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Firstly, I believe this was a critical turning point. It was the moment when Enfrise, who had just started to trust me, decided whether to become an overly possessive character or not. In short, I needed to speak very wisely.

…Truthfully and not lying.

“He caught me when I almost fell.”


Enfrise’s expression contorted slightly.

I knew. I knew it, too. This situation seemed hardly believable, and the position was a bit… awkward. But look.

‘Look what I’ve got in my hand!

“I tried really hard not to drop this. Isn’t it supposed to be super expensive?”

Ah, why did his face crumple even more? Shouldn’t this be the moment to praise me? Considering the immense value of this one item…

“First… please take my hand.”

Not wanting to upset him further, I obediently took Enfrise’s hand. Meanwhile, I still clutched the bottle of pigment tightly.

Glancing at Jaha, he seemed to realize something was off and looked displeased.

“Don’t misunderstand, Grand Duke.”

“What misunderstanding are you talking about?”

Well. Was he becoming prickly again? Hmm, thinking about it, maybe this was better? The recent candid and fluffy Enfrise was a bit hard on the heart, and the prickly version was actually more manageable…

But still, I didn’t want to be misunderstood.

“My preference is the Grand Duke.”


Oh, he was blushing.

Honestly, I played my cards a bit too strongly this time. If I didn’t do it like this, he wouldn’t believe me.

“I think this pharmacist is objectively handsome.”

Denying the truth would lay it on too thick.

Ignoring the slight darkening of Enfrise’s face, I continued.

“Though the Grand Duke is even more handsome.”

After saying those words, I looked at Jaha as if seeking confirmation. For some reason, he nodded with a slightly bitter expression.

“I believe not only the Lady but anyone would think so.”

“Right? Our Grand Duke is quite handsome. And what about his voice? Have you ever heard the Grand Duke reciting poetry, pharmacist? It’s so marvelous it can melt a person.”

Melted me so much that sometimes I went to sleep.

While Enfrise had read to me several times, I hardly remember any of the poetry. Thanks to that, every time felt like I was hearing new poems, which was nice.

“Also, his physique is the killing point. Small face, tall stature, incredibly long legs. I once got a hug, and let me tell you, his chest is firm…”


“No, wait. By ‘hug,’ I don’t mean that way. It was more like… a princess carry…”

“A princess carry…”

“That was when he saved me from falling…”

“So, to save you from falling, he gave you a princess carry…”


No, really! What was I supposed to do?! You guys might not understand, but this was a novel! It was a place where physical and causal laws were ignored, and such events just happened!

Just like now!

Out of all the possible timings, Enfrise walked in exactly when I was falling on top of you, leading to a misunderstanding! These were the kind of unavoidable situations that just happened! What could you do? It was like something out of a novel?!

“Lady Rivette, please don’t misunderstand. I trust what you say.”

‘…Your smiling face looks somewhat deceiving, though.’

It was like he was pacifying a child. I wasn’t a child, you know. Although I admit, I’ve been a bit more whimsical lately! But still, that was reserved for Enfrise and Tambor!

“Your trust is enough…”

However, I brushed it off, feeling too annoyed to clarify further. Ultimately, whether this man misunderstood or not wasn’t what was important. What mattered was that Enfrise didn’t misunderstand.

“You do understand what I’m trying to say, right?”

“I understand, so please, let’s leave it at that.”

Enfrise’s face looked like it was about to explode. It seemed like it would burst if poked.

The urge to poke it was…

“Never misunderstand at all. Got it?”

“Did I say I understood?”

“Considering how suspicious and distrusting the Grand Duke usually is, I need to confirm it repeatedly.”

“Your affection for me, and how highly you regard me… I’ve understood it painfully well, so please, stop. My heart feels like it’s going to stop.”

Oh, I knew that feeling. I felt the same when you would call my name and throw a fastball at me.


Enfrise liked me, or rather, Chaperil. That was clear as day.

But why did I do the same?

“Should I leave now…? I’ve shown you how to make the paint. The rest you two can handle…”

As a reader, I would have praised Jaha for his tactfulness, saying, “Smart guy, well done!”

However, as the person involved, it was different. You clueless guy! Did you know how awkward it would be if you left us alone now? Especially when things have been getting awkward at every opportunity lately.

“No… I think it’s better if I leave. I’ve prepared some snacks for you to enjoy while you paint.”

Why was the Grand Duke, of all people, bringing cake and tea directly…

But then a realization hit me. He was probably concerned about Jaha and me being in the same room.

“Thank you, Your Grace.”

Jaha accepted the tea with a forced smile, and instead of receiving the tea.

“Grand Duke.”


“It really wasn’t like that!”


I defended my innocence to the end.


* * *


“Hmm, that’s unexpected.”

Was he a young man, or still a boy?

He was a man teetering on the edge between the two, with a delicate air about him. Although his physique seemed slender, the muscles visible beneath his hand holding the teacup seemed quite firm.

The man with shimmering platinum lashes blinked a few times before murmuring thoughtfully, prompting Jaha to nod in agreement.

“I was surprised, too. I thought the Grand Duke would be more… prickly though he seems remarkably gentle with Lady Rivette.”

“It’s often said that love changes people, and what I found surprising was Lady Rivette.”

The man put down his teacup, crossed his legs, and rested his chin on his hand.

Chaperil de Rivette.

Known as a saint by all, she turned out to be more self-indulgent than he thought. She wasn’t swayed by prejudice, and she was quite astute in her own way… Still, she didn’t seem to have the temperament to endure being confined.

Did she truly lose all her memories?

The man pondered. If her amnesia was genuine, would it pose a problem?

After a moment of thinking, he concluded, ‘No.’ In fact, the situation might have even improved for the better. He had predicted her independent nature, and preventing her escape was more troublesome than having her stay quietly in the mansion.

Besides, if her relationship with his brother was good, there was nothing more to wish for.

“I guess my ruse was worth it.”

“Well… I felt sorry for the Lady. If she regains her memory, will she continue to behave like this?”

“Probably not. However, there are misunderstandings she harbors, and they won’t be easy to resolve. For my brother, this might be for the best. It’ll be easier to clear up misunderstandings if the two develop a good relationship before she regains her memories.”

Still, the real problem was with his second brother.

The second brother was becoming increasingly anxious. His sudden visit to the Grand Duke’s residence was evidence of that. Moreover, he made the decision without consulting the man.

This had never happened before.

“How is His Majesty faring?”

“He’s searching fervently for the leak in his information network.”

“And if he finds out…”

“I won’t meet a good end either.”

The second brother knew his place and cherished his helpful younger sibling. That was why he had turned a blind eye to the man’s relatively close relationship with the eldest brother… Nonetheless, the moment he was discovered, at the very least, he would be imprisoned.

Still, this risk was worth taking. It was the best scenario among all the man had envisioned.

“And you still plan to continue?”

“Yes. Sorry to impose, but Sir Jaha, could you stay by their side for a while longer?”

“As a servant to Your Highness, I’ll comply with any command. However…”


“…I don’t understand why Your Highness would take such a risk.”

That’s because you don’t know me well enough.

The man, Elmare, the brother of the current emperor and a Prince of the Imperio Empire, thought this and smiled, but he didn’t show it outwardly.

He was a prince with the proper decorum and common sense, after all.

“There’s one reason for what I’m doing. I want my eldest brother to be happy. He deserves happiness for all the unhappiness he’s endured.”

Ideally, it would be perfect if Lady Rivette and his eldest brother developed a romantic relationship. Although he had been inexperienced in love and had struggled with communication, he was close to giving up…

However, when he heard the good news that the amnesiac Lady Rivette seemed to be quite fond of his older brother, hope flared up again.

“If the two of them fall in love with each other, I couldn’t ask for more.”

“Your Highness, are you perhaps…”

Jaha hesitated, swallowing the words he couldn’t bring himself to say, but Elmare just gave a knowing smirk and picked up his teacup again.

The tea had cooled slightly, with faint steam rising from it. Elmare preferred his tea this way.

The wait until it was just right might be long.


But it was worth it when he could drink it all in one go. However, waiting too long wasn’t good either—if the tea got too cold, it lost its flavor. It was about finding the right moment to savor it all at once.

That was Elmare’s secret pleasure.

“I, too, am one of those who admired and looked up to Lady Rivette.”

Who wouldn’t yearn for that freedom?

Not bound by anything, free from prejudice, and treating everyone equally. If it weren’t for her, and if it weren’t for his eldest brother, the Elmare of today wouldn’t exist.

“And my eldest brother is also extremely precious to me.”

So, Elmare hoped from the bottom of his heart. He had never been one to pray to God, but even so, he found himself wishing.

He wished that the two people who had the most significant impact on him would find happiness.


“If their happiness means I have to make any sacrifice, I’m willing to do it.”

Hoping that through their happiness, he might find his own.