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“Permission to speak, Your Majesty.”

“Speak, Duke Verus.”

“Etort Port, which was attacked by the Maritime Empire, is a critical military stronghold. Therefore, we must defend it.”

“I am aware of that. However, you know that area is under the barrier laid by the founding emperor, which makes it difficult for wizards to operate.”

“The Maritime Empire seems to have deliberately attacked there knowing that fact. Fortunately, the barrier has prevented major damage so far, but with the seaway blocked, our trade is disrupted.”

Although Larchen did not engage in overseas trade, the seaway was crucial. It provided an easy route to the Desert Empire of Khalifa. Otherwise, one would have to travel through the desert via the west. Isillis, tapping on her throne ‘tap, tap,’ spoke up after hearing Duke Verus’s words.

“I will go to my maternal home.”

“Your Majesty! That’s not advisable.”

Berthas exclaimed urgently in response to her words.

“I should go instead.”

“A wizard is better suited for naval warfare than a land-based Swordmaster. Since other wizards will struggle to wield their powers due to the barrier, I will go.”

“That’s not acceptable!”

His firm opposition silenced the subjects. They knew better than to intervene in the rare instances of disagreement between the two, which could lead to days of intense conflict. They didn’t want to be caught in the middle of it all.

“Is there another way?”

“I will go.”

“Do you know how to sail?”

“I haven’t before, but I will learn.”

“Are you confident you won’t get seasick?”

“Excuse me?”

“I mean seasickness.”

Isillis spoke with a faint smile, knowing full well that Berthas suffered from seasickness. It wouldn’t significantly affect him as a Swordmaster, though she deliberately brought it up.

“It would be interesting to see a commander unable to give proper orders due to seasickness on the battlefield.”

“Your Majesty!”

As Berthas’s face reddened as he exclaimed, Isillis waved her hand dismissively.

“Enough. If I go out to sea, the port’s barrier will be nullified, so I will go with a battalion of wizards.”

“That’s not acceptable! That is…”

“Summon Allure and have everyone leave.”

Cutting off Berthas, she ordered everyone to leave. Following her command, the subjects cautiously retreated, leaving only Berthas in the audience chamber.

As they were alone, his complexion changed.


His voice growled, to which she faintly smiled.

“Enough. As an emperor, I also have a duty to protect my country.”

“I will go.”

“What use would you be, getting seasick as soon as you board a ship?”

Her nonchalant words made him hit his chest in frustration. Isillis turned her attention to the documents. Her actions indicated she no longer wished to talk.

Frustrated, Berthas slammed his hand on the armrest of the chair and got up. The chair, struck by the Swordmaster’s powerful hand, crumbled pathetically. As she watched him leave the audience chamber, she murmured to herself.


Isillis didn’t want to send Berthas away. She didn’t wish to experience the sense of loss she felt when he wasn’t by her side again.

For her, who was a powerful wizard, it was much more convenient to participate in the war than for Berthas, a Swordmaster. All she needed to do was fly over, use her magic, and return easily. She wondered why he worried so much. His concern tickled her heart. Despite her immense magical power, she liked being the subject of his worry.

‘This must be what love is.’

She hadn’t realized how joyous it could be to be loved by someone. Smiling brightly, Isillis stood up. She needed to find Berthas.

As she left the audience chamber, Allure appeared before her.

“I heard you called for me, Your Majesty.”

“Ah, have you heard the news?”

“Yes, Your Majesty. What are your commands?”

“I’ll lead a battalion of wizards. Once we leave the harbor and board the ship, the founding emperor’s barrier won’t affect wizards, so we can quickly resolve the situation and return.”

“Understood. I’ll prepare immediately.”

After nodding to Allure’s bow, Isillis moved towards Erica’s room. An angry Berthas was likely to be there, and her guess was spot on. Berthas was talking to their daughter.

“Erica, never become an emperor.”


“It’s a difficult position.”

“Hmm… but mother said I should do it?”

Hearing her daughter’s voice, Isillis chuckled. Erica ran to her and hugged her as she heard her laughter. Isillis smiled and looked at Berthas. Even though she came in, he was stubbornly still not facing her.



“Berthas Larchen.”

Unable to resist her voice calling his full name, Berthas turned around. Isillis smiled at his grumpy expression.

“Why did you call me?”

“I’ll be back soon.”

“Listen to what your mother says, Erica. Promises aren’t made to be broken.”

“I won’t.”

Isillis quickly retorted as Berthas whispered to Erica. She felt embarrassed as she met her daughter’s stare.

“Where are you going?”

“I have a place to visit.”

She smiled warmly while holding Erica.

Seeing her mother’s smiling face, Erica smiled back as she opened her mouth, “You have to come back soon!”

“Of course, what good is an emperor if she’s not on her throne?”

Isillis laughed, rubbing her face against the smiling child’s cheek. Berthas, watching them, soon approached and embraced them both.

Holding both Erica and Isillis, he kissed her hair.

“I’m worried.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I’m just so worried, Isillis. I wish you wouldn’t go.”


She took Berthas’s hand. The warmth conveyed through her firm grip seemed to tell him not to worry. Feeling her warmth, Berthas thought again.

‘Why am I so worried?’

Despite her recent struggles with sleep, he was well aware that no one could truly harm Isillis.

She was the Iron-Blooded Empress, the mighty ruler of the empire with immense magical power. The Maritime Empire’s provocation of Larchen was merely a means to get their voices heard, not an actual attempt to harm Larchen.

In reality, the people of the Maritime Empire hadn’t caused harm to the citizens of Larchen. They had merely opened their cannons at the port in a form of protest. The displeasure felt by the administrator of Etort port was the only reason a messenger was sent to the imperial city. Both Isillis and Berthas knew that it wasn’t a serious threat.

Still, why did he feel so uneasy?

Trying to shake off his growing anxiety, Berthas forced a smile and spoke to her.

“When will you be departing?”

“As soon as the wizards are ready.”

“You’ll be back soon, right?”

“You’re stating the obvious.”

Berthas smiled at her, trying to suppress the turmoil in his heart. Whether she noticed the faint shadow in his smile or not, Isillis was listening to Erica’s chattering.

After watching them for a while, he stepped away, prompted by the sound of his communication device. Stepping into the corridor, he activated the communication device, and Faylos’s voice came through.

— Isillis is coming here?