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Chapter 51


Sid immediately turned around and straightened up.

“Something happened in the palace?”

“Yes, I rushed over because I heard there was a minor accident in the palace, but I realized too late that I wasn’t supposed to report it, so I was on my way back. I’ll be more careful next time!”

His apologetic words were laced with a subtle impudence.

“What kind of accident happened?”

Sid adjusted his posture as if he had been waiting for this question and began his report on the spot.

“Oh, well, last night, a monster suddenly appeared at the western gate, and this afternoon, it broke through the palace wall and entered. However, Madam Hazel was in the palace. She and the palace knights managed to subdue it, but in the process, she… she got a little…”

“A little?”

“I heard she was injured. She apparently fell while fighting the monster. So, there was a brief delay regarding Nigella reporting and calling a doctor…”

“Hazel was injured?”

His voice was so low and sinister that Sid gulped involuntarily, cutting off his words.

“Well, it’s not a serious injury. She just… got some scrapes…”



“Where and how was she injured?”

“Oh, she hurt her lower back and elbow a little! She’s been treated with some medicine.”


“I just received the report, and the accident happened about three or four hours ago. She returned to the hotel a little over an hour ago.”


His rapid-fire questions stopped. Without even gesturing for him to leave, he stared blankly into space, and Sid froze like ice.

After a long moment, Kairos came to his senses and regained his composure.

“Go see her.”

Sid’s eyes widened at the curt command.

“Yes? Just go? M-my lord. Should I report again? I mean, should I continue to report on the progress of her injuries?”

“No, just go.”

Kairos went back into his study and slammed the door shut.


No, why did he tell him to go after acting like a volcano was about to erupt? It seemed like something he should report on, but he felt uneasy. But if he was told not to, he couldn’t. After all, he was just a mere employee and subordinate with no power.

“What should I do?”

Sid shook his head nervously and headed to the underground dining hall to grab a bite to eat and take a break.

The dining hall and kitchen were bustling, with staff and attendants preparing for dinner.

“They work so hard, even though he’ll probably just pick at his food anyway. You all must be exhausted.”

Sid glanced at the kitchen and picked up a carrot that had been prepared on a nearby table before he took a bite. At the same time, WHACK! He was struck on the back.


Sid and the manager in charge of the entire dining hall and kitchen, Emilta, were about the same age.

With her neatly tied brown hair, which made her look even more sharp-eyed, Emilta was known for her cleanliness in this area. She was also one of the few subordinates who knew about the relationship between Hazel and Kairos.

That was because the lower-ranking subordinates and attendants rarely had the opportunity to meet Hazel.

“I told you not to touch the ingredients while they’re being prepared. Now, I have to wash them again! You must be free today since you came all the way down here.”

“I only had one bite, just one! I didn’t touch anything else! I’m planning to stay out of the way until dinner.”

“Then, go inside and help peel some onions.”

“That was my plan, but I changed my mind after getting hit.”

Sid popped the remaining half of the carrot into his mouth.

“This guy… If you don’t listen, I’ll… wait, is His Excellency still in a bad mood today?”

“You could say that. Lately, it’s like walking on eggshells. Why don’t you prepare something sweet and sour for him? It seems like he won’t be coming home tonight either.”

“Sweet and sour? That’s something you like. His Excellency hates anything sweet. And the head chef has already planned the menu.”

“But when he cooks for himself, he always adds a lot of sugar. Don’t you remember?”

“Well, he only cooks when the Madam asks him to.”

Aside from the times he cooked at home, Kairos often borrowed this entire kitchen when he had to cook while working. It was clean and well-managed wherever he went, but it was kept even cleaner thanks to Emilta. In addition, there was a gate portal set up in the basement so he could go straight home. Hence, he often used it.

“Every time the Lord puts on an apron, it feels like I’m watching a horror movie.”

“Why? I think he looks good.”

“You haven’t experienced his rage, did you?”

“That’s because I instinctively avoid things that are scary. Aren’t you leaving soon?”

“I have time.”

Sid ambled over and managed to snatch another carrot. This time, he deftly dodged Emilta’s swift hand that flew at him at the same time.

“Ugh! Aren’t you leaving?”

“No, now that we’re talking about it, it’s really strange…”

“What is?”

Sid had no intention of leaving at all, and he leaned his back against the table bar attached to the wall, his elbows propped up.

“We should call Hazel, no, the Madam, Madam. But that’s what I find the hardest.”

“She’s the Madam while she’s here. What if I make a slip of the tongue?”

“Anyway, I was trying to report to him like I usually do today, right?”

Emilta, who had failed to kick him out, crossed her arms and nodded at Sid.

“Though he told me not to report about the Madam anymore, so I didn’t? But then I heard that another report arrived from the capital.”

“What’s the problem if he told you not to report?”

“He said not to report, but his face doesn’t look like that.”

“What kind of face?”

“His mouth says not to report, but his face feels like it’s telling me to report every move she makes?”

Emilta rested her chin on her index finger and opened her eyes slightly.

“Hmm, I guess I know what you mean…”

“Anyway, there’s more than one or two strange things when it comes to the Madam. No matter how I look at it, it’s not the way you treat a prisoner, is it? Who gives food to a prisoner? And how much money went into that prisoner, to put it bluntly…”

“Why do you care when it’s not your money?”

“It’s not about the money, it’s just suspicious. No, really strange…”

Sid mumbled while chewing on the carrot, then realized something and frowned.

“Hey, Emilta.”

“What? If you’re not going to peel the onion, get out now, you carrot thief. You’re doubling my work.”

He lowered his head and whispered softly to Emilta.

“I think the Lord really likes her.”


“I think he really likes her. A man who fell in love with a prisoner, something like that. No, I don’t mean he likes her. I just think it’s like that. It doesn’t make sense for the Lord to like someone.”

Emilta clicked her tongue.

“He likes her.”


“Didn’t you know? Just leave it alone. Why did you say that? I knew it early on.”

“What? You already knew?”

Sid was so surprised that he exclaimed softly. He looked as if he was terrified that someone would hear him. Emilta had the illusion that Sid’s eyes were popping out, shouting, “Wow!”

“Even the salad lying here must know that His Excellency likes the Madam. I think even the glass of wine knows.”

As Sid opened his mouth like a carp, Emilta looked at him with pity.

“It seems like only you and the Lord don’t know. Don’t you ever use your intuition or something? Seriously.”


Sid exclaimed as if he had just realized it.

“The Lord is in love?”

“So what if he is? Does it look like he’s simply deceiving her now that he’s taking care of her? He even checks the origin of the pepper he puts in the food he cooks for her.”

When Sid continued to babble, Emilta pushed him out. He was pushed hard, but Sid stood his ground.

“Stop babbling and get out. I’m busy, and you keep coming here and talking nonsense.”

“When did you know?”

“About half a year ago? Maybe longer. I think so.”

“Why did you think that?”

“He was smiling broadly, saying that the Madam would like the pie he was making.”

“Wasn’t he planned to assassinate her by putting poison in that pie?”

“Are you crazy? Get out, now.”

“No, really?”

“I don’t know. It just seems that way.”

“No, then what do we do about it?”

“What do you mean?”

“No, I mean, what’s the plan going forward?”

“Shouldn’t you just keep things the way they are?”

“She’s a prisoner in the first place.”

“Still, she’s also his wife. Think about it like this. A button may have been fastened strangely, but the other person thinks it’s fastened properly, so what’s the problem?”


“Honestly, I’d like them to stay together like this. He loves her, and she loves him. We’re comfortable, and above all, they look good.”

“…Then the prisoner has changed. Has the lord become the prisoner instead?”


“…Then, should I keep reporting? Just like that?”

“I don’t know about that. Don’t ask me unless you’re going to share your salary with me. Didn’t he order you not to tell him?”

“…Earlier, when I reported that she had hurt your elbow a little, he seemed genuinely worried. If I don’t report, won’t I die?”

“Then, I guess your life is on the line. You said you’d be loyal to the death.”

“Are we friends?”

“No, we’re not.”

“Lord Sid! His Excellency is looking for you. Why are you here? We’ve been looking for you for a while!”

One of the servants outside opened the door and found Sid.

“His Excellency is looking for you. Hurry up and go!”

“No, stop trying to kick me out and help me!”