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“Think of it as….reclaiming the life that Everett took from you. I’m the only Everett left now. This is your… final act of justice against me.”

After a moment of silence, I slowly spoke.

“…I don’t know, Hessen. I’m not sure if this is just for your satisfaction, rather than genuine remorse… I don’t believe people can change that easily.”

“Fine, think whatever you want. But don’t die a regretful death! Please… ugh… take my memories. And live. You… deserve to.”

Hessen’s breathing grew more labored. The end was near for him too. I stood quietly, looking at him, then I moved closer to him supported by Zen.

“Hurry, do it… Lily. Before I die…”

…I couldn’t understand it.

Emotionally, I just couldn’t understand it.

In my mind, I knew why Hessen was doing this.

The reason I couldn’t accept it, even knowing why, was probably due to my aversion.

As I stood in front of Hessen, who was inching closer to death by the moment, I silently gazed down at him.

Hessen Everett.

One of my tormentors, someone I should rightfully hate.

I won’t be able to let go of this hatred easily, nor forgive Hessen.

Not right now.

“…I don’t forgive you, Hessen.”

“That’s fine, don’t forgive me…”

“When I was at Everett Castle, I felt threatened by you. More than once. I truly wanted you dead.”


“I’m not sure if you genuinely regret your actions and that’s why you’re doing this. But… yes, you’re right.”

Hessen, who had been looking down, lifted his gaze at me. His eyes were brimming with unshed tears.

Tears I didn’t want to understand the meaning of.

“I was robbed of my life by the Everetts. A life that should have been wholly mine, you took it all away.”


“So I’ll consider this as punishing the last of the Everetts, you, Hessen.”


Hessen closed his eyes and nodded. As if sensing his end, as if he was letting go of everything with this.

Just before his life completely faded away, Somnia wrapped herself around him and collected his memories.

Soon, two decades worth of memories flowed into me.

I simply accepted the wave of memories impassively, with no emotion or sympathy.

— Congratulations, Lily. You should live at least two more decades now. If you take good care of your health, maybe even longer?

Somnia spoke with an innocent smile and started to convert Hessen’s memories into life for me.

A warm sensation began to spread from the core of my body, from the heart.

It was an unmistakably vivid sensation of life.

* * *

The Battle of Salisbury ended in victory for the allied forces.

The defeated Everett family and its remnants were either executed immediately or arrested, with the trial of Duke Alvinith scheduled to take place in a few days.

Duke Alvinith continued to assert that his daughter had been killed in Valentino.

However, his claims found no support or evidence anywhere.

King Radel firmly dismissed Duke Alvinith’s claims.

‘Even if you claim your participation with the Everett was for that reason, it does not diminish your crimes’

It was a fair statement.

“….Is there another letter from King Radel?”

Theodore, who was lying in bed, asked casually. His blue eyes were intently observing me. His gaze was pitiful, just like yesterday, and today. I swallowed a sigh and replied.

“I’ll take care of the response, so you should rest.”

“…I’m sorry for being like this.”

“There’s no need to apologize. Don’t be so hard on yourself.”


Though the coral bracelet from Arendelle had helped heal his injuries, and the healing potion Zen provided had treated his internal wounds, the aftereffects of his heart being pierced were not trivial. Theodore had been bedridden these past few days.

According to the doctor, he could frequently experience arrhythmia and shortness of breath. He was advised to be cautious until he had fully recovered.

‘Given his remarkable resilience, he probably won’t suffer from chronic illness for the rest of his life…’

Still, seeing him frail and bedridden like this every day weighed heavily on my heart. After casually brushing his tousled black hair aside, I casually asked.

“Is there anything you’d like to eat? I can tell the chef.”

“I’m fine. Whatever you want…”

“That’s the fifth time you’ve given that answer.”

Every time I asked the same question, he responded the same way, seemingly without getting tired of it. I shook my head and sighed, then straightened my dress and got up.

Theodore flinched and reached out to me, then moved his lips.

“Are you leaving?”


I was caught in an indescribable mood, so I responded in a deliberately calm tone.

“I won’t be far. I need to reply to King Radel’s letter.”

As I pointed towards the table with my eyes, Theodore finally withdrew his hand in relief.

I approached the table, feeling an odd tightness in my chest. As I sat down to write the letter, Theodore’s gaze remained fixed on me.