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As Lisa stared at him as if she had been hit on the head, Kallaudin’s expression was one of utter disbelief.

“Anyway, whether it’s me or Aunt, there’s no difference in the quantity of gifts. The kids are growing up fine without any shortages.”


“If I were… Count Rostri, I would understand. He looks much gentler, like a puppy, so the kids might feel more comfortable. However, in this case, the counterpart is Aunt.”

Kallaudin pointed to his sinister face, speaking seriously as though he was genuinely puzzled.

“I find Aunt and myself equally intimidating. And objectively speaking, Aunt looked scarier, right? She already has a strong impression, and then she puts on heavy makeup!”


“That doesn’t mean I won’t treat the kids kindly. In fact, I’m the one who does that. Always smiling, reading books to them, playing with them wholeheartedly, telling lots of funny jokes, and giving them plenty of delicious snacks. But why on earth…!”

Lisa chose not to point out the slightly disturbing aspects of his words and lowered her gaze.

It was difficult to respond.

She soon understood why the nanny said she didn’t know at first.

‘As expected… Was false humility the answer now…’

Lisa regretted it in her heart, but it was already spilled water. Lost in thought for a moment, she cautiously spoke.

“I’m not an expert in childcare, and I haven’t seen both of your parenting styles, so I’m not really sure. However…”


As hope flickered in Kallaudin’s eyes as he looked at her, Lisa slightly avoided the burdensome gaze and spoke.

“If the former Duke doesn’t know the reason, it might be something you can’t help but not know. For example, Lady Olivia is still taking care of the children…”

Olivia probably had some experience with childcare. She had a son and grandchildren in the Livien territory. So, she likely had her own know-how in dealing with children. On the other hand, Kallaudin, having not properly raised Evan, was inexperienced.

Considering Olivia’s temperament, even if she had the know-how, there was a high possibility that she wouldn’t share it with Kallaudin, monopolizing the children’s love.

Lisa subtly twisted the face, but Kallaudin understood the essence of her words and pounded his knee.

“Yes, that’s right!”

He shouted with joy as if he had gained a great insight.

“Aunt Olivia is undoubtedly doing something while I’m away! She must be trying to monopolize the children’s love with a sinister heart, making them wary and isolating me!”

“No, I didn’t mean it that way…”

“Why didn’t I think of that? Maybe she calculated thoroughly, thinking about countless possibilities!”

Lisa hastily shook her head as she had not considered that to be an extreme reason, but it was already too late. The former villain was already in the midst of imagining all sorts of horrible scenarios.

“Thank you, Lisa. Thanks to you, I’ve learned the whole truth of this matter.”

After saying this with a triumphant look, Kallaudin stood up.

Lisa asked with concern.

“What, what are you going to do…?”

“I’m going to storm the scene.”


“The children are with Aunt Olivia now. I should secretly observe.”

Without giving her a chance to stop him, Kallaudin swiftly ran to the children’s room like the wind.


* * *


In front of the children’s room, Kallaudin, who stood there, met the nanny in the hallway.

“Is Aunt Olivia inside?”

“Ah, yes!”

The nanny answered with a bowed head.

“The Young Lord is still taking a nap, so she is just playing with the Young Lady.”

“Ah, really?”

Setnin, being younger than Arienne, tended to sleep longer.

Shh,’ Kallaudin gestured silently to the nanny, then sneakily opened the playroom door. Indeed, Olivia was playing with Arienne.

Arienne and Setnin were peculiar siblings in many ways.

Arienne looked entirely like Evan but had a personality similar to Laria. Surprisingly, Setnin, who resembled Laria, had Evan’s personality.

“Now, Arienne.”

Olivia, sitting in front of the smiling Arienne, held a rabbit doll.

“This is the girl who likes Setnin. However, she is jealous of your good relationship with Setnin. If you leave her alone, she might separate you, Duchy Icard and Setnin!”

As Arienne giggled, nodding her head, Olivia spoke solemnly.

“It begins now, got it? As a loving Sister to Setnin, you have the duty to protect the family from the Rabbit Princess!”


Watching this, Kallaudin furrowed his brows and asked the nanny.

“What’s that? Why explain with a doll?”

“Oh… it’s a role-playing game. It’s a kind of drama that children of Arienne’s age enjoy.”

The nanny explained professionally and sighed.

“But such content… well… it’s unheard of…”

Whether or not the nanny was aware, Olivia and Arienne’s drama began.

“Oh, aren’t you Lady Arienne? Oh dear… unlike Setnin, you look too fierce.”

Arienne stared at the rabbit doll and said.

“Ung! Arienne looks just like Great Great Aunt Olivia!”


Olivia seemed to realize something, her eyes widening. She then abruptly snapped the rabbit doll’s neck.

“This d*mned creepy-eyed rabbit! Want to experience something really fierce? Huh?”

The nanny and Kallaudin, who were watching, couldn’t hide their bewildered expressions. Olivia immediately changed her lines based on Arienne’s words in the midst of role-playing.

Olivia shouted, lifting the rabbit doll by its ears.

“Never talk behind my back again, or I’ll tear your mouth off!”

Watching her furious scene, Arienne clapped and giggled before the child smiled and cheerfully declared.

“Extermination complete!”


After hearing Arienne’s sunny declaration, Olivia blew from her mouth, brushed aside her bangs, and smiled contentedly.

“While I did end up delivering the lines I wanted, it was still quite a good response.”

Kallaudin was utterly perplexed, his mouth agape. It was impossible to discern where the drama began and where the reality ended. One thing was clear, though — Olivia was doing everything, even the role Kallaudin had in mind for Arienne.

“Come, let’s try it again.”

Olivia, who had passionately shouted before, took the rabbit doll again. She changed her voice to a high tone and began speaking.

“Lady Arienne, darling! Your appearance is one thing, but… your personality is lacking, isn’t it? You take after your father!”

Uh-uh, not true. Arienne looks like Mom and smiles well even in front of those who I can’t talk to.”

“Hmph! Don’t lie!”

“It’s true. Look, I’m still smiling.”


Kallaudin found himself almost applauding.

Arienne’s ability to mock while smiling was truly top-notch. The nanny, who had been eavesdropping on the conversation, was also smiling as if she found it amusing.

“Wait, so are you saying I’m a naughty child?”

The rabbit doll, which had been silent for a moment, jumped up and down.

“I am the most reputable Lady Bunny in the social circle! You really joke too much!”

In response to the rabbit doll’s words, Arienne crossed her arms slowly. Her red eyes shone arrogantly as she smiled with ease while Kallaudin swallowed dryly, watching her gesture. Despite being young, she played the situation with ease.

“Do you think it’s just a joke? Why?”

While the rabbit doll’s voice was hopping around, Arienne’s tone was self-assured. There was a nuance that she already had control of the conversation. As Kallaudin silently thought, ‘Ah, truly Laria and Evan’s daughter…’ and was thinking proudly of himself—

“That’s right, Arienne has her Grandfather’s sense of humor!”

The rabbit doll screamed loudly at Arienne.

When Kallaudin thought, ‘What is that?’.


Suddenly, Arienne burst into tears. Simultaneously, the nanny jumped up, opened the door, and rushed inside.

“Oh my, Young Miss! It’s okay, it’s okay!”

As the nanny hugged the crying Arienne and patted her back, Olivia stood up as well in embarrassment, and in a helpless voice, she apologized.

“I’m sorry, Arienne. I was wrong. I thought you were so good that even this much would be okay. Oh, you’re still a baby…”

The crying didn’t stop easily, even with the nanny soothing Arienne.

With a soft sigh, the nanny answered.

“Even if Miss Arienne is exceptional, a baby is still a baby… No matter how much this is role-playing, hearing too harsh words can be shocking.”

Outside the wide-open door, Kallaudin stood there dumbfounded.

Clearly, Olivia was the one who made the child cry, yet he felt as if he had lost, and he couldn’t understand why.


* * *


Because Arienne cried a lot, Kallaudin went to see Setnin, who had just woken up from a nap. Certainly, he observed Olivia playing with Arienne to benchmark something. He just needed to avoid saying overly harsh words.

Surely, role-playing had something engaging for the children.

“Now, Setnin.”

He went to Setnin’s room and picked up a teddy bear. Setnin sat across from Kallaudin, his gentle violet eyes rolling.

Recalling Olivia’s words from earlier, Kallaudin slowly began to set the stage.

“This bear is a Lord who likes Arienne…”

However, Kallaudin couldn’t continue any further.

It was because Setnin, without saying a word, punched the bear’s belly with his fist.