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The bed where Selina almost suffered something bad was also still the same. As she stood looking at the soft bed, Kalcion came up behind her and hugged her.

“There’s no need to overdo it. I’ll ask for another palace.”

Perhaps her expression was revealed no matter how hard she tried to hide her expression. Like Kalcion, his words are calm though he couldn’t hide his anger. As she glanced back at the beast she had left loose in the garden, it seemed that the servant was finishing tidying up.

“It’s all sorted out now, so you can leave.”

With Selina’s command, the servants stopped moving their cleaning tools and quickly retreated. When they closed the door, they whimpered, probably reflecting their desire to run away.

“I like to overcome something by confronting it rather than avoiding it.”

Saying so, she got out of Kalcion’s arms.

As he tilted his head, unable to predict what Selina would do, she smiled and told him to wait and see.



The beast, who had been prickling at her because of the ‘wait’ command, jumped up at her call.

“Destroy it.”


It learned to ‘bite,’ but it didn’t seem to know how to destroy yet. So, Selina demonstrated herself.


When the table turned over, the vases and plates on top of it spilled over and made a loud sound. The beast’s eyes shone. However, it seemed to be thinking as it tilted its head like it still didn’t understand clearly.

This time, Kalcion stepped forward.

His muscles, filled with anger, swelled hard as if they were about to explode. He didn’t handle small things like tables and chairs. Instead, he threw away with one hand the thing that bothered him the most, the eyesore, the bed.

The bed hit the pillar and broke in half with a loud noise. Though perhaps that wasn’t enough to relieve him as Kalcion kicked, ripped and threw the broken remains.

Eventually, the beast who saw it must have finally figured it out and jumped in, and with a lively sound, the palace began to break apart.

Kalcion shook his hand off and returned to Selina’s side.

He looked much refreshed.

“There’s debris flying over here, so let’s look at it from over there.”

“Ah, that’s right.”

The beast ran wild with excitement, maybe because it had been a long time since he had something to play with.

So, in the meanwhile, the two crossed the middle garden and leaned against the door to watch the beast’s rampage. True to its name, the beast did not just crush several pieces of furniture and destroy them but instead blew the pillars down.

Selina nodded her head in satisfaction as she watched the annex that the Crown Prince loved completely collapse.

“It’s refreshing.”

She thought she was almost done venting her anger while chasing the crown prince, but as expected, the remaining emotions were hiding everywhere.

After destroying the palace like this, she felt pleasure again.

The beast seemed to have enjoyed going on a rampage for the first time in a long time and destroyed the palace without getting tired. Its rampage continued until it reached the roof, and the building itself collapsed.

Jerryel probably also wanted to get rid of everything related to the Crown Prince.

“…Should we charge for demolition costs?”

Since they did the work without spending any money, wouldn’t it be okay to receive a little more?

When there was nothing more to hit and the only sound was the sound of stepping on debris, a knock came from outside the door. It was at this point that the person seemed to have waited for the sound to die down.

“Ex, ex, ex, excuse me…”

It was the trembling voice of the attendant.

“I came here with orders to help you prepare all the clothing you need for dinner.”

Selina faced Kalcion.

“Just having one meal, do we even have to prepare clothes?”

“The dinner will be attended by nobles as well. The King has been sick so far, so it looks like Jerryel has settled down properly.”


If it were a gathering of nobles, everyone would show up dressed up to the best of their ability.

She knew that no matter how much support Jerryel gave her, there was no way that the hastily prepared clothes would be able to keep up with the clothes that had been prepared several days in advance.

As she thought for a moment, Selina she made a decision.

“Let’s go like this.”

“Will it be okay?”

Even Kalcion knew how much she had put her life into dresses.

“I am already a heavenly goddess who doesn’t have to compete in the human world. Would there be something wrong with my clothes?”

He also nodded his head at her confident answer.

“No matter what you wear, your confidence doesn’t change.”


Before she had time to prepare her heart, his eyes were filled with praise.

Selina looked up at the sky and took a deep breath.

Now was the time to train in self-control, not acting.


* * *


“Her Majesty, the King of Selinia, Duke Renbird, enters!”

The attendant ran ahead of time to ask and confirm her title, and he chanted without mistake.

The nobles who had arrived in advance stood up from their seats all at once.

Selina held her head high and leisurely headed to the seat across from Jerryel. She was holding the beast’s reins in one hand. Every time the beast let out a snort, people’s shoulders rose in shock.

“I didn’t expect she would bring the beast to dinner.”

Jerryel’s voice, who pretended to be calm, was also frozen.

Selina shrugged her shoulders.

“If I left it alone, it would go crazy on its own. If the palace needs total remodeling, I will release it.”

“Prepare a meal for the beast.”

Jerryel was quick in not only assessing the situation but also a response. She had what it took to be a great monarch. Seeing that, Selina smiled and went to the seat prepared for her and sat down.

“Well… what do beasts eat?”

The chef, who heard Jerryel’s order, rushed out.

Beasts were basically meat eaters.

“Hmm, any kind of meat is fine.”

A noble young man nearby turned blue. He himself must eat at least a piece of meat for a meal every day, yet he was trembling. It seemed that he got scared of the beast.

A hint of playfulness arose in her.

Selina continued her words, pretending to be serious, “Hmm… there is no particular distinction between men and women. Now that I thought about it, it seemed like it likes men who didn’t exercise on a regular basis. I guess the fat tastes good.”


The young nobleman who had shrieked at her joke was joined by several other nobles, and a chorus of hisses rang out.

Kalcion was the only person here who understood that it was a joke. Selina, who sensed that he was quietly excited, became even more excited.

“Oh, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t eat women.”


Weak nobles.

Selina finished her joke with a chuckle.

“It likes it better with honey.”

Huhuhu… huuuh.”

It seemed that someone was so scared that they even cried. Even Jerryel was so dazed that she couldn’t control Selina. It made her feel good to see the nobles who were staring at her now with their eyes frozen in place, but it was a problem to deal with.

At that time, Queen Meryl, who was sitting next to Jerryel, stepped out. Until now, she had been so quiet that Selina didn’t even know she was there.

“I originally thought you were a scary person, though you turned out to be a really scary person, Queen. However, please stop harassing the dinner table.”

As a queen who survived in a palace with no power, she was quick to notice the situation. She tried to lighten Selina’s mood by smiling softly and appeasing her so as not to upset her. In the past, she treated Selina like a lower-class person and naturally spoke not as respectively.

“Why would I harass another country’s noble?”

“I made a slip of the tongue. It’s because of the ants that couldn’t get out of the way and got stepped on.”

While she blamed both sides at the same time, she seemingly defended Selina.

Queen Meryl was a secretly resourceful person who held on to her position as queen without a single force behind her and eventually installed Jerryel as king. Therefore, it wasn’t like her skills were for nothing.

Her response was to respect Selina’s royal authority.

In the end, she seemed to have been recognized by even the King’s mother, so Selina was able to move on with a happy smile.

“Ants are also life, so we need to pay more attention to them in the future.”

“Thank you for your understanding.”

Queen Meryl bowed her head gracefully. She was the only one in the room dressed in gloomy mourning clothes, yet she shone brighter than ever. She made her child king, naturally, she would look gorgeous even in rags.

The same was true of Selina.

Even though she did not have to wear a fancy dress, she exuded a stronger presence than anyone else in the room.

She refused the dress because she knew it herself.

As she glanced around the audience, each of them had shiny things hanging on them, but they were so dull that they couldn’t even raise their heads properly to look at her.

Selina herself had tried so hard to fit in among these nobodies, until just recently. The moment she realized that what she had been struggling with was actually a wall that she could easily overcome without any help, she was dispirited.

However, in the midst of all this, there was one eye that sparkled particularly brightly. One person who was not at all intimidated by her, who was accompanied by the beast.

“It’s been a while, Fionel?”

“You! You! You!”


“Your Majesty Selina!”

She must have been scared, Selina’s title was immediately changed.

“Ho, ho, how!”

“As you can see. The blood of the ancient blood that had been sleeping in me opened my eyes.”

“That’s… a lie!”

“Even if it’s a lie, it doesn’t change the fact that I am a goddess and a queen.”

In many ways, even though Fionel was in no condition to fight back, she still looked like she was going to attack her just as before.

It actually made her feel pleasant.

Doesn’t she look like a puppy the size of a palm, purring? While it stung a bit when bitten, it was insignificant and cute.


“Do your best and open your eyes to my hidden power.”

“I’m going to reveal you! Your Majesty.”

Selina laughed at the trivial resistance.

When she first met Fiones, she was nervous that she might be a cute face killer, but now, she saw that she really was just a small dog.