifted her head as if she heard nothing.

On the way to the palace was Renbird’s mansion. The appearance of the mansion, whose owners were kicked out for treason, was horribly ruined in a short time. All the servants and maids seemed to have run away, and only a gust of wind blew.

It’s all your fault.

She glared at the carriage.

The Crown Prince was transported by Jerryel in the carriage. Even though he was going to be killed in Renbird, a fair trial hasn’t been done yet in Aclion. They couldn’t drag him along like a prisoner, so he was on a carriage.

However, even though he did ride the carriage, his seat was at Jerryel’s feet.

She couldn’t forget the image of Jerryel raising her shoes on the Crown Prince’s back as he was thrown on the floor with his hands and feet tied and gagged.

Selina smiled bitterly as she walked past the gates of the palace.

The carriage stopped in front of the largest building of the palace. It was also the first building she had seen since she had been to the palace a few times.


“It is the palace where the King resides.”

Kalcion told her.

Unless she became a court lady or received a personal invitation from the King, she could never come to the palace where the King resided. While the Crown Prince’s Palace was also splendid and magnificent, compared to this palace, it became simple.

The people waiting in front of the door bowed their heads at the same time as Jerryel got out of the carriage.

Indeed, Jerryel has become King. Selina admired.

Selina also got off the beast.

Even the servants in the palace knew at least the faces of Duke Renbird and Selina. They were the most glamorous people in society, so it was impossible not to recognize them. She became a criminal and she was expelled not long after, but now, she was a state guest and was staying in the palace.

The attendants, who were busy hurriedly grasping the atmosphere, rolled their eyes.

As the beast growled, probably offended by the people’s stares, the people who touched the beast’s eyes shuddered and shrank.

“That… should the beast be kept in the stable?”

Jerryel also asked cautiously.

At the question, Selina looked at the beast. The moment her eyes met it, the growl stopped.

Umm, if you did that, I think it would eat all the royal horses… Just give it a room with a large garden.”

Um… then. I will give it a palace that can be destroyed.”

Was there such a palace in the world? Selina tilted her head but nodded her head calmly.

Jerryel ordered the attendant to show her the way, and the attendant greeted her lightly.

“You must be tired from the long journey, but first, get some rest, and we’ll see you again at dinner.”

“Of course

“I will guide you.”

The attendant politely approached. However, he did not turn his head toward the beast as much as possible. In the meanwhile, Kalcion and the guards’ horses were taken to the stable. However, no one came close to the beast.

Reluctantly, Selina grabbed the reins and dragged it herself.

The palace, which she came back to after a long time, was still complicated. She opened her mouth at the entrance to the palace, where she arrived through several hallways and through another building.


“Yes, the place Her Majesty spoke of is here. There was also a word that you could destroy it all and turn it into ruins.”

The ‘palace that can be destroyed’ given by Jerryel was the detached palace where Selina swung her sword at the Crown Prince and escaped.

Perhaps because the owner, the Crown Prince, was away, there was no sentry at the entrance. Even though an attendant pushed the door and gave it strength, the door did not budge.

Kalcion, who couldn’t bear to see it, stepped forward and pushed the door. Soon, the door, which did not open even when the two gatekeepers pushed at it, was moved with a heavy dragging sound under his hand.

The attendant withdrew with a look that his pride was wounded as a man entered through the crack of the open door and busily began tidying up the inside.

Selina entered the door with a murmur mixed with a sigh.

“Should this be called consideration or malice?”

The detached palace was not much different from when Selina ran away. The palace was empty, so it was dark and dusty.

As the attendant went around and started tidying up, it returned to a tidy appearance as the lights were turned on all over the place again, and the dust disappeared. When the lights were on, anyone could see that the palace was built for pleasure.

Kalcion’s expression became much darker.

“I should have pulled his XXXX before handing him over.”

His voice belatedly regretted having handed over the Crown Prince by simply tying him up.

Selina comforted him.

“You can do it after the trial.”

“I should.”

Although there must be a lot of resentment that Jerryel herself has accumulated, she would lightly turn a blind eye to that much.