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Before thirty minutes passed, Sid was called back by Kairos. In the office, he was waiting for his master to open his mouth. No, to be precise, he was waiting for him to speak first, so he was anxiously contemplating what to say.

Emilta said his master loved the captive.

‘…Is that true? Is it not Emilta’s misunderstanding? My master falls in love with someone? My master wasn’t a helpless man.’

Kairos Hadid and the word love could go together. It really was ‘the wonder of the world.’

After hearing Emilta’s story, all the circumstances seemed understandable.

‘Ah, that’s why. That’s why he was so sensitive.’

Just in case, he didn’t mention that the Madam used Dylan Banker’s carriage instead of the public carriage when she entered and left the palace since he thought he might really explode if he found out. In the first place, he thought it was something he didn’t need to report… so let’s just not do it at all.

Then, it seemed like he was getting angry these days because he wanted to see the Madam. Even though Emilta was a bit harsh, she wasn’t the type to talk nonsense, so she was quite trustworthy.

In fact, he used to go to Emilta when he needed relationship advice from his colleagues.

Ehem, so that’s how it was.’

The corners of Sid’s lips took on a sinister light.



“The gladiator’s documents are missing.”

“The gladiator’s documents? That can’t be… Ah, I’ll go check again right away.”

“Go yourself and bring it back.”

“N- now?”

It was almost dinner time…

Nevertheless, Sid didn’t hesitate and immediately nodded. It seemed like he would have to work late.

“Yes, I’ll be right back.”

“While you’re at it, check if there are any problems inside the colosseum.”

“Ah, yes!”

Sid answered vigorously and waited for the next words. Kairos’ tightly closed mouth didn’t seem like it would open again, but he had a very troubled look in his eyes. He definitely wanted to say something, but he remained silent.

He raised both eyebrows at Kairos, telling him to speak, though his master remained silent. Was that it? Was it because of his mood?

“Yes, then I’ll go check right away and report to you by tomorrow morning.”

Kairos, who had been silent, suddenly broke his expression and rubbed his eyebrows with his index finger.



There was another silence. What are you trying to say? Sid waited with the corners of his lips slightly lowered.

“…Check if Hazel’s injury is severe.”

Sid almost burst out laughing. As expected, there was a main point. The words ‘check’ sounded like ‘definitely check properly.’ Emilta’s words must be true.

He held back his laughter.

“Yes! I’ll go to the hotel myself and check it properly and report to you! Should I take a doctor with me?”

“Do as you please.”


The moment he turned around again, he remembered the conversation he had had with Emilta, and his head flashed.

“Oh, master.”

Sid turned around quickly.


“That… I’ve already reported last week’s report today, but if it’s okay with you, why don’t you go and check Hazel’s injury yourself?”

Kairos’ expression flinched slightly. Anyone else might not have noticed, but Sid, who had been by his master’s side for a long time, noticed the subtle difference. Oh my.

“Why should I do that?”

“Oh, don’t misunderstand. It’s been a week since you went to the capital, right? Then, don’t you think Madam Hazel might think that your affection has waned?”


“Then, she’ll be anxious and suspicious of your affection, and since you’re not like usual, she might have other thoughts. So, why don’t you go and grab her heart again without her noticing! Of course, this is also for the sake of handling things neatly.”

Sid chattered excitedly.

“That’s not a bad idea.”

Kairos’ expression was subtly relaxed, and Sid added, remembering something.

“Oh, though she doesn’t know that you know about her injury, so if you go right away, she might suspect something.”


Kairos’ face twisted slightly.

“Then, how about this?”

“What is it?”

“You can go with a surprise gift… like a simple dessert or a packed lunch? Nigella did mention in her report that she’s been a little worried because the hotel food doesn’t seem to suit her taste these days.”

“She did.”

“If you tell her that you cooked it because you thought of her, I don’t think she’ll find it strange. I’ll go to the colosseum and check things out thoroughly while you’re at the hotel!”

“A packed lunch…”

“Of course, if it’s too much trouble, you can go quickly and come back.”

“No. I can spare that much time. I’m free anyway.”

Sid replied with a big smile, “Yes, that’s why I suggested it. Would you like to go before or after lunch tomorrow? I’ll contact Nigella in the morning and tell her right away.”

Kairos thought about it for a moment.

“If Hazel’s not busy, before lunch would be better.”

“Yes, then I’ll let Nigella know in advance.”


She would be happy, so he wouldn’t have to work overtime anymore.

Sid was really excited.

“Madam Hazel will be so surprised when she gets the surprise gift! I think she’ll love it. She really likes the food you make. I’ll prepare everything properly.”

Sid came out with a bright face at the gesture of telling him to go.

‘I think I’m being helpful to my master. Will it be easier to work like before when she gets back?’

He hummed a tune and walked down the hallway, bouncing his shoulders.


* * *


That dawn.

The communicator, which seemed to have no news, lit up again. Kairos had been feeling inexplicably stuffy until then, so he silently stared at the light for a while, but he couldn’t hold out any longer. If Hazel, who should have been fast asleep, called at this hour, there was only one reason.

[ Noah? ]

He put his hand on the communicator, and soon Hazel’s hoarse voice, which sounded more hoarse than usual, was heard.


[ Huh? How did you answer? Are you still working? ]

Her surprised voice was thick with sleep.

When he quietly asked if she had a nightmare, he heard her take a short, sharp breath on the other end. Her voice soon grew smaller, and he heard her say yes.

[ I was just going to sleep once again but decided to try calling you once… What about you, Noah? ]

“I came back for a moment because I thought I left some documents here. I saw the communicator light up as soon as I came in.”

[ Oh, that’s right… I contacted you earlier. You seemed busy, so I didn’t call again but I’m glad I did! I can hear my husband’s voice at dawn. ]

“I have some time to talk to you because I left the documents here.”

[ Now? ]

“Yes, I can’t be there with you, so I’ll sing you a lullaby. Otherwise, I’ll be worried and won’t be able to sleep.”

[ Just for a bit! ]

He could hear her rustling and hurrying.

He could picture Hazel lying down in a hurry, clutching the blanket tightly with one hand and holding the communicator with the other. It was the quietest time of day on both sides, so even her breathing and movements were clearly audible.


It was the first time they had contacted each other on the communicator at dawn, even though they had been together for a year.

There were times when he held Hazel in his arms when she had a nightmare.

The calm atmosphere of dawn and her voice on the other end of the communicator went well. Kairos liked the combination very much.

Hazel often had nightmares. She said it was because of her powers. When she had a nightmare, she would toss and turn so much that sometimes he would reach out to her without realizing it and pat her back until her breathing became steady.

Today, she fell asleep after he sang her a lullaby twice.

Kairos closed his eyes and listened to Hazel’s steady breathing for a long time without disconnecting the communicator. He listened to her breathing as if it were a sedative, suppressing even his own breathing before he slowly raised his hand and covered his eyes with the back of his hand.

Suddenly, a gasp of disbelief escaped his lips.